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S01.E01: Now Entering Sun Valley

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I love it so far. Gorgeous scenery. I love all the running through the snow. Kaya's best roles are where she doesn't have to say much. She's turning in a very sober and lovely performance. It's so jarring from her IRL persona, which is generally upbeat and goofy. How old is Kat supposed to be, though?

Predictable stage momming storyline, but January Jones is compelling in the role so far.

Justin is falling flat for me right now. Boring, stock rich boy character paired with Kaya's  more compelling character and performance. I hope I'm wrong and both the character and actor become more interesting.


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I like the show, but having trouble seeing January Jones as old enough to be Kat’s mother. Agree with the comment about Justin. I hope his character gets fleshed out.

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I'm having trouble seeing January Jones as Kat's mother. January Jones looks like a younger sister to me. Just not believable at all to me.

January Jones is 43 years old and is 29.

I'm watching this show for Will Kemp and Johnny Weir.

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