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S01.E05: Covenant I

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4 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Silly me, thinking that police officer was actually just being nice to the Emorys.

Yes, basically everyone they interact with is either awful to their face or secretly awful, it feels like.

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It's a wonder that Lucky who is extremely unlucky is even keeping it together 5% of the time.    The traumatic experience she faced at the hands of those evil people is not something 'a move' would resolve.    Especially with them moving into the frying pan.   She definitely needed some intense therapy (something that wasn't readily available particularly to black folks or even discussed in the 50s).   Those scenes were extremely difficult to watch.

Her poor family who has their own traumas couldn't help her.    And it also stung to hear her daughters vow to never be anything like their mother not fully understanding all the trauma she went through in being tortured and helplessly watching them kill their brother.

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I am having trouble watching this and can only watch an episode or two at a time.  At least now I understand why they moved out of NC.  I’m wondering why there where several crosses in the area where the baby was buried?

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I'm struggling to get through this series, but this episode was the hardest so far.  I'm so confused by what happened to Chester/Lucky - were those people just a roving band of psychos?!  There is no after story about trying to find them??  Or in the alternative, given some other hallucinations and sightings in the series, were they even real?  Did Lucky possibly suffer from PPP or have a break and do that all herself, given that no one else was home at the time?  That scene was heartbreaking.

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It was definitely real. I'd point you to current events as evidence that only once in blue moon are murdering psychos—in positions of power, no less—held accountable for their crimes against Black people.

Among the episode lists, there's a brief background video with Little Marvin (the writer) that explains what drove him to write the story. I'd encourage everyone to watch it. 

Here it is on YouTube.

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