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  1. Bizarro was a nice twist. I have been wondering if that X-Kryptonite was actually there as protection from Bizarro or something that was dampening his powers and now with all the mining removing most of it, he became strong enough to release himself. Come on Jon, Natalie helped build her father’s war suit, how do you not think she is probably a gamer? Liking the dynamic with her and the boys. Not too dramatic but they are all cautiously getting to know each other. Oh poor emo Jordan. I have never completely been on board with his relationship with Sarah mainly due to her. Don’t hav
  2. Okay here’s a few off the wall theories/bad speculations besides the never going to happen theory of Esme and Joss getting together instead of the obvious Esme and Cam. 1. Hat Guy is also the guy that is going after Sonny on the west coast that was mentioned a few days ago. So instead of running from the mob to protect his family, he basically became full fledged in the mob and cut all ties to his old life as a way to protect his family. Now he has become the top guy so he can finally meet up with his family again but also has a hidden agenda of trying to take over Sonny’s territory.
  3. It was kind of funny that when the focus was on them, Allie and Chanel seemed to be having this stiff make out session but then when they are in background as Paulina walks in on them, you have Chanel kissing Allie’s breast.
  4. Wow they let Scott be a smart lawyer. I think with the whole Mike-Nina being in love part being exposed, it allows Scott to argue that there is only Sonny’s word that he came back when he remembered. However, it could be that Sonny only came back because Jax found out he was alive. The whole amnesia is a way to avoid his family finding out he had an affair. So Scott would basically be able to create reasonable doubt that Nina committed fraud because either Sonny always knew the truth and was just having an affair or didn’t want to know the truth because he was in love. I have this one fe
  5. I am really enjoying the show this season. Definitely think going with the Triad specifically Aurora as the villain is a great choice. Lots of callbacks to The Originals. Sad that the witch and the wolf were not bigger deals but I wonder if their spot in the Triad goes to someone else. I ask because the witch’s last name was St. Clair so could the next in line to be the witch of the Triad be Davina. Then if the wolf is somehow related to either Jed or Finch it could be interesting. Not sure about the end result of Josie’s therapy box session. It seems more like these last few episod
  6. Okay I didn’t hate the episode. In fact I enjoyed it for the most part. I do agree they are at that line of becoming too repetitive with the Hope stuff and with the school stuff. Hopefully now that they have finally had their first interaction with no humanity Hope things can move forward. Hope can start really going after the Triad. Now we start to see the school start to have drama in how to deal with Hope. Really wanted to learn more about Jed’s backstory. So Cleo is going to use Finch and Ethan as the measuring stick for whether to tell the squad the truth? I also find it a bit
  7. Loved they used same song for the subliminal messages as from the original.
  8. Not just the alternate opening but the alternate hang out The Min
  9. Gil is Lord Voldemort or whatever. Macgyver Marathon Morris is the most insanely great name I can think of.
  10. This wasn’t a bad episode especially compared to some of the clunkers from last season. Not much was done. I like no humanity Hope for the moment. Though I would like if we saw her actually do something bad instead of tip toeing to the line but not crossing over yet. Hell we have’s even seen her feed on anyone yet. Liked Clarke in this episode but I am hoping that this is the end for his character. But considering this shows love Malivore/Landon, I highly doubt it. Josie and Finch have become wash, rinse, repeat. Josie does or says something that angers or hurts Finch then ev
  11. If Aurora is the person on the phone she can fit as being a first vampire for a couple of reasons. First she is the first of Rebekah’s sire line. Also she was compelled by Elijah to think she was Rebekah for over a hundred years. Also this may be a coincidence but she and the first sired vampires of Klaus and Elijah were known as the Trinity. The first werewolves could be interesting as there was a time where people/witches could turn into wolves but then because of the hollow, the werewolf curse was created which Hope’s mom was a descendent from the first family of cursed werewolves.
  12. That was a very good episode. Not perfect but still better than most of season 3. As great as seeing Rebekah again was, these short episode visits of TVD/Originals characters are annoying in that they don’t really conclude in feasible ways. We have Freya and Rebekah both visiting Hope and the visits end in very bad ways but we are supposed to believe they are just going to go back home and live their lives? I am annoyed that they had this idea for the Triad and haven’t used till now. We had to go through these seasons dealing with Malivore instead. This idea of the Triad hunting Ho
  13. I have to admit that Ray is starting to grow on me this season. He is more like able in trying to build his life back up. Could have done without Luis Guzman’s ass. Starting to worry about Jackie. I honestly think see is going to make Ray’s mistakes in a lot shorter time. She is sleeping with her partner who also slept with Ray. I have a feeling that this won’t end well and also I bet she is going to sleep with her CI, Junior’s girl.
  14. Man this episode is the epitome of everything right and wrong with this show. I didn’t hate the episode yet I still feel unbelievably frustrated by it. The show has an intriguing lead heroine yet they seem to boil everything about her to a relationship. The relationship could be compelling if they weren’t basically copy and pasting storylines from other shows for them but adding there own twist for the worse. In this episode Hope becomes the tribrid and is completely badass knowing what needs to be done. However, straight out of Buffy/Angel season 2 the real soul of the boyfriend comes b
  15. To go a little more into detail about Freya. The Original Witch aka their mother when she was younger and not as proficient in magic went to her sister because she wasn’t able to conceive a child. So her sister agreed to help her but the price was the first born child of each generation for all time. When Freya and Finn were children and the mother was pregnant with Elijah her sister came and took Freya. Her husband, Mikael had been out with the other warriors on some battle so he was told Freya died from fever. The mother used this as an excuse to move the family where they would eventually e
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