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  1. That's not how Doctor Who works. Wherever he goes it becomes very difficult for him to return to that exact time and place. Yup, you can't go back on your own timeline, well, except for cheap tricks, as Martha learned.
  2. I got a big kick out of what Georgia Tennant posted about this episode: “My daughter hasn’t cried this much at #drwho since she watched her father turn into Prince Philip. #rosaparks” Being in the US I saw her post way before I watched the episode, but it still surprised me a bit when I found myself getting teary at the end. So far, I am finding that I am more engaged with this show than I have been in years.
  3. I recently discovered the Australian series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" and was delight to recognize Tammy Macintosh by her voice. Even in the midst of all the other aussie accents I thought, "Is that Jool?!?" The series is set in the 20's and she plays a doctor. She is in about half the episodes. Bonus: several episodes were directed by Tony Tilse.
  4. I love the added info from the commentary that John Rogers shared about the scene in the alley after that first "performance" of Sophie's. During Tim's coverage when Sophie leans forward to deliver the line, "I always thought you had it in you." she was asked instead to say ,"I always knew you loved me." unbeknownst to Tim and it made him blush.
  5. I think the outfits on all the paper-dolls are supposed to be their night clothes. Then they have their nursing uniform and one other outfit: Trixie has a coat, Patsy has her cubs uniform, etc.
  6. I'm still waiting. BBCA said summer, but that's still pretty vague.
  7. Yeah, what always really bugged me about Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone was the Doctor telling Amy to act like she could see them so they would stay locked. If that was the way it worked then why the injunction not to blink?! If it's when you can't see them, even for a moment, that they unlock, then what good would pretending to see them with your eyes closed do?
  8. That one had me practically on the floor, especially Shawn's failed attempt to slide across the hood of the car and Gus' walk after driving said car.
  9. Just looked and it seems BBC America will be airing it in episodes starting on the 19th. They have them scheduled for 35 minute slots.
  10. John Rogers is heading up a Magnum P.I. sequel. Seems it is focused on his daughter. I'm a little surprised it's not a Rockford sequel given John's love for that show. I hope it does well. It was disappointing when The Player met it's end prematurely.
  11. I am so excited! I just read this on Variety. Not about the movie per se, though I do like quite a bit of Devlin's stuff, but about the fact the David Tennant will be filming in the Portland area WHERE I LIVE!! Right now I am one very happy fangirl! I'm going to go breath in a paper bag now! I can't believe how many exclamation points I used in this post. I'm usually much more restrained. Thus is the power of DT. :-)
  12. In fairness, the babies are "cast" before they are born based on interviews with the mothers and their due dates, so production may have been surprised to have such a dark baby.
  13. Re: The Hot Potato Job. From the Leverage wikia: The reason they wanted that one potato is that potatoes grown from seed are unpredictable. From the North Dakota State University site: So all of one kind of potato, say Yukon gold, are descended from one potato plant. The potatoes are cut up for "seed" with each eye growing into a new plant producing the exact kind of potatoes. VerdAgra wanted control of her one potato to propagate it.
  14. "And and etch-a-sketch, somebody in there likes to squiggle."
  15. Yes, I love Leverage commentaries. If you watched Psych, check out their commentaries too. Much zanier, but so was the show. I love commentaries where you learn as well as being entertained (as Elliot would say: "You learn and you con.") and where it's obvious the folks talking love what they do and each other.
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