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S01.E05: That Actually Hurt

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Feeling confident in his new abilities, mark risks a team-up with a local villain to take down a crime lord, while simultaneously juggling school and a new relationship.

Release Date: April 9, 2021

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Poor Mark, that beat down was brutal. He has a lot of power but still not a lot of training, so now we get stuff like this. I was sure someone was going to die, but it looks like the whole team got away, if badly hurt. I am still really liking the show, it tends to zip when I think its going to zag. The animation is great as always as well.

So I guess Titan is going to become this shows version of The Kingpin now? I am enjoying the shows shout oust to various superhero stories, and figuring out how its going to turn out. He has to at least be better than Machine Head, a guy so uncreative he called himself Machine Head because...he has a machine for a head. 

I am still thinking that Omni-Man is the scout for an alien invasion and that's why he killed the Guardians. His comments on how street level crime is "beneath" Mark and his comments about how his people have "helped" planets around the galaxy makes them sound like they have a real imperialist streak. 

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This lived up to its title; it was hard to watch.

I really felt for Amber and Mark--he's trying hard, but up against a lot.  The voice acting is incredible.

And I agree with tennisgurl; Omni-Man is giving off serious advance team/imperialist vibes.  It's also possible he's positioning himself to be the sole/primary savior of Earth, eliminating competition.  Like all good antagonists, he's occasionally got half a point:  Mark is going to have to make hard choices about who to save, which problems to solve, etc.  It was a nice detail that they're using his blood to find out if they have any biological weaknesses.  (I hope they go with something rare, but funny, so it wouldn't have been something Omni-Man regularly encounters.)

Isotope sure knew when to change sides (or he was always on his own side.)

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I was wondering when they were going to bring back the Titan character from the first episode and he certainly came back in a big way!  I'll admit that I didn't predict that he was working an angle and actually wanted to take over the organization himself.  Of course, this certainly isn't the first time Mahershala Ali ends up becoming a kingpin in a superhero show!

Yikes, poor Mark and the Guardians of the Globe got put through the wringer in this one.  And most of it came from that hammer swinging lion, who clearly is someone not to fuck with: especially since he's voiced by Worf himself, Michael Dorn!  But Mark is definitely down for the count, and it looks like both Black Samson and Monster Girl have been crippled (and possibly even worse?)  I wonder if this will lead to Eve agreeing to join the team again.

Omni-Man/Nolan's distain over Mark "reducing himself" to only saving people on the street was very telling.  I wonder how long he's been hiding his truth self or if he's always been like this, and others are finally just starting to see it.

Robot has now collected the Mauler Twins' DNA.  What is he up too?

Jeffery Donovan as Machine Head was an unexpected, but surprisingly solid choice for the role.

I wonder if Eve or someone is going to claim Mark was jumped or robbed, in order to save his relationship with Amber.  But I have to think he needs to tell her the truth soon, because all of the lies and tardiness to things is clearly hurting them as a couple.

The more Debbie digs, the more I worry for her. 

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17 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

Robot has now collected the Mauler Twins' DNA.  What is he up too?

I don't think Robot has collected the Mauler Twins' DNA. He has come to them with a DNA problem. We saw in a previous episode him looking at something/someone in a tube and store a sample in his body that he seemingly produced here. My guess would be that he wants 

14 hours ago, ProudMary said:

I haven't read the comics so this is pure speculation on my part, but I'm thinking that Titan may be Amber's father.

Interesting, but I hope you are wrong. 

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