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  1. Great performance by CG today. Not just the end scene but the beginning when she is talking with Tessa. You could kind of tell she is putting on a brave face for Tessa and it was enough that it seemed to convince Tessa that she was doing better. But as soon as Tessa got up and left the table her whole expression/demeanor changed. Regarding the previews, I am worried Mariah wanting to have a baby with Tessa is going to cause trouble with their relationship. Just not sure how. On a couple of shallow notes, Tessa has really been looking amazing lately. Also wow Sally in her workout att
  2. Agree with everyone about them being too relaxed at the end. Okay so I wasn’t just imagining it, no one brought up Kyle and how he is doing. Glad to see the bonding between the 4 women on the show in this episode. Though I was wondering what was up with the Liz/Isobel scene at the end. Maybe it was just the way the actress playing Isobel played it but there felt like there was some chemistry there. I doubt the show would ever go there but it would be an interesting twist for a triangle between Max/Liz/Isobel.
  3. ybrik


    This was another good episode. Good insight into side characters. Especially the women on the show. Glad Jack listened to Ace about the promo. Though how has he never thought of doing this type of promo till now? These type of promos have been done for years. Also glad Jack offered and Ace asked for advise about being a heel. This episode was definitely dealing with wrestlers living their gimmick even to their own detriment like Wild Bill. Got some insight into Willie. Though I was like Jack when she mentioned sex with Wild Bill. Glad her husband had that moment at the end and wish
  4. Not surprised that Nicole had a tragic end but was kind of surprised how quickly it happened. As previous poster mentioned, were we supposed to be aware that she did drugs outside of smoking a joint? I thought we would get a more slow tragedy of Nicole thinking that she needed to try to fit in more with Juke’s world and taken drugs was a way and her getting addicted. Then she would eventually Od. Of course this is more realistic in that it just takes one bad batch of drugs to kill you. I wonder if the female cop uses this to make end roads with Juke especially if Juke blames her family f
  5. ybrik


    Enjoying the show so far. Do agree this would have been better served as a show in the past not the present day. Totally expected the father to have a heart attack. I was thinking a hand gun to kill a deer seemed ineffective and then he kills himself. Really surprised me. Really messed up if he did know Ace was there. Though it has been hinted at that he wasn’t that good of a man. Speaking of good guy, I definitely see Ace as the young Shawn Michael type of good guy. Where he can be a good guy but his real life attitude and behavior is much more suited as a heel. Seems like Jack and
  6. Oh man, Nicole getting addicted to drugs? Hadn’t thought about it but that could make sense. Not only with we saw from her this episode but for two other things. With Juke not able to go to Nicole’s place, they are going to have to hang around in Juke’s world more so Nicole might feel a need to try to fit in more and taking drugs could be a start. Then there is Marvin starting with Kanan’s idea which will specifically start selling to white people. Juke’s father being the cause of her girlfriend getting addicted and whatever comes from that is one of those things that can start leading into tu
  7. Poor Scrappy didn’t even last an episode as a spy. Of course with a name like Scrappy he was always doomed. I can see why Unique put the hit on Lou. If Scrappy is for real there is a possibility of getting rid of Raq’s right hand man. If Scrappy isn’t for real then this will probably expose him. Man that scene with Kanan and Juke in the restroom at first is a really nice scene until you remember where this all heading. Wasn’t worried about Nicole being shot but was somewhat worried that something could happen to her at the show with all the male attention she as drawing.
  8. I’ll admit I read some of the comments on the forum before I could stream the episode tonight and was thinking that I hadn’t really thought WR was that bad. Sure the character sucked but his acting was okay. But holy hell I finally saw him today and jeez it was like he was still thawing out from where Finn and Liz put him. Also Nina just shot him. He is a dangerous fugitive. What trouble would she have gotten into? Or she could have killed Peter and called Valentin for help. Glad Chase did what I was hoping he would with the document. Also this episode definitely showed why they wo
  9. It is weird seeing Sam so concerned about Scout having a connection with Drew when she has spent the last couple of years barely acknowledging that Scout had a separate father than Danny. I did laugh a couple of episodes when she talked about Drew and said he played such a big part of Danny and Scout’s life. Then it was like the writers realized how that sounded and Sam remembered and called him Scout’s father. I believe Sam probably told Dante a half truth. Scout is being shown pictures of Drew and told stories about him. Only it is Monica doing it not Sam. Still not hating CM as D
  10. Have to agree with the many other posters upset with Laura’s reaction. also liked Nik pointing out that Cyrus’s mother was kidnapped and being held hostage by Jason and Carly. I do wish Nik would point out that he has managed to forgive her for all the trauma she caused him even after he came back into her life. I mean at least Nik pretended to be dead after someone tried to kill him not like Laura who let Nik think she died while trying to put the blame on Stefan. Or there was the fact that she choose to stay away from her son again rather than let Luke find out that she had slept with Stefan
  11. Was this the first time we saw Kyle’s family crest? If so it does seem very convenient to introduce it right before using it to make it look like Kyle dies. I don’t think Kyle dies but I think he needs to pretend to be dead. I think Alex’s reaction is due to having to fake Kyle’s death. Not sure what reason they will use but Alex may not agree with it. Let’s be honest, rarely is adding a dog to a TV show a bad idea. Lucky is a welcome addition Did I miss some scenes but were some of the other things in the hallucination that Isobel and Maria having never explained? Don’t care
  12. The twist with Nicte wasn’t that big of a twist since we didn’t really see Tally defeat her. Have to hand it to the actress playing Nicte she had a completely different energy when she was Tally to when she is playing Nicte. Speaking of Nicte, I think circumstances have kind of pushed her to go after Alder now. I think with the Camarilla, her own spree followers either getting killed or leaving, she needed to act now. I also think Tally has now presented her another way of getting to Alder. I was going to post this last week but man Willa really is going to cause her daughter to ha
  13. And I thought it was just me that was liking how this season started. The only two exceptions are surprisingly the Ortecho’s storylines. Don’t really care about Liz and her research storyline or love interest. Really not liking the Rosa-Wyatt storyline and will downright hate it if it goes the romantic route. Seriously this guy hasn’t just been a racist he has assaulted her and her family. Agree that NP is doing a good job differentiating Jones and Max. Jones definitely gives off a vibe that he is hiding things. Also agree that it is poor Kyle. He literally is these idiots doctor, c
  14. Man Alder sure just has enemies lining up against her. No wonder she wanted to keep Anacostia close. Glad that Abigail has her grandmother’s support. Interesting that grandmother wanted Petra to make the Bellweather’s the top family with no one aka Alder above them. I do wonder what some of the older witches from these types of families think of Alder. Glad the actor playing Gregorio is very different from how the actor played his Nancy Drew character. Even though they are fighting some bad guys themselves, I am not really cheering on Willa and Scylla. I prefer that they do ta
  15. As a child of the 80’s who grew up with He-Man, I don’t get the outrage. I think this was a good start. I am intrigued where this goes from here. Don’t believe that Adam/He-Man is dead and that Teela will have to take the mantle herself which seems to be the conclusion a lot of people upset about the ending are making. I think they want us to think Adam died especially with the whole him never being allowed back in the Hero Heaven if he dies again begin mentioned a few times before. I don’t think it is coincidence that magic has now returned and Teela has not found out the big secret about her
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