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  1. I though this was good, but I'm a sucker for alien invasion movies. This movie recycled a lot of used plots from other movies but it was still interesting and the Whitespikes were a formidable enough enemy that the movie held my attention. I like Chris Pratt and think its great that he has come so far. He was so great on Parks and Rec. He's not hard to look at and he's incredibly charismatic, it is too bad that he seems to be stuck in this niche acting wise. A few questions though - - Did they ever find out what happened that caused the jump to go wrong? That was the most hor
  2. THERE.IS.NEVER.ENOUGH.GLENN I just discovered this show and am hooked, I binged watched up to season 8 so far. I'm not sure if this will get me boo'd out of here but I find both Mary Fred and Rosie to be utterly boring. I would have preferred Wayne to have stuck it out with Tanis a bit more. It's too bad that Dierks turned out to be a lying liar who lies, I really wanted some happy times for Katy. I'm an American whose kids and husband all play hockey, so I absolutely love the Jonesy and Reilly hockey talk. Dylan Playfair is on the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+,
  3. The Ducks movies were a huge part of my growing up, my siblings and I loved them. They pretty much started my love of hockey and my still huge crush on Joshua Jackson (who has only gotten better as he's gotten older!). All three of my kids play hockey in So Cal, so any hockey movies are a great hit and unsurprisingly the Ducks movies are their favorites, they will literally watch them over and over. My daughter actually spent the last year playing for the Lady Ducks team in Anaheim which is the all girls branch of the Ducks youth hockey organization. We don't live very close to the Rink
  4. If they are attempting to make me feel any sympathy toward Zeke, it's not working....he's the worst. I can never figure out what is up with Eren....he switches sides so much and is so easily swayed. Poor Hange, must be awful to be in her shoes.
  5. Not trying to argue but Gaby is a bit of a crazy zealot who would probably willfully keep her head buried deep in the sand rather than evolve from her indoctrination. She seems to have incredibly violent tendencies, and zero hesitation to kill anyone. She's a danger to anyone who is different from her. I'm watching on Funimation, seems like its several episodes ahead of Toonami, can anyone update on what episode that is on so that I don't accidentally post spoilers.
  6. I'm very confused about the Foundling Titan, where and who it is, but I thought that Eren was only able to use the Foundling Titan's power because he touched the Titan that was his dad's first wife (can't remember her name), who was at that time the heir to the royal family. I guess this was all before Historia was recognized and then some received it? Or was it lost when Grisha's first wife was killed? I'm on episode 65 or Season 4 Episode 5 and I still have more questions than answers. One of the things I wonder is, if Ymir had the Jaw Titan then why did it look different than the
  7. 5 mins into episode 1 I had dubbed this show as Gossip Girl set in the 1800s. I find it fascinating that for the all musing on Shonda Rhimes (whose shows I try and avoid at all costs) television creating genius, this was such of regurgitation of things that have already been done in shows before. The from the concept of the secret all knowing gossip column to the historical period piece using modern music played instrumentally. I feel like there were some double standards in the way that the Daphne/Marina situations are being judged..... Don't trick your husband into ejaculating ins
  8. Ditto. Agree as well. I also think that Marina wants to have her cake and eat it too. She's in a desperate situation with very limited options but she still wants to be choosy and is willing to lie to an innocent person in order to maintain her happiness. She's no better than any of the other jerks on this show.
  9. Lol, most of those kids are have no particular talent for karate and are generally unathletic. Any deficiencies you find in their acting has nothing to do with being chosen for karate skills and everything to do w/ the fact this show started on YouTube w/ a more limited budget and was less likely to draw the caliber of talent that one would imagine it could do now. Maybe but the girl that plays Sam was on that David Spade show on Netflix and she mentioned that she has a black belt. She also said she slept thru her original audition time but she worked everything out thru her agent an
  10. Never in my life would I have believed it if someone told me that I would one day fall in love with Johnny Lawrence, but my goodness do I love him. William Zabka is an absolute genius! I wish I could remember all of him amazing lines. One of my favorite that popped into my mind just now was when he was googling "how to make legs work," and then the way he pronounced WebMD. I just want him to have nice things and stop getting hosed. They definitely toned down the smug attitude on Daniel this season and I enjoyed him so much more. I like Ralph Macchio but I find his acting to be a bit wood
  11. Just watched this with my family and we enjoyed it. It was a good movie and I'll definitely re-watch it a bunch of times like I do with all Pixar movies (because: kids), but it definitely is not going to make my list of the top Pixar movies. I think Tina Fey and Jaime Foxx had a great camaraderie going with their characters but 22 is what made the movie enjoyable for me more than Joe did. There was a lot of seriousness in this and some very deep topics tackled, the film really needed the humor that was included and 22 is brought that. The line from the trailer about her making Mother The
  12. Me too, but I don't think I've ever disliked it. I agree with all of the above and can't see Meredith as the injured party either. I think she was pretty awful from the get go as well. I will admit though, I'm the oldest sister in a family with 4 kids, I have 1 brother. My mother and I have always had a very rocky relationship to the point that we have spent years not speaking to each other at times. The biggest bane of my existence was always watching my mother fall over herself sucking up to any girl my brother brought home. He was her sweet baby boy and any girl he dat
  13. I read this often and while I can understand, I myself am not bothered by things coming back to the Skywalkers. It's nice to have new and fresh characters but I think the core of the Star Wars story is greatly to do with them. I recently watched the behind the scenes documentary series about The Mandalorian season 1 filming and Dave Filoni has a conversation with all the other directors about what he thinks Star Wars is really about. He explains that the underlying theme is family.....i.e. The Skywalkers. So it makes sense to me that even these spin offs will have a tie to them, they had a hug
  14. First off - thank you Dave Filoni. I don't much follow spoilers for this show I like to watch unspoiled and I figured that we wouldn't see Ahsoka until the end of the episode just as the credits came on. I'm so happy that we got an entire action packed episode with the character showing up right from the start. Wow! This will probably go down as my favorite episode this season, I'm not saying its the best episode of the season, just my personal favorite. I a HUGE Ashoka fan, even though I still haven't gotten thru all the Clone Wars episodes (I always get stuck around season 5 when DM co
  15. I've to say that I feel much better personally after reading these comment, I know you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, and I 100% agree she in no way deserved to be murdered, bur Shannan was so annoying. She's the kind of woman that I would avoid like the plague in real life. Even before the texts about the sex were shown there were some real red flags regarding their marriage. One that struck me really early on was when Chris was dressed up as Santa and she was clearly upset about him leaving the phone in the garage. She kept bringing it up and then told the camera her husband doesn't think.
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