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Vintage + Fantasy + Horror+ Gorgeous People= The Costumes of Lovecraft Country

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Starting a thread to discuss the costuming of the show. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue cocktail dress Ruby wore during her performance. 

I do not have Jurnee’s figure (I wish), the fit on the pants she wears is so nice. I liked the maroon and navy dress she wore in episode one. 

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I loved that dress Ruby wore as well.  My favorite look was Leti's outfit she wore at the diner.  The white halter top, the white cat eye glasses and the shorts with the buttons across the pelvis.  Such a cool, classic and classy look.  Very iconic for the times.

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The fashion of the era was just fab! I’m a child of the 80’s but I’ve always loved fashion, history and the history of fashion. People took such pride in their appearance back then and wore great flattering clothes; something that is really lacking today.

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17 minutes ago, LBS said:

Those pink cigarette pants.....  I want them!  I also loved the dress Ruby wore and the diner outfit.Jurnee Smollett Hbo GIF by aiptcomics

Leti has no money because she spent it all on clothes and bailing friends out of jail.....

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10 minutes ago, isalicat said:

Could you really saunter down the street in the 1950s with flesh showing at your midriff? I would assume women wore a tight fitting white blouse that tucked into the cigarette pants. 


In the summer time yes. The blouse was period appropriate. Now a bra strap showing would’ve been risqué. 

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