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S01.E06: One of Us Is Dancing!

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Have basically binged the series so far, so I am posting my thoughts here. Will mainly stick to the episode though. I am enjoying the main four and don’t dislike any of them so far. They all have their flaws but so far they are being shown to be complex characters. Or at least not as one note as too many of these younger generation shows tend to be. 

Not a real fan of Addy and her boy drama as both guys seem like jerks. 

Always amazed at school dances that somehow the students have access to the whole school. I remember with my schools there were gates separating the cafeteria and gym from the rest of the school along with locked doors. Of course it is probably just for TV. 

Wondering if we’ll get a scene with Janae and Nate regarding the OD?

Nate being arrested now seems like interesting timing considering he was almost out of town and was still considering it. So was this just a coincidence or did the killer know?

Not sure what to think of Maeve. She seems really shady or that could just be the actress. Definitely not a fan of her and Janae. The fact that she was with Simon and still seemed to have been carrying a torch for him seems like red flags for them being a couple. 

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Picked this up over the weekend and it's decent enough to keep me watching.

My guess from the beginning has been the principal (don't know why). The physics teacher is still a possibility. Speaking of the teacher, I wonder what her secret is.

In this ep, the callbacks to The Breakfast Club gave me a chuckle.


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I'm beginning to question if I actually paid attention while reading the book. Totally forgot Nate gets arrested for Simon's murder oops. I'm definitely going to need to re-read the book after the series end. Especially since it seems the show has gone on its own path with many of the side plots from memory. Just gotta keep telling myself it's a different beast, it's a different beast. Same end game but taking a different journey to get there.

I really do feel the show excels when we have the Bayview Four together discussing what's happening to them. While side plots involving them OR others sometimes drag the show down. I feel the changes they've made (looking at you Janae and Maeve) is purely to pad out the series to 8 episode. To the point I'm wondering if 8 episodes was too long for the story. Maybe they needed only 6?

Even though it sounds like I hate the show, I don't. I'm recommending it to anyone who will listen. I just feel the show has perhaps got too caught u with creating an ongoing teen drama instead of a limited series whodunit.

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On 10/18/2021 at 12:03 PM, NotChristine said:

In this ep, the callbacks to The Breakfast Club gave me a chuckle.

Loved the cover of "Don't You Forget About Me" over Bronwyn and Nate kissing.

My favorite parts are also of the Bayview Four discussing the murder. 

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