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  1. Wow, Loki having lots of sex! I wonder how they would have depicted that if they had gone with that idea, lol! Anyway, really loved the behind the scenes look. Seeing Tom is his younger Loki days, how they made the sets, etc. What always impressed me is how they act in front of a blue screen. They have to pretend they are looking at something, or surrounded by something and I would find that very difficult. I remember Carrie Fisher once talked about this when she was playing Leia watching her planet be destroyed. She said here she was watching her home, record collection, everything gett
  2. They keep trying to have it both ways. She is a Loki! A superior Loki! No, she is Sylvie! See, her name is different! She was raised differently! In the show they kept making the point over and over that she is a Loki. Both have Laufey as their father, presumably same mother. Same parents make them at least like brother and sister. B-15 says they have the same temporal signature, that is how they knew they were tracking a Loki. It doesn't matter if she was raised differently. A brother and sister raised apart are still brother and sister. Variants do have differences from one anothe
  3. Yes, the Loki we are following now grabbed the Tessaract and escaped in Endgame from 2012 so he is a Variant. Our main Loki we have been following for 10 years died in Infinity War. He was not King until Thor 1. It is my understanding that the past life Mobius is showing Variant Loki is also supposed to be what main MCU Loki did in *his* past. In that case Loki wasn't King until the events of Thor 1 and Thor was on Earth with Jane. Main MCU Loki would not have had Throg beating him up after he became King in his past. If the Variant Loki we are following had some differences in hi
  4. Ok, that makes no sense. Our original Loki wasn't King of Asgard until Thor 1 and Thor was on Earth at the time. The only other time was when he was pretending to be Odin. At no time in our Lokis past was he King! How would he have been King in his longer ago past with Odin alive and well, and Thor was was next in line to the throne? Maybe a variant Loki becoming King and getting beaten up by Throg happened, but not the Loki we have been watching for 10 years. This was supposed to be the life of original Loki up until he took the Tesseract, correct? If so that never could have happened.
  5. gail56

    Media for Evil

    Good! I have had Netflix for years so will see it then!
  6. I have been having fun going back and rewatching all the episodes after this one. So many things make more sense now, even Maladies rantings. Dr Hague and whoever he had working with him (the angels she refers to) that caused her pain for two years. Amalia almost saying Mary is the voice of the Galanthi after she was kidnapped. Being referred to as a soldier by the doctor who has healing powers. You see the episodes with fresh eyes.
  7. gail56

    Media for Evil

    So another show I won't see anymore because it is going to a streaming service I don't have and refuse to subscribe to. I have enough already and speaking for myself I would find it a hassle to do the subscribe, cancel, subscribe thing that some people do. It would be too much bother for me. As someone else said, I might eventually see it another way and I am willing to wait. In the meantime I have plenty of other shows to watch on the services I do have. Shame though.
  8. Is this show determined to piss me off and lose me as a viewer? First they kill off Melendez and now this with the baby. I was looking forward to the baby storyline even though I know some of you weren't. I don't want to see a storyline of them coping with the loss or breaking up. I am out for now. I will monitor the posts here about the episodes to see what happens and if it is worth watching going forward.
  9. I never read anything either, but when I had my first son in 1978, they gave me an enema when I was in early labor and told me the reason why. I didn't poop with him but did a little with my second.
  10. Wow, that episode was so, wow! Best episode ever. I understand postpartum depression. I had it after my second son was born. I was so over the moon with my first son and everything was good. But I found myself sad and depressed after I had my second even though I was happy to have another son. I was also out of it a lot, like I was in zombie mode. My sister came to visit me a few weeks after my son was born and said he looked like he had lost weight and wasn't growing. I told her I didn't think so. Also he was a quiet baby and didn't cry much. I thought if something was wrong he would cry
  11. Another great episode! I loved Shaun's reaction when Lim mentioned "dating drama", lol! I like the newbies.
  12. I am also one of those who wasn't going to watch anymore because they killed off Melendez. Then I saw it recorded on my DVR and decided to check the thread here to see what everyone thought. Decided to watch and agree this was a very well done episode! So for now they won we back. Good to see Melendez and hopefully he hangs around in ghost form for awhile!
  13. Just watched the finale. Spoilers ahead! Ferguson wasn't faking it but dumbasses Linda and Vera made sure she remembers who she is now! I didn't like the idea of Ferguson back, but the whole storyline with her in a fugue state and now remembering who she is has gotten me interested in what she will do next! Allie will not die or will tell someone that Lou was the one who shivved her before she expires if she does die. They made a point of her seeing Lou while she was on the floor. I really would like to see her reunited with Bea. I was so disappointed that she lived wh
  14. One thing I don't get is that last season right before they all disappeared into the past, they all changed into their child selves, like 5. Now they are in their adult forms again, except for 5. I don't know if they knew what they were going to do in season two, but that scene made me think that at least for the beginning of this season, they were all going to be children again so they could fix Vanya, as 5 said they were going to do that. With the little recap at the beginning of this episode, they showed them as adults before 5 zapped them away. So I don't know if they changed their minds
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