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S01.E08: Hell Is Real

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That was intense. I think this episode wouldn't have had as much impact had Kaya not laid such groundwork in earlier episodes of a sober, determined person. Her episode was much more jarring as a result.

I like Kat, but I've always found Kaya likable in whatever she does. It's clear Kat is going to pay the price for her episode. I wouldn't root for her as much if she got off scot-free.

I wish the show would have shown us more relationships between the secondary characters or even more of Kat and Carol. There are a few good scenes here and there, but overall I think the canvas is too cluttered and has too many storylines going on at once to really give all of them justice. And yet I like all of the secondary characters enough to not want them all to disappear.

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One of my nightmares is a party getting out of control like that, never mind with a bunch of thieves and grifters I don't even know. (This fear is due to either overexposure to The Sorcerer's Apprentice as a child, or reading that first chapter of Our Guys (about the Glen Ridge rape--the first chapter is about a meek, unpopular girl who issues an invitation to a party at her house when her parents are out of town--the jocks completely trash her house and she ends up leaving town).) I kept having to stop the stream and calm myself.

FUCK. Marcus. Man...

Willow Shields did some lovely acting in the scene with her dad.

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So I'm just not buying this love story between Kat & Justin. I guess more from Justin's side because Idk what was/is so special to him about Kat that was any different from all of his other one-night stand hook ups, because 1 year ago that's all Kat was. But even 1 year ago he seemed interested her past just sex. I guess I just don't understand what it is about her. Because to me she is pretty bland when on her medication and very erratic off of them. I can see the attraction to Justin on Kat's end, still not sure exactly what it was about Justin that she would choose him over Marcus. A big part of the problem is the writers are telling me more than showing me most of what it is going on in the story. The only story line that is executed well to me is Carol's. Everyone else's is too much exposition and not enough of showing me. 

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