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S01E03: Alone

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Waking in an abbey, Nimue finds herself surrounded by strangers and forced to tend to Red Paladins. Arthur sets out on an adventure of his own.

Airdate: 07/17/2020

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Oh, hey, that was Polly Walker as Uther's mother.  I'm always happy when someone from Rome shows up on a show.

In unsurprising news, the woman Arthur left Nimue with ended up being Morgana, who serves as a temporary ally to help Nimue escape the evil priest guys.  Since the actress is listed as a regular, I guess she'll still be factoring in for future episodes.  If nothing else, I have to imagine that Creepy Monk Guy will have his suspicions over her involvement with Nimue.

Arthur learns the hard way that his charm and schemes can only get him so far.

I guess Merlin got taken to the underworld or something. 

Still struggling to care about this story or its characters.

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I couldn't get thru this third episode, and I've pretty much given up on the show. Like other posters I've seen, I can't bring myself to care about any of the characters. And I keep getting distracted by the absence of any historical accuracy (okay, I'm a bit nerdish that way.) This is supposed to be Britain in the Dark Ages, right? Uther's castle looks way too big and fortified for that period. 

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I still find this show pretty watchable, and at least Arthur is less boring than Nimue, even if I am still trying to piece together how this guy becomes King Arthur and his story isn't super interesting either. That being said, this episode was probably the dullest so far, and I still dont fully get how this world works. Why do they keep calling them fae villages when the one we saw seemed to be exclusively populated by normal people? We saw them tending to a hurt fae but they were from elsewhere, so who exactly are these people? Why do people hate them so much when they have all been living openly (if somewhat separated) from everyone else for centuries? How can they even tell who is who when everyone we have seen so far look like any other person and apparently have no magic powers except for Nimue and her mom? And these evil red cloak guys are already ungodly (pun intended) boring as main antagonists, they only have one mode so far, "we hate magic because we do and want to kill everyone even people that apparently have no magic because they live in the forest and have we mentioned that we are evil" and thats all we get. I just keep hoping they break into song and start singing about the Inquisition. 

We do meet Morgana, who seems decently interesting and, unlike almost every person we come across in this show, isn't a massive prick for no reason, so thats something. 

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