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  1. Maybe it's just me but after binging the show, I have had 'The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia' playing on a constant loop in my head.
  2. This was a really good episode. It had the feel of season one or two of the show. Wynonna has definitely calmed down from her way too over the top-ness of the first couple episodes. Jeremy back at Black Badge worked out well and made him fit in easier into the storylines where it felt too much like he was being added on to just add some comedy element last season. While I like his inclusion, I am worried about Black Badge being back. They seem weirdly docile and kind of not threatening which makes me think that it is a front for something nasty coming from them. What did Nicole do? I do wonder if there was some kind of deal made that was tied into marrying Waverly as she has been avoiding Waverly's attempt to bring it up and Mama Clanton mentioned that maybe Nicole should be getting a ring now that Waverly is back. While Nicole has been little by little being more like herself there is still enough of her being off that I am glad it hasn't just been dropped and it is being explored. As noted in a previous post this season really has been Kat Barrell's season to shine.
  3. Really enjoyed this show. I agree both lead actresses really were good. Of course, Kadeem Hardison was also good. Not sure what to think about the last episode. The show had been silly at times but that last episode it went insane. Just as long as Netflix gives this a second season it should be fine but would really be disappointed if that was the final episode. Really interested to see what happens with Sterling and April next season especially since April's father is out. Disappointed how things turned out with Blair and Miles though it seemed inevitable because she could never tell him the whole truth.
  4. Not sure what to think of this episode. It jumped from zero to crazy in like a minute. Glad Nedley wasn't killed and was wondering if he was that creature. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or roll my eyes at the scene where they captured him and de-ogred(?) him. In my last post I mentioned not really missing Jeremy and while still true for most of the episode, I will admit I am intrigued with him working with Black Badge again. The magistrate is Eve right? I know the show is Wynonna Earp but the last two eps have kind of been the Kat Barrell show. She has been giving more to do as an actress these last two episodes than almost the entirety of the last three seasons. Last week not only did she show more of herself um.... physically but also showed three different Nicole's. There was start of season typical over protective Waverly loving Nicole then got 'Eve' Nicole and at the end we saw a little bit of 18 month later Nicole. This episode we see more of that last Nicole and boy she is suffering from some PTSD. The question is what all happened to Nicole in the past 18 months 3 weeks and 4 days. She is on edge, jumpy, has quick moments of anger and then also zones out. I know there is obvious things like what happened with the zombies and her leg injury. Then losing her job and being alone trying to protect the Homestead and Rachel. However, I think there might be something else that happened that we will eventually learn about. Glad Wynonna was a bit more toned down. Also think the actress did a good job directing the episode.
  5. Have enjoyed the new episodes for the most part. I do agree with others that the shows strength lies with almost everything except seasonal arcs. I do also have one other problem that I am seeing too much of now, over the top silly Wynonna. Her being sarcastic is fine but this season she has become so silly. It is joke after joke after joke with her. I still enjoy her when she is more serious. Sure Eve will return or may even be in Purgatory already. Also wonder what the importance of the Valdez story will end up being? Don't know or care if popular or not but seeing the very little bit of Jeremy was the most I have liked him in two years. Just don't miss him. Was definitely surprised by the sex scene but didn't hate it.
  6. Really interesting that the two leads while both being law enforcement to varying degrees are both kind of terrible people. And the one character I kind think is half decent is covering up the whole murdering of a girl. Of course, with Jackie I am not as bothered by her being somewhat terrible. She is screwed up and while she is right about her lead, she is going about it in the worst way possible. Something tells me if she does find Krista, she is going to bring more trouble on that girl than she already has. The doctor and Junior are both right she is basically switching one addiction to another. I know there is going to be a car crash with her character screwing up everything but I just can't look away. However, then there is Ray. Urgh. Speaking as someone who tries to be a good guy, this is the kind of guy who gives good guys a bad name. Thought this last week and glad it was confirmed by the female cop (didn't catch her name) he has a whole 'saving the whore' complex. He really does come off creep with how he acts around her and also with using her kid the way he does. I oddly hope Renee is really playing him and really screws him over. Then there is Junior who is definitely shady yet oddly I want things to work out for him. Sure he seems to have done things that weren't good but he seems like a better person than Jackie or Ray. He actually was trying to help Jackie in their first conversation and then his date with his ex was really kind of sweet. I have a feeling he is going to get way over his head and may not make it till the end of the season. I like the show so far two episodes in.
  7. Was going over the episode and realized we didn't have the crew at all this episode. Surprisingly for this episode it was okay. However, don't want it to become a habit. I doubt Bane is dead. If Joker and Batman can survive having an entire building falling on them than Bane can survive a fall and possibly fire. However, I think the worry for Bane is there because the producers got what they wanted when they killed the Penguin. Someone had to be sacrificed so that the stakes would be real so the audience would have to wonder if others would be killed. I do understand why some people think the kiss came out of nowhere but to me that is why it works. This was a heat of the moment after a life and death situation where they got carried away for one moment. Then they broke apart wondering what they just did. The fact that they hadn't really had these other moments before works because it came out the blue. Now they have to evaluate why did they kiss. Was it just a moment of happiness that they got a little too carried away with or is there something more buried below?
