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S02.E03: Amputation Situation

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Despite having the longest big toes Dr. Brad has ever seen, Anna hopes for the feet she's always wanted. Russell visits Dr. Ebonie with feet that look like hooves; Patty lost most of her foot in an extreme amputation, and she needs Dr. Sarah's help.

Airs 2/8/21.

Footnotes episode on 2/17 can also be discussed here.

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Those super-long toes were crazy! That patient looked like she had thumbs for toes. The doctors all did such amazing jobs on everyone and the patients were all so happy. I was almost crying for the woman with the badly amputated foot. She was so thrilled with her new boots! What a sweetheart!

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16 hours ago, auntjess said:

I'm watching, though sometimes out of the corner of my eye.  Foot surgery is hard to watch, and Dr.Brad always seems to need the woman doctor to help him.

I’ve noticed that also. For some reason I’m thinking this was addressed early on but I don’t remember the particulars. 

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I thought they were in a practice together, but I just looked it up and they aren't.

The former dancer's drama was quite the put-on. Yes, her feet were destroyed from years of dancing en pointe, but she's not worn/danced in pointe shoes in a while by the looks of how long her toenails were. That dramatic enactment of her putting on her pointe shoes was too much. Also, she looked to be in her 40s, and she would've had to quit ballet (because of age and injuries) at least 10 years ago.

I did love seeing her surgery, though. I find it fascinating how the doctors are able to realign the bones and joints.

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