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  1. The singers seem to have a big input in what the avatar looks like.
  2. Could she be his mom?
  3. My only issue is that most of the singers sound alike--the typical type voice that wins American Idol. I like unusual singers.
  4. I'm surprised that that Dr Lee doesn't put people with severe cases under general so she can get more cysts--especially with patients who are extra sensitive to pain like Monica. Dr Youn on Youtube (he loves Dr Lee, BTW) has said it would be easier to put some of these patients under general and take care of it all. He has great reaction videos to DPP and Botched.
  5. Photos on the set in Berlin https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9980657/Kaley-Cuoco-bundles-set-Flight-Attendant-split-ex-husband-Karl-Cook.html
  6. Kaley doesn't seem to have much luck with love or she picks the wrong guys. Hope she finds true love eventually.
  7. Leah Remini's production company should produce that. LOL I would love that. A great fictionalized version is the book "Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper." I highly recommend it. Maybe someone will make it into a movie. https://www.amazon.com/Movie-Star-Lizzie-Pepper-Novel-ebook/dp/B00OZ0TORQ The Meghan and Harry movie looks cringey.
  8. I'm shocked some TV show didn't swoop in and grab Bridget. She's extremely likable and would appeal to both men and women. It seemed like Holly got the #1 girlfriend spot by attrition and she bore the brunt of Hef's ... trying to think of the right word. Harem leader? She probably didn't realize what was all involved and got in over her head and had to fake it.
  9. Oh wow! Those are beautiful pictures of Bridget. I recognize one of those dresses from Stop Staring www.stopstaringclothing.com and I own a few of their pieces. A new behind the scenes at Playboy is airing early next year. Holly is interviewed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9910433/Holly-Madison-reveals-making-dangerous-choice-getting-Playboy-world-promo-series.html
  10. It bothered me that she got mad that he self isolated with his kids.
  11. Someone is getting killed off. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9857879/Its-going-BIG-death-Sex-City-insiders-claim-major-character-killed-off.html
  12. I watched the first ep and it was meh to me.
  13. It's easy for her to be living her best life somewhere like London but still emails and Zooms with the girls.
  14. I could go into a Forever 21 and put together WAY better outfits than these. They are trying to make her look like an idiot. If Carrie is supposed to be on a budget, go to Zara or H&M. Even Kate Middleton wears Zara and so do the queens of Spain and Netherlands.
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