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S04.E18: Off the Rails

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OMG,. I can't believe no comments yet.  It's rather funny, because, I came over here to see what happened. I watched about the first 10 minutes and found it so annoying that I changed the channel.  They really need better writers and more technical support, imo.  I just can't overlook some of their horrendous leaps.  I like the premise, and it can be funny, but, then they get all tripped up on glaring legal issues and common sense stuff that ruins it, imo. 

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During the entire episode all I could think was "Why was that other train parked on an active track?  WHY IS NOBODY LOOKING INTO THAT?!??!!"  Because that is obviously where the error lies, not in an inattentive or emotionally conflicted train pilot. 

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I liked Bull's description of Benny when he walked in on him during the phone call.  Can't remember all of it, but it was serious snark.  The episode went downhill from there.

I went back during the testimony and rewatched the beginning.  The light was green.

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I kept waiting for the kid's picture of the mother to be the key piece of evidence that saved the day - I assumed the green light would be visible in the picture and that's how they would prove the signal malfunction.  I was shocked when it didn't happen.

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So Cable-replacement-woman worked all night and found the crucial information.  I can understand that.  But how did she get that file full of reports about other train lines with the same problem?  Did that represent her finding it all and just printing them all out?  It didn't look like that...it looked like they were all different kinds of papers, so how would she have gotten them?.

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