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S2.E05: Can't Let Go

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Mel was widowed. Of course she gets to keep the ring. If she were divorced or the wedding had been called off, that's a different story, depending on what state you live in. The sister-in-law is an awful person to demand its return. The ring is Mel's, fair and square (and legally).

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The SIL is a truly terrible person. Showing up to demand a piece of jewelry that belongs to another person is bad enough. A ring that's a symbol of a woman's marriage, even worse. That her husband is dead and this is one of the few meaningful mementos she has of him, worse still.

And then the SIL's coup de grace(lessness) is that she heard Mel's marriage had been rough anyway? Oh, these people were having a difficult time after suffering THE LOSS OF THEIR BABY DAUGHTER? That's what you want to bring up to pretend their marriage didn't really count and Mel  doesn't count and you should get jewelry that doesn't belong to you? Go to hades, SIL.

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On 12/6/2020 at 8:57 PM, AZChristian said:

If Mel's sister-in-law ever watched The People's Court, she would know that the ring belongs to Mel.  Period.

Oh, I don't think it's an issue of her not knowing. She knew, she just tried to manipulate Mel just as she tried to make Mel's husband give it back. The lowest blow was her saying she'd leave the ring to her future kids and Mel would have no one to give it to. Step off, hag. I truly don't know what her fiance saw in her, because she seemed awful throughout this visit. 

On the plus side, finally one episode in which I didn't chant this every time Hope was on screen. 

That was a nice change of pace. 

Oof, Jack seems to be heading somewhere dark. That was a really good scene at the end. 

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I can see both sides of the ring issue.  However the sister in law was totally wrong legally and also in how she handled it.  Here is what sounds right to me:  I know the engagement ring that originally belonged to my grandmother has great meaning for you.  It does to me also. If you are ever thinking of selling it or giving it to someone, I hope you will give me the First opportunity to buy it.  However, no pressure to do so now.   It’s definitely yours  by law and by Mark’s intention.  Instead she acts like a small child denied an ice cream cone. 
Connie’s niece is  a bad influence on Ricky. He needs Preacher and Jack to step up and mentor  him. Too bad Jack  is so messed up.

Connie said a couple episodes ago that her niece should have been left in jail rather than her parents coming to her rescue.  This episode she wants Mel to treat her as a child rather than an adult.  The last thing the niece needs is an unplanned pregnancy. 
it was a nice touch to have Connie so totally understanding of Paige. 
I feel sorry for Charmaine, in love with someone that dated you for two years but didn’t love her.  An ( hopefully) unplanned pregnancy, high risk and now twins.  But she is living out in La La land about Jack and it’s demeaning.  Guilting Jack into romantically being with her, breaking up Jack and Mel, ruining Mel’s reputation are not the answer.  Be happy that Jack wants to be involved financially and in co-parenting and that the village busybodies will be thrilled to help too.   Not every man who breaks up with a woman and then finds out she’s pregnant does the right thing.   He is. 


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