  8. I am so confused how the show went from where it was at the end of this last episode to where they are going in the promo but I can't wait. Also can never go wrong with Michael Ironside. added: okay just read the episode description for the next episode and it makes a little more sense.
  9. Really good episode. Who knew Bane was better at rehabilitating criminals than paid therapists? He truly is a treasure. The fact that he even though he is a criminal he still believed in being an impartial judge. So glad that Man Bat wore a tie to court it shows just how serious he takes his job. Loved that the Barbara/Jim storyline was basically any 80's film with montage and cheesy music during the fight scene. Also the fact the hero can stand in the middle of a gun fight without getting shot. Will be interested to see just where he goes from here. Had no problem with how the kiss was set up. I know some are upset about Ivy being all about Kiteman and then just kissing Harley at the end. However, the situation was so emotional that it made sense to me at least. Now how it goes from here will be interesting.
  10. Saw the early premiere. I was a little worried about Monica as the lead as well after seeing her in Chicago Fire. Granted both characters are arrogant but at least everyone here knows that she is messed up and not some perfect paragon. I just feel that she is going to be a screw up even if she is trying to do the right thing. Will say I liked the first episode. Oddly it wasn't Monica's character that bothered me, it was the main male lead. There is just something creepy about how on one hand he kind of entraps Riley Voelkel's character to force her cooperation while also trying to be a nice guy hitting on her. Yeah not needing all the peeing. Could of just cut to right at the end and had the character pull up their pants. It would have been understood.
  11. I think with the Joker, we really don't know how much of the his memory was wiped. It could be he just woke up with no memories at all because his entire life prior to the acid were essential in creating the 'Joker'. Well I think with Gordon it is obvious, he used to manscape his body hair. He had pride in his grooming habits back then but now he's given up on everything including proper grooming. Interesting twist with Ivy and Harley basically meeting the same time she meets Joker. Also like that they did give more depth to Two Face as he was always the weakest of the villains as we had no real interactions with him till these last two episodes.
  12. The addition of the Condiment King brings up so many questions. First did he wait for KiteMan to get engage and then asked his girlfriend to marry him? If they were already engaged was he holding off scheduling the wedding until KiteMan tried to? Also how did they become each others nemesis? I am also wondering if there is a whole group of b/c list villains just going around Gotham having side stories. Also in regards to King Shark bringing a date, there most be some kind of underwater mutated shark community. He did mention that his mother had arranged this date with a girl shark from the hammerhead clan. Like that the show is addressing just how screwed up Joker/Harley's relationship was and how that type of relationship can really warp a person's view on what love is. Am I the only one surprised/disappointed that KiteMan made no comment when he flew the 'vagina' hole that Harley made?
  13. I thought this was a good episode. Despite not being planned for a finale it does work okay for one as it resolved a few issues but still has some cliffhangers. While not as big a fan of Raf as others, I do think his character was done a disservice since last year as he had a natural storyline being the new student. He should have been the character that we got introduced to different aspects of the school ie different classes/teachers/how each supernatural species being taught because we are two seasons in and we know very little about how the students are being taught. Hell that was a big reason the whole students in the prison world wasn't as effective as it could have been. I thought the pig might have been Josie when they got to the cabin and he started saying things that sounded like things Josie would say about herself. Also interesting her thoughts on Penelope. I liked their chemistry last season but the fact that she left does say what she thought about Josie being able to survive the merge. At least what Josie could interpret from Penelope leaving. I wonder if Hope being turned into stone in Josie's mind is the reason she is still not waking. Also glad Alaric mentioned that the whole golden arrow/new hero riddle might not mean what people think.
  14. Hope there is second season as it will be interesting to see where this show goes from here. Will the show be split with Val/Rafa/the parents and the older siblings or just focus on the older siblings. Would really miss the baby. Loved him standing when he saw Ella. Couldn't help but feel bad for Lucia. Her mom and sister both said things that seemed to have caused her to sleep with a guy for all the wrong reasons. Then after that the mom says the right thing. Well to quote the Wedding Singer 'That would have been useful yesterday.' Though it looks like if there is a second season some of ya'll might be right with thinking that something could end up happening with Lucia and Alison. The show did a nice job with episode of giving it an ending in case there isn't another season but also having storylines that can be pursued if it did get another season.
  15. Damn those scenes with the parents were hard to watch. It's interesting that TV shows always have the storyline of people in love having to deal with one person getting something they want but it could cost them the relationship and usually hear the line 'I don't want you to give this up and then hate me for it later'. Sometimes they can come up with a work around but a lot of times they have the classic 'I love you enough to give it up' and somehow they end up happy. However, here it seems that Gloria slept with Javier before marriage getting pregnant with Emilio and causing the rift with her family. From what it sounds like Javier thought she waited till she was ready but now it seems she is saying she felt pressured to sleep with him before marriage. When she threw that in his face, it looked like she could have slapped him and it would have hurt less. Of course their issues couldn't have come at a worse time especially with Lucia's slip of pronouns. Gloria not wanting to go to church to have a blessing for the family is obviously because of the issues with Javier but I can see Lucia thinking it had to do with her. I am worried she is going to do something foolish because of the mom's reaction. I don't think it is an accident that there was the guy checking her out getting out of the pool. I could see her trying to kiss or even sleep with the guy to be straight for her mom.
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