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  1. Ken: Why Nicole, I just love your outfit. Nicole: Why thank you, I saw it on my sofa and just had to wear it. Nicole giving fashion advice: Darling, everyone will be wearing silver talons this year. And never underestimate the power of turning doorknobs into rings. When in doubt, wear pleather.
  2. Can we discuss Nicole's atrocious outfit in this thread? Because I need to make fun of her vinyl Judi Jetson outfit.
  3. Guesses: Sun Idina Menzell Giraffe no clue Popcorn: Jennifer Hudson Snow owls: Vince and Amy
  4. Is Remington Steele available to stream, or are you all watching on dvds?
  5. They paid him to say that. Are there any GOOD family/love story series to watch? Ok. I have another question for almost ALL show leaders. Why are you all incapable of writing interesting stories about couples? You seem to think couples in love are boring. Idiots. No one ever said Charles and Caroline Ingalls needed more break up/make up angst. Just get couples together and get on with their lives. This show could have been so great if the couples were rolled out slowly. But no. Instead we got this mess.
  6. I think maybe you read Grace Valley? There are three of those. There are 20 Virgin River Books. There are 14(?) Books in the Thunder Point Series. And 5 in Sullivan's Crossing. These are all Robyn Carr. Similar books ( as in characters continue throughout the series, but different characters are highlighted) Eternity Springs by Emily March, The Harmony Series by Jodi Thomas, and The Buchanan Saga by Susan Mallory.
  7. That's funny, because I've binged Cedar Cove and Chesapeake Shores and now I can see the actress as Muriel. I never saw a Rene Russo type. Just not man crazy.
  8. I saw an article this week that they've already renewed for season 3. But no idea when they'll air Season 2.
  9. I'm not sure how this happened, but I missed this episode until this week! A little bright bit in a world of not bright right now. I loved this episode. I keep laughing at the exchange at the beginning "is she on drugs?" "No, Honey it's worse. She's a teenager." Noah sniffing the skunk. The meta beanie. Deliah and her former patient. Yes, Jill's grave. This episode just made me smile.
  10. Favorite quotes include Crowley's introduction. Dean asks what will happen to Crowley if he misses and Crowley says, "So, how about you don't miss? Morons!"
  11. This is old, but I'm jumping in anyway. The fairies in Elwood crack me up. From the aliens to leprechauns. I know that there is probably something wrong with me, but I don't care. I love the black and white monster episode. I love anything trickster. And of course Dean's Eye of the Tiger. Always, always, always Eye of the Tiger. And the title, "Chris Angel is a douchebag".
  12. I've been rewatching the whole series since I'm on a temporary layoff. Seasons 1-5 were so much better. That said, "Clap your hands if you believe" is on. The fairy episode NEVER ceases to make me laugh.
  13. You know you watch too much Supernatural when you want to track down Sam and Dean and yell, "MURDER HORNETS?!?!?! WHAT! DID! YOU! DO! NOW!?!?!?
  14. I have hated Dale since the beginning. So, I think you're giving him too much credit. He's mad at Memaw. Georgie screwed up. He might have been calmer, but his ego was bruised. I would love that. But I don't think it will happen.
  15. Thank you. Well, they would deserve nachos after ridding the world of Chuck's awful writing so never underestimate the importance of nachos. But in all truthfulness, I wish I was looking forward to the end because I thought it would be an awesome sendoff. Instead, I just feel like it's going to end, and I won't miss it because it has lowered my expectations so much that I no longer look forward to it.
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