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Assembled: The Making Of Loki

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I always enjoy watching behind-the-scenes documentaries. I thought this special was quite interesting and informative. A couple tidbits...

Although footage of Tom Hiddleston's audition for Thor for the first Thor movie has been released before, it's been silent footage.  For the first time, we hear Tom speaking as Thor (using an American accent) during that audition. Tom also gave more details about his audition scene for Thor.

Owen Wilson asked Tom what he loved about playing Loki, and Tom replied that Loki "plays all the keys on the piano" (both light keys and heavy keys).

The Time Doors were inspired by David Lynch's Dune where they had these glass-like shields over those who were practice fighting..

Director Kate Herron said that Loki's fighting style is "balletic," "graceful" and "beautiful" because he grew up in a palace, whereas Sylvie's fighting style is like a "feral cat" because she grew up on the run and in an apocalypse. Tom described Loki's fighting style as "elegant" and like a "matador."

Head writer Michael Waldron said that one of the writers had a "very strong POV" in favor of the love story between Loki and Sylvie and that it was something the whole writers' room got behind. Kate thought it was a "chaotic" and "mischievous" idea: "Of course, Loki would fall in love with himself." She also said that Loki's "redemptive journey" involved getting past his demons and finding the good inside himself. Tom said that the Loki-Sylvie relationship is about connecting with another person and learning to care about someone else.

Tom confirmed that the variant who was so feared by He Who Remains is Kang. Jonathan Majors said that his future portrayals of Kang will be different from his portrayal of He Who Remains.

Tom said that he is now 40 years old and that he was 29 when he did the first Thor movie. So it's been 11 years for him as Loki.

Tom said that he is proud to be part of a project "that has probably changed the direction of the MCU."

BTW, at about the 00:24:49 mark in this video, you can see Rocket Raccoon among the variants standing in a long line at the TVA.

(pic source)

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I haven't been school girl crush age in quite a while but it's kind of difficult to watch this Special and not go swoony about Hiddleston. His voice, his charm, his intelligence, his grace and his obvious enthusiasm about the character. Shakes head. Stop me before I start embarrassing myself.

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It was an excellent Making Of. I loved Owen Wilson's anecdote about Tom Hiddleston asking him if he'd played Hamlet. Tom seems like a really good person in addition to being an amazing actor.

Seeing them do the takes also made me appreciate Sophia di Martino even more. I know the work of actors is to well... act, but it's always amazing seeing actors doing it well. There was a clip of her just looking at Loki on either the train or at Crater Lake (can't remember which),  and she looked so much like a woman in love. 

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Trailer for this special...

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Loki | Official Trailer
Marvel Entertainment   Jul 21, 2021

And poster for this special....


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This was great! I adored Tom’s narration. And the BTS look at the Lokiverse was terrific.

I did get a little mad when Feife was going on about how he was going to dupe everyone who thought it was going to be a Loki Quantum Leap show…because as much as I loved how the show turned out, that would have been awesome.

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You would've needed the eyesight of an eagle to spot this during the special...

Loki: Deleted Plot Gave Loki All 6 Infinity Stones, But In a Fake Timeline
By Tom Drew    July 21, 2021


On the whiteboard, a scrapped plot idea can be seen for the series premiere, "Glorious Purpose," with several bullet points outlining a sequence where Loki is placed in an alternate timeline as an interrogation tactic by the Time Variance Authority:

(1 - 5: Mostly Montage)

1. Loki visiting different time periods.

2. Doing crazy mischief aka sex.

3. Pivots to taking power.

4. Collecting Infinity Stones.

5. Has the Gauntlet, takes power...more sex, big alien, etc.

6. Alone in the throne room. He's taken power but is infected with thought that it isn't "real" because of TVA's control over free will.

7. Return to TVA - gauntlets power down. Mobius waiting for him.

8. Loki gives honest answers to Mobius. Mobius shows the sheer power of TVA.


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Wow, Loki having lots of sex! I wonder how they would have depicted that if they had gone with that idea, lol! 

Anyway, really loved the behind the scenes look. Seeing Tom is his younger Loki days, how they made the sets, etc. What always impressed me is how they act in front of a blue screen. They have to pretend they are looking at something, or surrounded by something and I would find that very difficult. I remember Carrie Fisher once talked about this when she was playing Leia watching her planet be destroyed. She said here she was watching her home, record collection, everything getting blown up and react to that and how challenging it was to do because she was looking at nothing.

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On 7/22/2021 at 12:19 AM, magdalene said:

I haven't been school girl crush age in quite a while but it's kind of difficult to watch this Special and not go swoony about Hiddleston. His voice, his charm, his intelligence, his grace and his obvious enthusiasm about the character. Shakes head. Stop me before I start embarrassing myself.

THIS.  I 100% felt this way around the LokiMania ComicCon timeframe (his Nerd HQ in 2013, I think it was, was one of the swoonest things of ALL time). It waned a little bit for me b/c the whole too much exposure for his non-work life and then his very deliberate exit for a reset took him out of my mind.  But, the crush is 1000% back.  I think it is even stronger b/c I think he understands both his luck and privilege, but is more savvy about what this world and the attention all means, and thusly, he has learned to handle it with grace and eyes wide open.  He's so damn talented, intelligent, and seems like a cool dude.  He also seems happy.  I think for a few years, the smile didn't seem to reach his eyes, and it is nice to see that light back.  I was initially drawn to him during the Avengers press tour b/c he was shining and charming. 

Tom's enthusiasm is palpable, and that probably has a lot of legs on a set when the #1 on the call sheet is so invested.  I loved the little bits with Tom and Owen.  That chemistry is so much fun to see, and their clear affection for one another shows why Mobius and Loki work so well.  I also enjoyed hearing from both Waldron and Heron about their passion and interest in the project.  Honestly, I would have liked at least a little more Quantum Leap?  

I can see the cheeky nature of Loki coming through on the whiteboard for sure b/c Loki connecting sex and mischief makes a whole lot of sense. Watching the early footage from 11 yrs prior, and hearing Tom's American accent as Thor was so strange.  I can't mentally get pass what perfect casting Tom is as Loki; crazy that he may have been considered a gamble (with Hemsworth) when he was cast. 

I loved watching the set design and costuming details for the production.  Interesting to see that black light paint Lamentis city set, as well as the artist renderings of story. 

Knowing that he was looking at nothing when looking at the deaths of Frigga, Odin, and himself makes it all that more impressive. 

Also?  Can Tom narrate everything ever?  That voiceover was the very best. 

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3 hours ago, TrininisaScorp said:

Knowing that he was looking at nothing when looking at the deaths of Frigga, Odin, and himself makes it all that more impressive

I know, right?! He freaking NAILED that moment. He’s so expressive. 😍😍😍😍

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Quotes of the Week: Ted Lasso, HAHN, Good Trouble, The Flash and More
By Team TVLine / July 25 2021


“When I pitched The Void, my thought was it’s meant to be this barren wasteland where the TVA sends everyone and its rubbish… I was on set, and we’re in this countryside, and it’s gray, and it’s miserable, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. I’ve pitched England!'”

Loki director Kate Herron realizes the source of her inspiration for an Episode 5 locale


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