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  1. Well, that isn’t easy for a show that has a character who has been pregnant for 5 years, but I would say screen time with another character where things about Muriel having a life outside of baking things for Doc are revealed.
  2. Before I start this season, I need to know if they're finally letting Muriel have something that resembles a story. Please, spoil me like the only child I am.
  3. Episode 31- Yeah- Danny to the rescue and almost the end of the creepy porn storyline. Jade will take Danny to dinner and possibly eat some crow there. Speaking of creepy, Joe is basically stalking Kelly at this point. Ted and Laken were cute. Ted putting the celery on the table instead of flowers, "The night blooming celery, the exotic dessert flower." Ah-young love. I wish they had gotten back together. Mason and Veronica. Mason, "You'll be running until you catch me." I feel like he wouldn't run very fast. Then he says they're the poor side of the family. The Augusta and her strange outfit barges into his date. Augusta: Does she DO 90 words per minute? Mason: I wouldn't be so quick with the snipe, Augusta. After all, a secretary is a step above where you were when you married Lionel. Whoa! Then finally, this gem: Lionel: Where have you been? Augusta: Baying at the moon. I'm surprised I didn't see you there. I love these early episodes. The characters criss and cross with each other. They're allowed to have friendships outside the relationship TPTB were trying to force. It felt more like family then than when it becomes "Cruz is only allowed to interact with Eden. Ted is only allowed Haley."
  4. I'm not a fan of Cruz and Santana either. They didn't click. It feels very forced. I prefer her with Mason. Instead, we're about to be forced to witness her with CC- which is more wrong. Still love Danny. Jade's story is really gross though- especially since she's only 17. And then there's "My name is Rusti Nayl." Yeah Jade even at 14 I realized THAT was a porn name. Shudder Peaches and her bf for the save. Sophia wears La Vie perfume. I look forward to her real arrival. But first I'm going to have to suffer through Burke's CC and Santana. That's worse than Rusti Nayl. Lionel's jealous of Joe and Augusta. Uhm- Lionel, there's a word for that. Can we say "Hypocrite?" Ah well, he's still so much fun to watch. I wasn't fond of Joe's pushy behavior at La Mesa. Joe, she said no- keep your hands off. That 2 way mirror comes in very handy. But I'm surprised that they left it there. So creepy in real life, but so handy for plot progression. About 87- yes. I feel like the constant breaking up of couples drove the audience away. Let them be happy for at least a week. Not a Pamela fan. She didn't have to stay away from Mason. She chose the money. Once he was an adult, she still ignored him. I'll never forget the early episode where he's calling everywhere trying to find her. That's on her- not CC. I mean CC pulled that whole you can't see MY children thing with Sophia, and her reaction was, "uhm, yeah, they're mine too, and I'm going to see them. Deal."
  5. I think shoes in bed are mostly a TV thing because it helps protect the actor's feet on the soundstage. No one wants to step on nails. Lionel's love potion made me laugh. I loved that insane character. Then, Minx listening to the "love sounds" after Lionel convinces Augusta to enjoy the beneits of said potion. "Ah, yes, Lionel is back." She looked great in that nightgown. And in her pearls. Louise Sorel could wear a pillow case and look great. Kelly, you know what your heart is trying to tell you. Listen to it. Who DID knock Joe on the back of the head? Should we assume that was Marcello? Hmmm
  6. Actually, it gets addressed in about 120 episodes. When Augusta hires the men to take the Contessa Armonti to the barn, she tells him that he will do this for her and do a better job than the explosion at the Perkins House. So- Augusta did it. Judith is awesome, but she's so teeny that she doesn't pull off the Dominic as well. But she's still my favorite, so I don't care.
  7. I'm not going through fast either. Except that I'm into 85, and I tear through that: Who is Brick, Who killed Channing, Mason and Channing... it's so much better once Bateman shows up. Even better when Jed does, but Bateman is better than his predecessor. More and more Sophia, Lionel, CC and Augusta. Yeah. Then I think about the shock of February sweeps- which was the conclusion of the Carnation Killer- and realize that ain't got NOTHING on the next sweeps. "I KILLED MY...." (SPOILER) One thing though- I was 14 in 84, so that's probably why the teen scenes don't bother me. Nostalgia. I remember watching these episodes at my grandma's, watching the TV in my uncle's room. Good memories from a much different time. I love Danny. Hate what the show did to him. Jade was very green at this point- but we know the actress grew. Different show, but I love Jennifer Horton.
