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We Bury the Ones We Love and Burn the Rest

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Who would you bury and who would you burn?



Andrea - I really liked her before they got to the farm.  Then she turned into a jackass for the rest of her run.  And she shot Daryl.  No one can earn the love back after shooting Daryl.


Sasha - I didn't mind her to much at the beginning.  It kind of bugged that she was on the council, but I could deal with her bossy ways since it seemed like foreplay with Bob. Then we had that horrible episode centered kind of around her and I wanted to punch her in the throat.  Burn baby burn.


Carl - I wouldn't even have to think about it.  I have wanted this kid to be walker kibble since the beginning.


Randall - Just because we wasted so much damn time chauffeuring his ass back and forth.


Merle - I might even light his redneck ass on fire while he was alive.


Rosita - Anyone who wears a tied up shirt, daisy dukes, and hoop earrings to the apocalypse deserves to burn.


Eugene - Because I think he's a liar.


Bob- I just don't care anything about this character.  Why is he on my TeeVee?


Bury : 


Rick - I know he makes mistakes and rips out people's jugular veins.  He's human, tries to do the right thing, and is pretty hot when he isn't to dirty.


Daryl - LOVE him.


Hershel - I hate that he's not on the show anymore.  He did an awesome job taking Dale's place as the elder with the sage advice, and I hope they can replace him with an equally compelling character because they need that.


Carol - I hate that she committed cold blooded murder and understand why Rick threw her out, but I still can't help but love her.


Maggie - Awesome character, strong female without being all whiny about it (looking at you Andrea), and just all around bad ass.


Glenn - Who couldn't help but love Glenn?


Michonne - Unfortunately she is close to going to the burn pile if she doesn't show a little more human.  Being perfect gets boring really fast.


Coin Toss:


Tyreese, Tara, Abraham - I really wouldn't care one way or the other.


Lori - I can't decide if I love or hate her, kind of like how she was with Shane.  I wonder if Shane would have planned to murder Rick if it wasn't for all her Go Don't Go crap.  She was sending him mixed signals big time on the farm that could be totally misinterpreted by a person on the edge.


Shane - I think he'd go on the burn pile, but there is that part of me that feels for him and the situation he was in.  It didn't help that Lori was mind fucking him on the farm, so I can't decide.

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Oh, interesting. I'll stick to characters who are already dead.




Andrea- By the time she died, I absolutely loathed her.

Ed- I'd just let Carol take a pickax to his skull for a while first.

Lori- While her death scene was very moving, it doesn't erase the irritation I had with her before.

Joe & the rest of the Claim Gang

Lilly- Keep a closer eye on your child, woman! Also, she did not deserve to get the kill shot on the Governor.

Randall- Didn't like him.

Lizzie- Creepy, creepy, Lizzie. I would normally never advocate violence against a child, but damn did that girl need to be taken out.

Allen- He gave off a major asshole vibe.




Jaqui- To this day, I wish she was still on the show. Sensible, caring, and knew how to use a weapon.

Jenner- I liked him.

Jim- I always thought the group should have waited with him until he died and stabbed him in the head to prevent re-animation before burying him. Not just left him alone.

T-Dog-  My beloved T-Dog, I miss him so.

Oscar- I can respect any man who appreciates the comfort of a good pair of slippers.

Axel- After he quit perving on Beth, I didn't have a problem with him.

Milton- Deserved better than what the Governor did to him.

Merle- At least he got to drink some bourbon, listen to some Motorhead, and pied-piper some walkers to the ambush before a psycho bit his fingers off.

Shane- He was in a tough position and Lori's mind-games exacerbated things to the point of no return.

Dale- Even though he got pretty damn self-righteous/preachy toward the end.

Hershel- His death is one of four on television to ever bring me to tears. The others being Henry Blake (M*A*S*H), Greg Pratt (ER) and Joyce Summers (Buffy).


The Governor doesn't get to be buried or burned. He gets to bleed out from his stab wound while walkers nibble on any bits he has that dangle.

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Were Tyreese and Rick actually digging graves for the dead Termites?  Doesn't that violate the rule?

I was thinking that they were each digging at opposite ends of Bob's grave, but yeah, it did look disproportional.

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What Rosiejuliemom said, but I'd put Shane and Dale in the burn pile.  By episode 5 of season 1 Shane was already aiming his gun at Rick and was stopped only by Dale's hairy eyeball.  Dale was preachy, nosy, and annoying.  Winnebago flambé for him.


New additions:  Bob for bury.  


The Termites should have been carved up and forced to eat their own flesh.

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Okay after new information from this season I'd like to transfer Bob from the Burn to the Bury list.  Tyreese still gets burned.


I think I'd bury Aiden just for the fact that he told the truth about what a coward he was at the end to Glenn.


I'm eh about Noah, didn't really think one way or the other about him, but since he seemed like a decent dude I think I'd bury him.

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stopped only by Dale's hairy eyeball.  Dale was preachy, nosy, and annoying. 

That made me laugh so hard. I wonder if Dale as played by another actor would've been less annoying to me. I have the same wonderings about Andrea, but, with the actors they had...burn. Andrea more than Dale. I'd toss some dirt on him, then burn.

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That made me laugh so hard. I wonder if Dale as played by another actor would've been less annoying to me. I have the same wonderings about Andrea, but, with the actors they had...burn. Andrea more than Dale. I'd toss some dirt on him, then burn.

Dude I usually don't blame actors for not liking characters but I have never ever liked one single character played by Andrea.  Ever.


Dale always reminded me of someone who should be an extra on a cheesy 70's show like "The Love Boat".  Yeah, he is pretty damn annoying.

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