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S7.E08: September 14, 2021

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Natasha's date with Dr. Joe was very uncomfortable even before the Brendan-part of the conversation.  Those stupid huge margarita vessels did not help.  Dr. Joe seemed overly formal and stilted.  He definitely was not feeling any connection with Natasha.  

It was cringey when Tammy asked Thomas, "What can I do to get you back" or whatever, but I loved his reply is that she is basically unstable.

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On 9/15/2021 at 1:36 AM, chocolatine said:

This episode was really boring despite the drama. Everything that happened was predictable.

I *really* didn't need to see the whole whipped cream thing. I long for the days when the editors used to be coy and cut to visuals of bees pollinating flowers when things got steamy. Also, seeing multiple people use the "boom boom room" this episode made me wonder how often it gets cleaned and the sheets changed.

I find Li'l Jon and his screaming extremely irritating. David Spade was funny in the beginning, but the other "celebrity" hosts haven't added anything to my viewing experience. The show should just stick with Wells as the host.

I think the plan was to keep David for the entire season, but he didn’t like crabs and asked for the early dismissal 

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