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S03.E02: Vacay Patrol

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Everyone is immortal on this show. Those Aliens waited at that same hotel for 60 years for Rita. I wonder why her? Is because she was the Niles' first and that's the only one they knew?

Niles really is the worst, he ruins lives of people be hasn't even met. Lol

Was that Kay that was dancing with them?  Because that doesn't seem like something Jane would do. 

I like this Cyborg over the movie one but I still don't care about his relationship drama. 

And of course they finally let go of their baggage for a few minutes and then they die. 

Larry got sent back without the negative spirit, isn't that what was keeping him alive? Is he going to join the others in the afterlife. Cause we all know they are not dead, dead. 


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Alright, now this is my show back again! The first episode was clearly setting up the new season while this episode felt like the real return of the Doom Patrol. Its clear that in a lot of ways this is the actual start of the season after cleaning up all of the lingering plots from last season. It has that mixed of comedy, weirdness, and sincerity that makes this show so great.

Love Cliff and the alien conqueror bonding over their mutual loathing of Niles. That Niles, making enemies and screwing over people everywhere he goes. He even tried to give up the mission and warn the Doom Patrol before he was killed by his minion, it was actually quite sad. Of course the gang wont stay dead, and this will certainly lead to even more wacky shenanigan's in the afterlife. 

 Everyone dancing together was really sweet, too bad they were so rudely interrupted. I hope that Cliff doesn't have Parkinson's, being killed by the one biological part he still has is just too ironically cruel.

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So, Cliff's grandson shrank a lot since last episode, when he was the size of a 6-month old baby.  They should have used a bigger doll this episode. Vic's flip phone apparently holds a charge for many years! And Rita finds cool retro clothes wherever she goes.


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