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Mo and Dawn work through some "artistic differences" as Nomi's star rises. Blair and Tiff schmooze a VIP, and Keith tries to rekindle things with Mike.

Original air date 2021.07.11

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I just love the use of McDLT as an analogy. It's perfect. 

And two veteran 80s actors guest starring! 

I don't really know why Alvin and the Chimpmunks would sing Girls Just  Wanna Have Fun, but it seems people liked it. 

This one kind of was 80s sitcom tropes all over the place. The actors played it to the hilt though. 

Cool touch with the jazz rap bit. iirc, Guru was doing that 1989 to early 90s.

Dalmatian! Hahahahaha

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Dawn's rambling, rapid-fire explanation of her complicated relationship with Mo was too perfect. And did Mo tell that guy that was trying to poach her, “Motherfucker, I will climb up the front of your tall ass and beat you down"? Loved it! Dawn's ridiculously lavish touches at the offices were great too - "How did I miss the sharks?"

The Blair-Keith plot was 100% farce with a side of "two 'dates' at the same time," but they really made it work. I laughed so hard at, "And bring food, because all we have to eat are drugs!!" I also loved, "You're doing coke off of a cough syrup bottle. That's like putting a hat on a hat."

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I think Dawn was being truthful about turning down the label offer.

I don't think it's going to turn out how she thinks though if she does decide to sign and leave Mo's label. 

Arne is going to get all up in Nomi's next record. He was barely giving Dawn an afterthought. 

I liked when Nomi asked why Mo was listening to five records at once about the avant garde album. 

I did feel bad for him because the opening meeting seemed like he had a good musician interested in the label. 



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The Grammys, not the Grandmas. Yeah, the Grammys are such a joke now there are eleventy other music awards  shows trying to compete for the cachet the Grammys used to have.

Kind of meta for Mo to be complaining about the Emmy awards for comedies when Don Cheadle just got nominated for a moment in Falcon and Winter Soldier instead of his starring role on Black Monday.

Hel-lo Arnie Markowitz. How you doin'?

And what exactly is a meemaw?

Okay, was not ready to see dalmatian dick. Was that real or a prosthetic?

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Mo is so not wrong about the Grammy's being a joke, even if he covers up his decent point in his own weird mix of over the top ego and painfully obvious insecurity. The Grammys, not the Grannys. Also I saw that meta on the Emmys, show. I see you. 

If Dawn gets in on that Chipmunk money early, she can be there on the ground for all those terrible but very profitable Chipmunk movies. 

The Blair and Keith plot was pure 80s sitcom farce, and it totally worked because the actors just fully committed to its madcap craziness.  

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