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Season Two of Snowpiercer: What may come?

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11 hours ago, GreyBunny said:

Ned Stark is back from the dead and he is PISSED!

Well, he probably won’t be around that long.  Sean Bean is famous for his characters being killed.  It’s going to kill me to root against a Stark. 

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From the previews, it looks like Wilford is going to be taking over the train.  I'm wondering how many people he has on the supply train, it seems like his numbers would be dwarfed by the people on Snowpiercer. 

He could be taking over by blackmail - by having technical control of the train everyone will die unless he returns power.  This seems a little odd since Melanie designed the train, you'd think she could counteract this in some way.  Or else the people on Snowpiercer all support Wilford and turn against Layton.  Again a little strange considering all that's transpired, especially for the Tailies, but it's possible.

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For Season 2 I want to see more about life aboard the train.  I don't know if it was budget constraints or what, but seems we only saw at most a dozen cars.  I want to see the gym, the famed bowling alley, the library.  I want to see where people live besides the Folger's cabin and Melanie's compartment and Jinju's bed.  Where did the soldiers live?  I imagine it was in barracks style car with a common bathroom.  There are probably carloads of soldier accomodations, surely the Tailees can move there.

I'm most disappointed that LJ didn't die.  I truly despise this character, but I'm glad she has hit rock bottom.  Maybe she will be nicer now.

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I want to see them trying out some socialism.  LJ gets her cabin but with eight new roommates.  The first class passengers aren't being served anymore and now are expected to work like everyone else.

The first class passangers having to actually do some blue collar work.


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On 7/14/2020 at 10:22 AM, AnimeMania said:

I wonder who is in Mr. Wilford's cabin since there doesn't seem to be a super luxury suite shown yet. He has to have the best of everything.

I thought it's Melanie... that's why Ruth was so aghast when she was in there and saw that it was all Melanie's stuff.  Somehow it seemed Ruth seemed to know that was Mr. Wilford's cabin but it didn't even look nice.  No light, just a desk and two bunks.  Jinju's suite for an employee was much nicer.  And of course the Folger's cabin was sumptuous, with a second floor/loft bedroom.  It seemed like the Folgers had the whole car.

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5 hours ago, blackwing said:

Somehow it seemed Ruth seemed to know that was Mr. Wilford's cabin but it didn't even look nice.  No light, just a desk and two bunks.

Yeah, it doesn't quite fit the idea that Wilford wanted to use the train to live it up, does it?

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In anticipation of the season beginning tonight, I decided to do a rewatch and see if I was annoyed by little things now that I know the ending. I have not watched the movie nor read the source material.

When watching season one, I took one look at the cast, saw that it was picked up for a second season before the first aired, and expected brilliance. Also, I was taking everything that was said to mean something in the story. It didn't. If it was The Americans or Better Call Saul it would, but it didn't in Snowpiercer and my expectation set the show up for failure. Some things had a payoff, like we learned they needed all the cars because they didn't have any spare parts and the many mentions of losing time is what sold the part of the story about it taking seven years for Wilford to catch up, etc.

I still really dislike that they didn't work the Tailies into the society for seven years. I get that they need the "other" for the caste story of the society, but it's just hard to accept. There were people in the tail that could be beneficial to the train, like a detective, the person teaching Miles calculus, the piano tuner and last Australian, but I can get over that.

Not knowing how time was moving is a major pet peeve of mine, and I've bailed on many books because of it; I hate it that much. I couldn't even hate watch Season Five of Ray Donovan because of the flashbacks. Things like Zara knowing she was pregnant two days after having sex really irritated me, and later, we learned that it was weeks later after the Janitor mentioned that he hadn't seen Layton since the fight weeks/months ago. They told us that people come out of the drawers differently, but Layton, who was in there a lot less than the tailies who lead the uprising, took days or weeks to come out of it while the others took an hour and one was eating like he just had a nap. It also took him months to solve the murder case when it seemed like days. Or maybe it didn't and the train moved through some wormhole causing time to move differently for each person...nah, that's even dumber. The unsteady time lines is a personal problem I just need to get over while watching.


What I don't think I can get over, however, is how in the hell the little psychopath Lilah Junior is still alive?

Everyone hated the Folgers. When they sat down in the dining cars to eat, people shot them dirty looks and left. There was an agreement to help the Tailies and Thirdies in their revolution because some of First and Second didn't want the Folgers in charge of anything. Everyone recognized LJ as a murderer, her bodyguard was dead, and she was still heading down to Third class.

How did she not get accidentally hip bumped into the paper-roller and get scalped? I lost a fingernail in a roller washer when I was young and it would be a very easy accident to pull off. Or, when she headed down to the Night Car for entertainment, why was she not met by someone wishing to harm her and turn her into bone broth noodles? She greeted Layton with, "Who do I get to play with this time?"  A loved one of one of your victims, you little psycho!

They tried to say the Night Car was neutral when Melanie met with the manager after she sent the care package of roaches to the First Class Dining car. Melanie agreed to a jury with one person from each class, with the exception of the Tail because they are not people. So, I'm not buying that it is a neutral area.

Hopefully she'll get her comeuppance this season and it will be worth it. But I will never, ever, ever forgive them for having the woman from the Night Car singing when Daveed Diggs was in the cast.

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