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S04.E06: Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned

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I 100% did not believe Lilith really killed her son, so colour me surprised. Also, I kind of ship her with Caliban, now.

ETA: I forgot, but I found it unpleasant and strange that all of Sabrina's dads now hate her. What was that about?

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Lol. Every time I think Sabrina can't get any stupider.

Re the dead: keep them calm, don't upset them, don't tell them they're dead.

Immediately Sabrina- hey dad guess what 16 yrs has passed and your wife is dead! But look at how awesome I am!  ...Um you? I mean you're dead too but look at ME! ....Why are you so upset? You have an awesome daughter- ME!

That wasn't just the worst cover of Sweet Child of Mine I've ever heard, it was the worst cover of anything I've ever heard.

Ok the good- Marie and the chess thing was ok, liked it and sorry to see her go but I don't really understand what she said she was. 

Also the guy from BSG and Hilda and his mother, was good both funny and creepy and the stuff with Dorcas and the sisters was good. I felt sad for Prudence- just realized she had lost both her sisters. Got kind of teary at the end when Agatha came back.

Poor Lilith. I understand her killing the baby thinking it would be the perfect revenge. I can totally see her failing to see that a) Lucifer sees his child as an object and didn't really care and b) Lilith would care terribly once it was too late.

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