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  1. mandolin

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    I am not really sure what the last scene was about. It was a lot of words and that was about it. Also, that mom that had just given birth was wearing blue jeans? That was maybe the craziest part!
  2. mandolin

    The Passage

    I have enjoyed a lot of things about this adaptation, but for those on the fence about reading the books, I highly recommend them. I have read the trilogy in whole twice and the first couple of books 3 times. Several people upthread said they did not like the second and third books, but I really enjoyed the entire series. I am enjoying the show for the most part, but this series of books is one of my favorites.
  3. mandolin

    S09.E07 Stradivarius

    This is two in a row I didn't hate. I'm shocked, I tell ya. I didn't care for Dog being trapped or the horses being left alone (really?), but I was glad to check in on so many people that I care about. Well, not Tara, I don't care about her. I am enjoying the new group for the most part, as well. Maybe with Rick gone, I don't mind seeing other people since I know I'm not "missing" him, if that makes sense.
  4. mandolin

    S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    I haven't read past this post yet, but I wanted to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. (especially about Lori - ha!). I actually felt emotion in this episode. I felt Rick's loss (and I'm glad we didn't have an episode just after the last one, time-wise). I will miss him - he was my favorite from the start - and his absence for me will be rough, but I still *felt* that he was there. I'm wishy-washy on his still being alive, because as far as we know, they won't ever know.
  5. mandolin

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    So is Andrew Lincoln, and his is miles above hers! I've lived in Georgia my whole life, and I can't understand some things she says either. And I think it's worse than when she came on the show. ETA: yes, AngelaHunter! Totally agree.
  6. mandolin

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    YES to Maggie’s weird mouth and horrible-beyond-belief-and-getting-worse-every-day accent.
  7. mandolin

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    As much as I hate the fact that Rick Grimes is gone from the show, I am glad he is still alive and they are doing a time jump. I honestly cannot sit through these people mourning him. While his ending is not what I wish for him, I’m glad he’s safe-ish. I appreciated the callbacks to earlier seasons, but it’s frustrating that the show has to show those time frames and those people to make me feel that way. Starting around season four, the feeling I got watching this show began to fade, but I was still along for the ride. I always blamed stupid decisions on the writers rather than on poor choices by the characters. I do not think I am in love with the idea of movies… I do not want to see Rick mourning his old life and all that he is missing, but I certainly do not want amnesia. I enjoy this universe, but I am afraid they are already stretching themselves way too thin. At least I have the early seasons on Blu-ray and Netflix. Michonne looks lovely in the previews! (As per usual)
  8. mandolin

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Of all the preview shots, this one got me. Rick has been the main reason I've watched this mess. Even when he acted crazily, I blamed the writers rather than it being a character fault! I know the show uses shots from earlier seasons to force us to feel melancholy, but the video preview for next week. The way they used season 1 footage and changed it up. Man. I miss those days. :(
  9. mandolin

    Spoilers and Speculation

    It's ridiculous for them to try to appease comic readers at this point. Rick, Maggie, and Carl are still around in the comics. I've always been in it for the characters, not for the situations themselves.
  10. mandolin

    Spoilers and Speculation

    He was, then made the bad batch that backfired on them all in the last episode (or whenever that was).
  11. mandolin

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Trailers. I always think they do a good job with them. They get me excited. Wistful even. But there’s so much filler in between what they show. Oh early seasons. How I miss thee. And the idea of Rick leaving hurts. Looks like he’s taking over Negan’s jail chats since Carl’s gone.
  12. There is still info coming out, some opinion pieces similar to some sentiment here, and other info about their relationship: https://nypost.com/2018/06/19/the-takedown-of-chris-hardwick-shows-metoo-has-gone-too-far/ http://www.tmz.com/2018/06/19/chris-hardwick-chloe-dykstra-breakup-cheating-text-messages/
  13. mandolin

    Spoilers and Speculation

    twd_behindthescenes on instagram has pictures of Rick sporting a close cropped haircut while filming 9x01. Time jump maybe? (Versus the stupid Carl dream future we already got.)
  14. mandolin

    The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    ComicHershel is dead, by the Gov: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Hershel_Greene_(Comic_Series)
  15. mandolin

    S08.E16: Wrath

    Yeah, if this is how you have to talk in an apocalypse, should we ever experience one, I'm littering the streets with papers and cardboard boxes (as you do), then I'm out.