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22 hours ago, dleighg said:

Agreed. I liked parts of it, but as the season played out there seemed to be a lot of producer manipulation to manufacture the pre-ordained result. I especially disliked the designers being forced into teams (some of whom had worked together for a long time and had a synchronicity, and some who had never met and had clashing styles and work patterns).

I liked the hosts. With a lot of tweaks, a second season could have been a lot better, but it's nothing I'll miss.

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I enjoyed it, and I was hoping for a second season to fix some of the things that didn't work so well, like the team aspect. They should have either all been strangers or people who had worked together (or knew each other somehow) before.

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The biggest aspect of this show that I will miss is having all the fabric available in the workroom (high shelves and head injuries notwithstanding). I was never a fan of the mad dash around Mood, having such low budgets for fabric, and not being able to get more material later in the process if necessary. Having all the fabric right there in the workroom took away an unnecessarily dramatic portion of PR.

The other thing I liked about this show was seeing the judges talk to ALL of the contestants after the runway show so that the designers could get feedback regardless of whether they were in the top, the bottom, or the middle. As a viewer, I appreciated being able to hear their thoughts on all of the designs, not just the winners and losers.

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I mentioned this in the Underwear episode, but a few years ago Marco designed costumes for the San Francisco Ballet’s premiere of the Bjork Ballet. Due to the coronavirus, SFB has been posting one free performance per week and this week it’s the Bjork Ballet so you can see his costumes in action!


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I KNOW I watched the whole season, but I cannot dredge up a single memory. I even looked at the winner and it didn't ring any more bells. I think I keep mixing it up in my mind with the new Heidi/Tim thing on Amazon. How did this one work that was different than Project Runway or the Heidi/Tim thing?

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It's not uncommon to mix up different fashion-related shows, especially when there are several of them. "Next in Fashion" had a unique format compared to both "Project Runway" and the Heidi/Tim show on Amazon. It featured established designers and talented individuals competing together in a wide range of design challenges, focusing on high-end fashion and offering a glimpse into the fashion world's intricacies.

The addition of Gigi Hadid for season two is exciting news, and it will be interesting to see how the show evolves with her as part of the hosting team. Looking forward to the new season!

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