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  1. Okay wow I thought it was obvious but judging by others's comments it obviously wasn't. That was the journal that Penelope gave Josie when she left last season. It contains what people at school write with the spelled pens she had given out. It was how she knew about Hope hiding meeting Landon's mom and about the merge. It was the one thing with any mention of Hope that Alaric didn't destroy because he didn't know about it. Like the callback with Ric dressing as Indy and Josie picking that out for him. Was pleasantly surprised by the reason she gave for voting him out. I had thought she had but her doing it so that he could live his life and find happiness/love was not what I was expecting. This was first episode that I really like Sebastian as a character and mainly because he actually felt like a character not some teenage fantasy. The first scene with him, MG and Kaleb was great. Speaking of Sebastian not sure if I want him to have killed Wade or not. Don't want to wish a character dead but the cheap shots are getting very annoying and him dying would at least put an end to it. Didn't see the Clarke as the headmaster twist. Good job with that. Though wondering what his endgame is. I think I can see why he is interested in Josie. If he wants to go after Hope he needs a powerful witch by his side and if it happens to be someone Hope cares about all the better. This overall was a good episode. Was a lot of fun.
  2. This episode solidified a thought I had after episode one. Josie wasn't the one who voted for Alaric to stay. Though this episode did make rethink who may have voted for him. I thought it was Dorian now I think it might have been Kaleb. This isn't my theory but I think it might be right, Sebastian is desiccated somewhere and is appearing to Lizzie kind of like Damon was able to call out to Caroline in season one. Speaking of overdone tropes Wade. Was that really necessary? Trying to remember but did we see Raf turn back? Don't remember seeing it which makes wonder if there is a chance he does remember Hope but is lying about it because Hope asked him too.
  3. Watching this episode I didn't notice Hope wearing a wig because I was really distracted by how much she reminded me of Hayley. It wasn't just her look but also how she was talking at some points. The new head master is definitely going to be a problem. And he will be the opposite extreme of Alaric last season. I didn't really have too much of a problem with Alaric's methods just that there needed to be progression to it. Yes get new vamps on animal bloods to help them learn their powers but eventually they needed to advance to human blood bags or in witches case once they reached a certain age have them learn more advance/offensive magic. Yeah not feeling the new vamp. Of course I doubt I am the target audience of him being cast. I have already seen reactions online just loving this guy. Just don't see it. Of course I also never really saw anything with Landon/Hope. Actually most of the relationship dramas this season don't really intrigue me. However, kind of intrigued with the new head master trying to 'Palpatine' Josie.
  4. Glad I wasn't the only one getting really annoyed with Severide's attitude this whole episode. You know Severide maybe the Investigator could have been able to move faster on your information if you hadn't held onto it so that you could make copies of it and go over it with your buddy Casey and Chief Boden. Yes, it is sad that Kidd is basically regulated to Severide sympathizer each week. I have watched the show off and on but man it really does seem to force pairings and Casey/Sylvie is no different. Good to see Jerry from ER. And to those who wonder, he has always been that big. Having seen him in other shows like Married With Children and Wings where they highlighted what a big man he is as opposed to ER, it wasn't as glaring. Plus I also think Hermann and the rookie are pretty short.
  5. ybrik

    S05.E20: Gone Rogue

    Yeah have to agree with others with the whole Nora and her storyline need to end soon. Which is a shame since I loved the actress on Black Sails. However is it just me or is this whole idea that Thawne wants to help defeat Cicada and destroy the dagger just one big flashing danger sign? I mean we were told that the records around Thawne's imprisonment have been redacted and it seems he doesn't have his power in the future. In Nora's future Cicada is never stopped so the blade is never destroyed and in that future Thawne has been captured. Somehow I don't think it will be a big coincidence that if Cicada and the blade are destroyed that Thawne will suddenly be able to be free. That's just a theory. Barry for the love of God you can still not be angry at Nora and still not trust Thawne's plan.
  6. Yeah not sure why Dorian would be made at Aleric except maybe for not saying something about the kiss to him. Aleric didn't know that Emma was involved with Dorian till after the kiss. Interesting development with Aleric and Kaleb. Seems like they both have come to understand the others' position which is a nice change without the show trying to tell one is completely right and the other is wrong. Don't know about Josie admitting to having a crush on Hope was necessary especially if nothing ever happens with them. Just seems like something to tease people who may ship them. Though I had to laugh at Josie's line about how could she not have a crush on Hope considering she already has two other people in love/crushing on her.
  7. going to have join in with being on Sullivan's side for the most part. He did go a bit overboard with his criticism of Bishop but he wasn't wrong to criticize her and the whole unit for how they were handling the training. Good job with the backstory though have to wonder why he did return. Also wondering if Captain Herrera remembers what happened with Sullivan and his wife. It was 15 years ago. If he does have to wonder why he would think Sullivan would just be okay with him hanging around the station. Also it is hard to be on Andy's side when the show continually shows just how self-absorbed she is. Sure there was the bathroom incident and her issues with Ryan but come on Vic is continually talking about Capt Ripley up to a point Andy should see something is going on at least on Vic's side instead she finds a way to make Ripley being there about her. Jack and Bishop are fun in an antagonist type way. Just please don't have something happen between them.
