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S22.E11: Tim

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A four-time Canadian champion, 35-year-old Tim was well on his way to the big leagues in the lucrative world of mixed martial arts; Tim's family had a history of addiction and that cycle was an opponent he just couldn't pin to the mat.

Original air date 2021.05.17

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3 hours ago, Supagirl said:

Okay, I’m glad Tim was able to turn it around in the end. Still, though...what happened to the storage locker?

That whole locker thing made me wonder if Tim has a touch of OCD. It was just weird. 


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Tim and his sibling had a rough upbringing losing a sibling so young and in such a horrible manner, then dealing with their parents divorcing and having addiction issues. 

I felt so bad for the son. Poor kid’s mom isn’t around due to her addiction issues and he seems to already be having his own issues with the way he was hiding out in the bedroom. Hopefully he won’t grow up and have the same issues as his parents. 

I’m glad Tim got clean and according to the BSJ he’s remained sober since 2019. Good for him. But like @Supagirl I couldn’t hardly understand a word he (and some of his family members) were  saying throughout the episode. SMH

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I've never seen so many bald men in one episode; I had to rewind to figure out who Lee (the older brother) was. I was confused between the two brothers at the garbage dump, sorry, storage locker. That was one f'd up family. They had better get BB serious therapy or he will suffer the same fate as his parents. 

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I think doing a lot of cocaine can make one pretty OCD. I just can't believe the brother put up with that shit for 8 hours! When they finally showed the new storage locker, with like 7 things in it, I had to laugh.

This guy is really lucky. He got 3 chances with the intervention, and getting kicked out of rehab twice and taken back in. He need to NOT choose another addict as his next love interest. BB was a sweet kid and I hope Tim comes through for him long term. 

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I don’t know about anyone else.... but my DVR has picked up almost none of this seasons episodes because they aren’t numbered correctly.  This one is labeled as season 2 on the OnDrmand channel. 

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