  8. It wasn't a specific incident that is making Noreen dump on Bill. She was excited about everything when the show started. But then, she watched Bill dump on Kyle because Ty's Baseball was more important. She got close to Kyle. Then, Bill ignored Noreen during the whole pregnancy- to the point of essentially saying I've been here and done it, so I'm not excited. Bill was rude to her brother. Bill never stopped trying to get Maddie back. So, when Bill promised Kyle that nothing could keep him away from Kyle's play, and then didn't show, Noreen just saw Bill for the worthless nothing he is. As for Isaac, he just sees Bill for the scumball he is.
  9. Mason turns into my second favorite, but you're right, at the beginning he's just a one-dimensional weasel. I also adore Breeze. Augusta is definitely the best at the beginning. Minx is also awesome. They both elevate the skills of the characters they are in scenes with. Santana's thinness at 8 months- the culprit is most likely that terrible Soap Opera Math Syndrome. It's similar to Rapid Aging Syndrome, but is more of a wibbly wobbly time distortion where a day can last 3 weeks or 3 weeks can last a minute. I'm with you John was the weak link in the cast. He could have been a great character, but between the writing and the acting, just no.
  10. I hate John Perkins. Lionel has the quote of the day. Augusta goes have such a wonderful relationship with her daughter. Eyeroll... Mr. Spielberg. Giggle Lionel and Augusta arethe best part of this episode. They carry a lot of the beginning episodes though. They are both so charismatic and play well off each other. Cruz and Santana don't feel natural together. I’m glad TPTB ditched that thought early because there's zero chemistry there. I prefer kind Laken too. TJ ruined everything. Turned Laken into the hose beast she was in 87. Sophia and Kelly- enough said about that. But that's a different and much worse year, so let's get back to the beginning.
  11. I agree, Cleo. I'm not sure why it hit me so hard. It was fun seeing his FB posts and reading his stories. He really seemed SO alive that it feels shocking.
  12. I loved Lionel's hat. Stiff CC in the background as the Lockridges are at it in his livingroom. Wait a minute, she cooked your pet pidgeon. "Yes, we're out of food at our house." CC "It is slightly barbaric." Understatement of the year. Jade and Danny trying to learn how to flirt. It amused me. Poor Danny. I do think he deserved better. Hothead Ted, Laken you're not going home. Gee- that's going to help the adults figure out that you're mature. Not a fan of a lot of 87, but I still think 88 was worse.
  13. Joe is going to hide in the trunk. Brilliant move. I've tried, but I don't like Joe. I enjoyed Laken letting Augusta have it. I'm kind of "Go Laken! GO! " Lionel's, "I love life" speech from this episode is so much more poignant today. Rest in Peace Mr. Coster. "Life is magic. It is. I love life. I have a passion for life. It's something I've always wanted to pass on to you." I'm crying. I'm glad she called him out on being gone so much. Mason: He can't be in love with her. She's a child. He's a child for that matter. I have sympathy for anyone who lives under the same roof as Augusta Lockridge. Laken, I also don't understand your parent's marriage. But both of Augusta and Lionel like the freedom of their marriage. They are very different people than I am. Joe was probably wearing eyeliner. It's normal on a set. High def makes it more visible too. Jade and Danny. Enough said
  14. Knee replacements are extraordinarily painful. I sleep a lot more than I thought I would. I'm not looking forward to going through it again. I'm getting whiney. So about episode 25: The pigeon is something I remembered from my childhood. I'm not sure why this stuck with me, but it did. Augusta was just so proud of herself. The thing is, for the life of me, I can't see Augusta killing and defeathering a bird of any sort. Cruz and Santana at the hospital was weird, and Rueben came off as a stuffed shirt. Rosa questioning Santana was dead on the money. Jade is very immature, it's true. But so are most 17 year olds. She hasn't even started her senior year yet. She's also a virgin who is playing like she isn't. Granny the lemonade lady was extremely disturbing and the whole thing is pretty gross. On to 26!
  15. Yeah, that part was pretty hard to live through.
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