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  1. I'm not sure how this happened, but I missed this episode until this week! A little bright bit in a world of not bright right now. I loved this episode. I keep laughing at the exchange at the beginning "is she on drugs?" "No, Honey it's worse. She's a teenager." Noah sniffing the skunk. The meta beanie. Deliah and her former patient. Yes, Jill's grave. This episode just made me smile.
  2. Favorite quotes include Crowley's introduction. Dean asks what will happen to Crowley if he misses and Crowley says, "So, how about you don't miss? Morons!"
  3. This is old, but I'm jumping in anyway. The fairies in Elwood crack me up. From the aliens to leprechauns. I know that there is probably something wrong with me, but I don't care. I love the black and white monster episode. I love anything trickster. And of course Dean's Eye of the Tiger. Always, always, always Eye of the Tiger. And the title, "Chris Angel is a douchebag".
  4. I've been rewatching the whole series since I'm on a temporary layoff. Seasons 1-5 were so much better. That said, "Clap your hands if you believe" is on. The fairy episode NEVER ceases to make me laugh.
  5. You know you watch too much Supernatural when you want to track down Sam and Dean and yell, "MURDER HORNETS?!?!?! WHAT! DID! YOU! DO! NOW!?!?!?
  6. I have hated Dale since the beginning. So, I think you're giving him too much credit. He's mad at Memaw. Georgie screwed up. He might have been calmer, but his ego was bruised. I would love that. But I don't think it will happen.
  7. Thank you. Well, they would deserve nachos after ridding the world of Chuck's awful writing so never underestimate the importance of nachos. But in all truthfulness, I wish I was looking forward to the end because I thought it would be an awesome sendoff. Instead, I just feel like it's going to end, and I won't miss it because it has lowered my expectations so much that I no longer look forward to it.
  8. I don't see myself EVER watching the final 2 seasons again even if I do like the finale. They've just been too awful. My local CW is not airing on my cable provider right now, so I've lost track. When are the next new sucky episodes starting up again? Thanks in advance.
  9. That trophy was truly hideous and I'm glad it was blown to Smithereens. Death to creepy gold Barbie headed trophy!!! I also forgot to check her ears. Yeah Connie. And from now on, every time I go to ANY Mexican restaurant, I'm going to hear Georgie calling it a More Romantic Taco Bell. Because that is just great.
  10. Plus in the board room clue, the guys had horrible hair that looked like a mullet, a combover, and to me it looked like Apprentice- which Brett Michaels won. Miss Kitty is an alto. Buffy and Tara are sopranos, so I think SMG and Amber Benson are out. Hyland might be. But Mila Kunis might fit also. She was on 7th Heaven. And she said that she doesn't remember 2nd grade at all. So it was a ghost. I don't know. But I want to know. I don't think she's a singer full time. But she can sing. But I was convinced that the Taco was Tim Allen, so not sure. If they ever have Dolly in a tomato, I'll know that voice. Or Cher. I think I would know Cher.
  11. I did too. I did it after Mom said not to, because I would not like it. She was, of course, correct. My question though is, "How can you eat enough of that stuff to get a stomach ache because of it?" One small bite on my tongue. Spit it out. Then done with that forever! I did not know this was the season finale. I really hope it gets renewed. I've really come to enjoy this show. Delia trying to get out of the bean bag in that tight skirt was HILARIOUS! And then the girl talk about school and the dumb things that happened there. This is just so grown up. I really love it.
  12. I still think Taco is Tim Allen. When he said he met the (can't remember the word) woman in the Galaxy was a nod to Galaxy Quest. He was a top show in the late 80's, and all of the shows listed were 80s shows.
  13. I think it's because I feel like the school would have updated the cafeteria at least some between when Sheldon was 10 and the end of BBT. I know others disagree with me, but I'd still be fine with a full recon on that situation.
  14. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who said, "That is Dione Warwick,"
  15. Well, now I AM picturing Hunter Wars, only what I'm picturing is more in line with a really bad B-Movie type thing with 80's style sci-fi costumes and a deep voiced narrator saying, "AND NOW- The moment we've been waiting for HUNTER WARS" and really, it just gets worse from there. A competition. Losers are killed dead. Sam and Dean in Camo makeup.
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