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S28.E18: Rosamund Pike, Gordon Ramsay, Judi Love, Hugh Bonneville, Gareth Thomas, Ella Henderson, Tom Grennan

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Among the guests joining Graham tonight: Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike, promoting comedy thriller I Care a Lot; top TV chef Gordon Ramsay, hosting new BBC quiz show Bank Balance; comedian and presenter Judi Love; Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville, playing Roald Dahl in To Olivia; and Welsh rugby great Gareth Thomas, talking about his honest and challenging new book Stronger. 

With music from Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan, who perform Let's Go Home Together. 


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Graham's suit was quite subdued for him.

I'm usually pretty good about accents, but Gareth Thomas at the beginning of the show was talking so quickly and/or excitedly that I could barely understand him, heh.

I've never liked Gordon Ramsay, and his appearance on the show didn't change my mind.

"I Care a Lot" is really good. The last third sags a bit, but it picks up at the end and is very satisfying.

Hugh Bonneville is so delightful. (His movie looks kind of terrible, and why didn't Keeley Hawes even attempt Patricia Neal's voice?)

Another good musical guest.

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Thomas is one of those people that I feel I should support on principle, but then his second career as a celebrity who does whatever incongruous thing some TV exec proposes from left field really gets on my nerves. It doesn't help that I find his speech about as comprehensible as Cousin Itt's.

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On 2/27/2021 at 7:23 PM, dubbel zout said:

why didn't Keeley Hawes even attempt Patricia Neal's voice?)

If they had shown that clip cold, and told me that KH was playing an American actress who won an Oscar, Patricia Neal would not have been in my top 20.

Rosamund Pike's husband and children sound insufferable.

Between Gareth and the character Colin from It's A Sin, I've had a double dose of Welsh accents this week!

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Sorry to say, but Judi Love's show looked really mean to me. Like, let's send these people on dates and make fun of them. British humor I get, but from the clip, I couldn't understand why anyone would ever go on the show. I understand she's a comedienne and personality, I'm just not very familiar with her work. Is she someone worth getting to know?


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24 minutes ago, dubbel zout said:

These people agree to go on the date and be filmed, so I can't really feel sorry for them.

Well, yeah, but after seeing just the clips, I don't know how she finds willing victims er, contestants. 

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