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S02.E01: New Gotham

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Mostly good rescue plan on Clayface's part. Okay, KS and DP disguised as one very tall small-headed hunchback in a large coat was pushing it, but maybe not so much for Gotham. I mean, there are some very strange looking characters there. I liked Sy at the piano, and I'm even willing to forgive CF for his ridiculously long character prep-time. But only because he made Poison Ivy say "Tweet Tweet." Very good fight scene. I was surprised to see Penguin die. But where is Kite Man?

Gordon is really growing on me, especially with his hatred of Robin. I've been under the impression that this version of him is childless, but if he does have a daughter, then now with Batman missing and Gotham in disarray is the time for her to manifest.


Incidentally, the thumbnail for next week looks this might be the case.

Did anyone catch a good look at how the villains divied up Gotham? The only districts I saw were Banetown, which is obvious, Riddler University which is equally obvious, and Iceberg, which I assumed was Penguin but could be Mr. Freeze.

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That's a good point. They've made it pretty clear that Joshua is not just a one-time thowaway character, so I believe that is where this is going. And if so, nicely set up. As you can probably guess from my avatar, I'm kind of a sucker for silly cartoons that still manage to incorporate linear plot elements.

ETA: Just watched it again. Got the areas down a little better mentally. Bane has a big tower, Joshua (probably) has the casino, Riddler has the campus, Freeze has a giant snowglobe, and 2Face has City Hall. I should have remembered that last one. Not only is it a good choice for the character (which is why it happened in the first version of this particular story arc, in No Man's Land,) but I also liked the scene where they took over the police station. I didn't realize "oh, this is gonna stick," because early in the episode everybody was laying claim to everything every five minutes. But I did like it. Gordon's charging at the opponent, guns blazing, only to just keep running past him and out the door was a nice trope subversion.

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I hope when Catwoman comes on, they don't make her as much of a villain as the rest of these guys. She leans far more towards the good side these days, an antihero at worst. And even before, she was only ever a thief, not a murderer or anything.

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6 hours ago, ruby24 said:

I hope when Catwoman comes on, they don't make her as much of a villain as the rest of these guys. 

Is she supposed to be a lot older than Harley & Ivy? Was she in Metropolis all this time? Is she coming back to take care of Bruce rather than fight a turf war?

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4 hours ago, paigow said:

Is she supposed to be a lot older than Harley & Ivy? Was she in Metropolis all this time? Is she coming back to take care of Bruce rather than fight a turf war?

That'd be kinda cool. Maybe it'll turn out that's her secret hidden agenda or something.

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I shouldn't have enjoyed the Bane chair gag as much as I did but I couldn't stop laughing. Also his voice being all garbled because of the mask and ice has me cracking up!

"Wonder Woman is very litigious."

Welcome back Harley Quinn and co.

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Just watched this episode right after finishing season 1, and this season is already shaping up to be just as great as the first, if not better.

Like Ivy, I was also expecting Harley to try taking over New Gotham right out of the gate, but it's also totally in character for her to love the chaos--and she's got THE BABIES! I don't know if it was intentional, but this episode made the point very well that, while anarchy might sound appealing in concept, in reality people will eventually either seek out leadership in chaotic times (just like Harley's crew needs her as a leader) or will attempt to take over themselves.

I'm so happy Bane survived the events of season 1, he's a delight. And Damian trying to be Batman is adorable. DID NOT expect Penguin to get killed off that quickly, holy crap. The Riddler better watch his back.

Can't wait to see Batgirl and Catwoman!

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If they're setting up the subplot of Bruce being missing, now in a coma, the same season they're bringing in Catwoman, it's hard to imagine them not interacting, right? Or her agenda having something to do with that, hopefully. I'm a big Bat/Cat fan, sorry. I know the show's about Harley but I honestly prefer seeing all the other Batman/DC characters pop up. That's what I look forward to most.

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