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S02.E16: Change Of Plans

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41 minutes ago, smartymarty said:

The writers think Theo is just adorbs.

Right, even if he comes across sounds like a 4 year old. When he gets his nose bleeds by just lifting his eyebrows, its suppose to be: "poor Theo" instead of: "Get that kid to a doctor!"

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3 hours ago, smartymarty said:

(2) what if the baby inherits whatever anger gene?

This is just silly. Character is nurture, not nature. If the father has a mental illness, it is possible to pass it on genetically, but mental illness is not a character flaw and that's where nurture plays a part on it. 

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21 hours ago, smartymarty said:

Would you want to adopt a child that has an angry father? (1) He might try to take the baby, stalk Regina and Rome, and (2) what if the baby inherits whatever anger gene?

That he has anger issues and could be a danger to his child is one of the reasons Regina and Rome who have more resources and who he hasn't gaslight into thinking he's a good guy should absolutely adopt this child (and I still don't think this is going to happen) because they have way more resources than Eve to protect this child should anger boy come back and try to do anything.    

It isn't nature vs nurture.  It is nature and nurture.  But I'm not sure that there is an anger gene.   But even if the guy's anger is caused by some underlying mental illness which could be genetic Regina and Rome are educated people with healthy bank accounts (miraculously) who absolutely believe in therapy and that both medicine and talk therapy is important to creating a healthy environment for people who are struggling.  The kid would be lucky to have them, from that perspective.

But yeah, I don't think this guy's anger is genetic.  

20 hours ago, gonzosgirrl said:

Probably because Lindsay would have had to wait awkwardly on the couch while Katherine and Eddie cuddled with their ten year old kid for however long that goes on.

You know it bothers me less that Theo is way young for his age and is still getting mandatory nighttime cuddles from both parents than it does that Theo isn't old enough to go, "hey, I like these night time cuddles but I don't want anybody to think I'm a baby so for tonight...."    

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I really hate this story line for Regina and Rome.  I wish they had decided to adopt a toddler or older kid rather than a baby.  Not only did they ruin Regina's character by making her want to be a mother, they made her want a baby, and now she and Rome are stuck in someone else's storyline/life/problems rather than their own - running a restaurant and writing scripts. 

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