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S02.E10: Dye Hard (Alt Escape from Wayne Tower)

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Alone on Christmas Eve, Harley reconnects with a now-sane Joker and heads to Wayne Tower, where their dinner is interrupted by an escaped Riddler and ParaDemons.

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Sy Hard. The DC answer to Avengers: Endgame

Back to square one. No more crew. Back with Joker. Justice League returns

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That was a good episode! I gotta say, I've said a few times this season that Harley has become (to me) the most annoying character on the show, but it is no coincidence that in this very Harley-centric episode the most intriguing stuff is Joker being back and their dark dynamic lingering under the surface once again. 

I'm sorry, but ever since her creation the thing that makes Harley Quinn interesting (in all the sad, dark, twisted and tragic ways) is her connection and relationship with the Joker. It just is. Without that she's just a hapless, ineffectual character that people can't figure out how to treat as a hero or villain (in comics or any other media- ever iteration I've seen of her confirms my opinion).

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21 hours ago, MarkHB said:

It was Christmas Eve?

The Tony Awards are not live on Christmas Eve...Actually, the broadcast was scheduled tonight but cancelled. So whoever wrote the synopsis must have made a mistake.

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