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Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures: Crossovers

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I had to rewatch the episode The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith for a fanfiction I wrote and I was impressed all over again how well the Doctor integrated into that world. Guess it helped that Russell T. was writing it. The story itself was really well done. Have others watched it? What did they think?

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I loved the whole SJA series. I didn't really get into it when it first aired but I made an effort to catch Nicholas Courtney's episode and went back and caught up. If I had to pick my favorite Doctor crossover, I'd probably go with Death of the Doctor, because of Katy Manning and Lis Sladen teaming up but only by a bit. 

I always thought that Clyde and Rani should have had a shot at becoming main show companions, so it's ironic that the current show has similar type characters. In fact, it's distracting sometimes because when I see them, I want Clyde and Rani instead. :-)  

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Oh my god, in the wait between series 9 and 10, I daydreamed all the time about early-20s Rani and Clyde as Twelve's new companions.  Something about it just felt right to me.

I love SJA.  The first few episodes are a little rocky (no one should do Slitheen that soon out of the gate,) but all the characters are great, and it really captures that Who spirit of having a sense of wonder about the universe - that, yes, it's scary and dangerous, but it's worth it for all that you can see and do.  I also appreciate that, while they have assorted stuff going on in their lives, these tweens-into-teens prioritize the mission of protecting the Earth - I get irritated sometimes on genre shows when characters want to hash out their relationship drama while the sky is burning.  Focus, people!

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On 6/14/2019 at 2:16 AM, angora said:

Oh my god, in the wait between series 9 and 10, I daydreamed all the time about early-20s Rani and Clyde as Twelve's new companions.  Something about it just felt right to me.

I really, really wanted one of the specials to be Rani, Clyde and Luke (if he was available) to be going on an adventure in the TARDIS at some point, they were awesome, even better if they joined the actual series, although then they'd probably have had to kill Sarah off when they'd purposely left it wide open. And both Doctors that met them seemed to love the fact that they were grand-companions that Sarah-Jane was basically training in The Way of the Doctor. It really didn't take her long after School Reunion to start living life at full throttle, saving the Earth on her own terms. Though even before she was still investigating strange phenomena. 

I've gone back and watched a lot of Who and Sarah Jane in lockdown and I've really enjoyed it. It holds up on its own merit as an interesting series that's more complex than it might first appear and the younger characters do go through a lot. I particularly like the ep where Rani meets Lady Jane Grey and Clyde helps thwart a Nazi invasion with a half remembered version of Churchill's speech and makes the point that *he* was the one born in England, not the Nazis. And it works as a companion to the main series. I actually enjoy it a lot more than a lot of Torchwood which used to try really hard to be the "adult, gritty" spin off and it didn't work a lot of the time for me. 

I think I like Death of the Doctor a bit more because that's interestingly when Matt Smith's Eleven really connected for me. And I enjoyed the "what was that about the Mona Lisa?" call back. 

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