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S02.E02: The Reunion of Lost Souls

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I know Nancy is mad at Carson for keeping her parentage a secret but he gave up his entire house and moved out so she could stay there rent free. And now she's letting Bess and Nick move in! The least she could do is be polite to Carson since there's no way she could afford to pay rent anywhere in Horseshoe Bay on her waitress wages.

I don't know how I feel about Ace going to Carson to ask for his side of the story. Part of me appreciates that even though he is Nancy's friend, he still wants to understand what really happened (not just Nancy's version of it). But on the other hand, I can't imagine going to my friend's parent and asking them to tell me their side of the story because I would feel it isn't my place to get in the middle of whatever was going on with them.

On a shallow note, when Ace called Carson "Mr. D," I immediately thought of Diff'rent Strokes.

And I'm supposed to believe that the bartender knows how to calculate the inflation on a bar tab from 1975 off the top of his head? Okay then.

I was wondering why Mack the ghost only breaks glass. Is he a drama queen? Or too weak to break anything more?

Hahaha, I loved that when Bess was in charge of ordering supplies for the Claw, she got a sous vide machine and peppermint coffee. I don't know if that's a fair exchange for an entire house, but I guess it's a start.

I get that Nick's mother was worried about him, but he's not a child anymore. He doesn't have to come home just because she says so. I was glad when he finally stood up to her and said he wasn't going home.

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59 minutes ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I know Nancy is mad at Carson for keeping her parentage a secret but he gave up his entire house and moved out so she could stay there rent free. And now she's letting Bess and Nick move in! The least she could do is be polite to Carson since there's no way she could afford to pay rent anywhere in Horseshoe Bay on her waitress wages.

I can't blame Nancy for acting this way. I know it's been months since the reveal happened to us, but the show hasn't done a time jump so it's only been...what, two weeks? Three weeks? Maybe even less time that the truth came out. That's not a lot of time for Nancy to process the lies that her father told her and the secrets that he kept. Good on Carson for giving her that space, which is why I'm fine if Nancy takes a little bit longer to be pissy at her father.

It was nice to see Nick get a real plot this episode. Him interacting with Mac was really interesting and I love that this show tends to spread out the supernatural plots to all of the characters, not just Nancy. I loved his mother and how accepting she was of the supernatural, but not of everything else. I did love her scene with George when she went to go get Nick's mother to help out with the ghost situation (though they didn't end up doing anything). I really am fond of Nick/George so I'm glad they seem to be sticking it out. Nick/Nancy's talk at the end was also very well done. Their friendly banter is so nice to hear. Once they let go of the preconceived notion that the two HAD to be a couple right off the bat from last season, I feel like they finally have some nice chemistry going. 

Ace going to Carson for answers...wasn't it for me. Then again, not shipping him and Nancy at all and it feels like the show is going that way. I love Nancy and I really like Ace, but not a fan of the two of them together.

I guess Bess' family stuff has mostly been put on the backburner. I forgot what happened to her girlfriend and if they're still together or not. But I'm hoping for some good stuff with Bess outside of the Marvin plot.


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2 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I was wondering why Mack the ghost only breaks glass. Is he a drama queen? Or too weak to break anything more?


I don't mind Ace talking to Carson, he and Carson have had their moments on the show and went to bat for each other. Nancy never shares with the rest of the group. There is always more to the story and the Carsons have always been wonderful parents to Nancy and put her best interests first. Ace probably trusts logic over emotion and prefers to think for himself.

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"Stephen King was right, Maine is just full of ghosts."

"We also have lobster. And blueberries." 

That was a fun episode, it combined the mystery solving with the ghosts quite well, and I like the different haunts we saw. The 70s ghost stalking Nick who keeps blowing things up, his 70s ghost friends, all of whom are the previous victims of the curse, and the creepy record with the ghostly French voice. So have other people been cursed, or heard the recording? Are here more ghosts floating around who were killed by this angry ghost women? Was the "you'll die in seven days after hearing the song" plot point a reference to The Ring? Because that's what I'm taking it as. 