  8. Oh show it's like you're not even trying anymore. Seriously you have the person eliminated by walking out and leaving her chef coat in the kitchen give an exit interview saying that she should have told Ramsay to stick said coat up his ass all the while she is wearing the coat in the interview. You couldn't have had her say that outside as she was leaving?
  9. I actually have enjoyed the season and the finale. I know that some have found it confusing but honestly I thought season 1 was probably more confusing. Or maybe once you see how they do things it gives you a better idea of how to see certain clues. Though the Charlotte is Delores twist was well done. Will need to see the season again to see if I can notice the differences between Charlotte in the two timelines. I do remember thinking that it something was weird when she was introduced in the current timeline. I do wonder who is now in Charlotte since Delores was brought back at the end. MiB is not a host during the current timeline. He has basically lost himself in the game. He really did kill all those people including his daughter in the last episode. The MiB in the post credit I'm not so sure of. From the dialogue it seems he has been living these events over and over. It could be in his mind or something else. Also seeing his madness in the last episode and this episode really makes me wonder if those scenes of children talking for Ford to the MiB were real or just in his head. This season when it has happened it was always when he was by himself. I am interested to see where they go from here and who else was in that bag that Charlores took out of the park.
  10. I liked the episode. Loved the ending with Ford. Was really intrigued by the conversation with MIB and Emily. It felt very real. Her apologizing for blaming him for her mom's suicide felt real. Don't know from personal experience, but it feels realistic that she tried to find someone to blame for the suicide before eventually coming to realize that it was her mother's decision. Also I think we got an idea of what William was like with his family. As she said, she idolized him as a child but sees the real him now. His not remembering that it was his wife not Emily that was afraid of the elephants seems like something that happened a bit. He makes a minimum effort to remember that one of them is afraid of the elephants but not enough to remember who it was. Wouldn't be surprised if this was something that happened quite a bit where it looks like he is making a minimum effort. HIs misremembering things like the elephant probably happened quite a bit with the wife and while the first couple of times it could be kind of endearing but after a while it would become obvious that he is just going through the act of caring. And considering that his wife knew him before and after his initial trip to Westworld she probably saw a difference.
  11. The episode was okay. Not sure about Leonard. It really feels like the show has been coming up with a storyline almost every episode while other characters have gone multiple episodes without a storyline. I would like to see all of the characters get some of the character development that he is getting. As an Astros fan, I have to dislike the Yankee's ticket storyline on principle alone. Do like that Jay was able to get a win for his client. Liked Allison getting all involved while watching the tennis matches. It was weird that when Sandra took off her jacket, she really did look young. Probably enjoyed her storyline this episode the best. Both with the client and also the part with Seth and Allison. Still liking the Sandra/Allison relationship the best.
  12. I enjoyed the episode. Do wish Sandra would have been able to beat Leonard. Sandra as a lawyer doesn't seem that great however, her friendship with Allison is one of the best relationships in the series. To the poster above mentioning Kate going to UVA being bad writing is that your reasoning for it being bad is mistaken. Kate didn't say the trip was just to DC, it was specifically to the Capitol building. She gives statistics and facts about the building as well as the Lego model she is building in the episode is of the building. So she never got to go the Capitol building not that she has never gone to DC.
  13. Damn Chic is the 'curse of the new characters in a 2nd season' that almost all shows suffer from. His storyline is just so annoying. It's weird that the idea that FP and Alice having a secret child seemed so much better than the actual Chic storyline. His character seems to be dragging the whole Cooper clan down and they were such a fun dynamic in season one. Kevin what the hell? Nice twist with Josie being the one to help Ethel. Loved Archie's Mom telling him off. He needed to hear that. It's almost amusing how overdramatic the core four's issues are when compared to the truly horrible family life that Cheryl has. Conversion therapy?!? Wow that is just scary how truly despicable Penelope is. Shouldn't be surprised about Claudius considering his twin killed his own son.
  14. This episode was a bit odd. With the core four it felt like it was packing too much storylines into it while with the rest of the cast it felt like it was underwritten. As others have pointed out, the whole robbery part felt completely forced. Really a robbery storyline either is a cliffhanger or is the major driving force of a storyline for an episode, it shouldn't be some random part. They had enough to go on with the dealing with Betty/Archie kiss and the divide over Hiram. The problem with just throwing this in is that the time used for it could have been used to help flush out the Cheryl/Toni and/or Josie/Kevin storylines. Each of those storylines could have used at least one more scene. Cheryl's mom really is the worst. It is interesting that Cheryl is very much a stereotypical bully, in that she is lashing out at others because she is basically being mentally abused in her home life.
  15. I was actually glad that it wasn't the dancing baby since all I heard since the previews were complaints that this isn't how gifs loaded. Really like how Luke is being portrayed as a pretty realistic teenage boy. Definite moodiness. His anger probably was over the top but I do remember being the same way as a kid. Also glad that he and Kate did make up because they are good together as friends. Man I found myself singing along with Ken to Breakfast at Tiffany's. I feel so dorky. Liked that let Kate actually keep the piercing. They have a great relationship. Loved that Kate was excited about him dating as well. Kate you could have kept the puppy and just ripped off JTT. Liked the dynamic with Oliver/Emaline/McQuaid/Tyler. I remember when I was part of a school play that I hung out with kids I usually wouldn't hang out but then of course after the play was through didn't really hang much with them. The continual change with Luke's father is really good even if it just a short video every couple of episodes.
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