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S01.E02: The Detective

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Seriously, he is SMOKIN' hot.   Little Pia is totally out of his league.  I don't know how they matched on that App.  She's very crude and lacks social skills.  Though it may have just been a hook-up App and he was looking, I didn't pay much attention. 

He said he was married, but either he's almost divorced, or completely divorced & just told Sophie he was married to gain her trust.  His ex seems to have moved right on, so I think it was legally over.

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I came in here to specifically see if people had the same thirsty reaction I did.  Happy to see that y'all did.  LOL  3-6-9, god damn he fine.  I cannot look away, and honestly, the actor plays a level of sincere, obsessive earnestness with such deftness.  I loved seeing his slice of life with his family and his ex and kid.  Even though it is clear his ambition and singlemindedness wrecked his marriage, his pain after his ex left with the kid and bf was truly one of the harsher emotional beats on an already stressful show.

My girlfriend groups are made up of different women with different tastes in people (some of whom are not attracted to men), and we all agree that he is a full meal and a dinner mint.  That's how gorgeous he is.   

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Ha, all comments only about how gorgeous he is. Nothing else about the episode sunk in (can you blame us?).  I hope the actor has an active career, I don’t want to have to keep watching this series over and over just to be able to salivate over him. 

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Yes the detective is definitely a nice piece of man-candy.   I think the senior FBI (?) agent was just jealous of detective's smoking bod.

Oh right... I guess some other stuff happened this episode.

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