Ace was sure getting stuff done this week, figuring out the secret ghost song on the record, he's apparently been doing research to try and better prepare for solving these mysteries, and is even trying to help mend the riff between Nancy and Carson. I get that Nancy is upset at Carson, and she has every right to be, and I keep having to remind myself that its only been a few weeks in universe since she found out how much he has lied to her, but I do hope that they make up soon. I don't approve of him not telling Nancy the truth about her parentage, but he did really think he was protecting her, and its not like he probably ever guessed it would lead to Nancy being haunted by her bio mothers vengeful spirit. Ace going to talk to Carson about Nancy is probably questionable, its usually a bad idea to get involved in your friends family business, but I don't mind it all that much. Ace has been shown to be really freaked out at the prospect of them all being killed (understandably) so I can see why he would think that they should make up quickly before anything happens and they don't get the chance. Plus Ace and Carson know each other outside of Nancy and have a weird sort of friendship, so if anyone would talk to him about his fight with Nancy it would probably be him. Plus he has his own dad issues, so he might have been projecting a bit. 

I love that Nick's mom was totally cool with ghosts existing, its just the girlfriend she isn't thrilled with. I like Nick's mom, she was a bit overbearing, ordering Nick home despite the fact that he's a grown man, but she clearly loves Nick and even came around on George when she saw how much she cares about Nick, even with her prickly exterior. I knew that whoever was driving the car would be someone George would regret yelling at! I am also really glad that Nancy knows about George/Nick, and that she was totally cool with it. We really don't need romantic drama, I really liked all of the interactions between the two of them. In general I liked having a more Nick centric episode, he got a ghost, we met his mom, and we got more of his perspective on everything that has happened to him, and him making the choice to stay in Maine with everyone even when he has a reason to go back to where he grew up. 

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Also, correction to my initial point about it being a few weeks since the Nancy/Ryan revelation: it's actually only been a few DAYS. I don't think much time has passed since 1x16. These two episodes were supposed to happen at the end of season 1, so it makes sense that Nancy's hurt is still so fresh, even when we've had almost a full year with the knowledge.

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1. Hey, other people besides Carson like peppermint coffee, show! People like ME. I'm not saying I drink it on a regular basis, but I do get it around Xmas and occasionally at other times of the year.

And would it really hurt that restaurant to serve the occasional flavoured special coffee? I think not.

2. With Nancy and Carson - this episode made a point of saying that in the show it's only been four days since the whole ritual thing, which means that it's only been a few days since Nancy found out the truth about her parents. So I'm willing to buy that Nancy hasn't been able to bring herself to talk to him yet. 

What I did find odd was Carson deciding to buy a futon given that he only moved out a few days ago - from his own house - and there's presumably a fairly decent chance that he can move back in quickly, given that Nancy had Nick sleeping on the couch, not Carson's bedroom. But then again, it's been fairly clear that Carson isn't exactly rolling in money (I mean, Nancy's working as a waitress instead of just opening up a little detective agency or going to college) so even the gloomy non-luxury hotel Nick's mother was staying out would probably have been too much, and he's probably too old to want to use a sleeping bag on the floor for too long. But, uh, where is he showering and so on, or does that office have access to a full bathroom?

3.  I am really impressed that a song supposedly originally written in French just happened to rhyme perfectly when translated into English. That or Ace is also a poet and just naturally thought of the rhymes while translating. 

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Ace is right: sure the whole killer ghost thing kind of sucks at times, but you can't count out Maine just because of that!  Think of the lobsters!  And blueberries!!

It was nice seeing Nick take front and center this go around, and see more of his relationship with his mom.  I love that Millie barely even blinked over the whole ghost/supernatural aspects, and totally believed it after the story.  Instead her issues were mainly over Nick putting himself in danger like he did, and then a little bit over his relationship with George, who I do love, but, yeah, vicious can be an accurate description at times.  Still, I'm glad everything worked out for now, and an understanding of some kind has been formed between the three of them.  

Personally, I didn't mind Ace bonding with Carson and wanting to hear his side of the story, because those two have already been through a, well, interesting ordeal together (the whole "breaking Carson out of the jail" thing), and I can see that sticking with them.  And while he was understanding about it, Ace still didn't really pick a side, but simply reminded her that they might not have as much time as they would like to reconcile.  Which, I still can't fully blame Nancy's behavior since only a few days have passed within the show, but I do hope the two can get back to what they use to be someday.

I know Nick paid to have the bar reserved for the Drew Crew, but I have to imagine the bartender/owner is still going to be a little miffed over all of the broken glass.  Hope Nick doesn't blow through his money too quickly!

So, the Drew Crew has three days to figure all of this out.  Realistically, one would think that since they know the way they are suppose to die, they can't just lock themselves in a room of something and try to wait it out, but even then, that never seems to work!

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