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  1. My mother is schizo-affective bi-polar. Ugh. She is your mom so technically she has control (my dad was pretty passive), so you're dealing with someone with no reason. Sorry if that offends people, but you can lecture me when you've lived under it.
  2. I just started this. Interested to see how it works out.
  3. I wonder if the neighbor woman at the end is his mother. Do we know if she's still alive? It would be crazy if she relocated to LA remarried, and Love tracked her down and bought the house next door. That would be very Love Quinn-Goldberg.
  4. They made me like Forty!!! I hated him in the book. The actor makes him likable.
  5. Atlanta

    S02.E01: Cargo

    He has to be the dumbest CIA employee ever. I miss Abbie.
  6. This blind seems to be about Chrishell and Justin https://blindgossip.com/this-is-about-a-divorce/
  7. Only about halfway through this ep but distracted by the actor's slumped posture. I haven't noticed Charles having a slump. It makes him see already beaten down.
  8. Finally Anne! Yay! I want to see a wee Edward since I lurve his wife. Heh, HBC's Margaret saying "nightmare before Christmas."
  9. Add me to the folks who think Leopard is Seal. That voice is unique and he's British. Does he have a background in photography?
  10. Edith does not have fond memories of pregnancy. I do really like Bertie and the actors have chemistry. It's funny that Edith and Andy are dating in real life. LOL
  11. So I guess there will be a sequel https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7553393/Downton-Abbey-film-sequel-movie-takes-110million-box-office.html I would like the car biz to be a success. It's in its nascent stage right now, but it shows people like Robert that it's not just all about titles and inherited fortune. They can open an auto plant in the village of Downton and bring jobs there.
  12. When Tom and Talbot started their car company, I imagined the beginnings of Jaguar or Aston Martin and that it may be what keeps the roof on Downton repaired.
  13. Chrishell at the 2019 Emmys https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/g29155101/celebrity-couples-emmys-2019/?slide=8
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