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  1. I'd also love to learn more about staging. I have realtor friends and they say that really does help sell a house. Get rid of Davina and have a stager join the cast.
  2. Finally finished the season. Not sure why Christine had a veil. It seemed randomly tacked on the back of her hair. As I've mentioned, when she tried on dresses, she already had two rings on. Yes, I know these shows are staged and scripted to the hilt, but at least make an effort. LOL That makes me respect R all the more. And a solved blind item https://blindgossip.com/this-is-about-a-divorce/
  3. Ugh. Finished ep 7. Please, please tell me that Christine and Davina are playing up the cold mean girl personae for the camera a.k.a. drama plot points so the show will be renewed. The only true sympathy for Chrishell has been from Mary and Amanza who have been there. Of course, no one truly knows what goes on in a marriage except for the two people, but he moved on very fast. I adore Shonda and her fam. I know things get filmed out of sequence, but Christine has had a wedding ring on for all of the season... before her wedding.
  4. I finished four episodes. Christine and Davina are no longer fun in a villain/love-to-hate way. Does the season get better? The owner of the $75 mil house is a tool. That house is ugly. Whenever they say his name (Adnan), I can't help but think of Adnan Syed and the Serial podcast. Felt bad for the twins when the women were talking about pubic hair. Ew! No. Not at work. Not in mixed company. If a man were to talk about that, he'd be sued faster than you can say 'landing strip.' The boob talk at the birthday dinner didn't bother me since it was just the women.
  5. She is licensed there and works for the Douglas Elliman. https://www.elliman.com/florida/associate/510-a-529-fl-3382081/mayan-van-der-miller Not sure what is holding her to LA.
  6. I'm finally watching season three ep one and I now know what Christine reminds me of: a Bratz doll. I can't unsee it.
  7. Here's an article: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/tarek-el-moussa-heather-rae-young-engaged
  8. Chrishell can't get a break: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/selling-sunset-chrishell-stause-mother-cancer-death-tribute
  9. More Christine and Chrishell drama. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8520621/Selling-Sunsets-Chrishell-Stause-slaims-Christine-Quinn-claiming-went-therapy.html
  10. Heather comes across as a bit lost. The hockey player clearly wasn't into her, so maybe she's putting her hopes on Tarek? Apparently, Christine had corona at her wedding. Geez. I hope no one else got sick. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/selling-sunsets-christine-quinn-had-coronavirus-at-her-wedding/
  11. I think in Miami she is with the Douglas Elliman (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) Group which is a luxury real estate firm.
  12. Maya's got a baby girl! https://people.com/parents/selling-sunset-maya-vander-welcomes-daughter-elle-madison
  13. Heather was driving a Ferrari. I guess I'm clueless on how much realtors make, but she has a Ferrari? I'm surprised that Maya doesn't relocate full time to Miami. She can sell houses there. I like her and would hate to see her go, but it's got to be hard with a growing family being bi-coastal. I had no idea Mary had a grown son. Wow! I like her friendships with Chrishell and Amanza. Christine and Davina continue to be a drag. As others have said, saying "I'm just being honest" doesn't absolve you from being a d-bag. There's such a thing as tact.
  14. Danny Franks, I agree with your assessment of needing Min or not. Min is a very side character when you think about it and good point about Egwene having sight as part of her skills as a dream walker. It wouldn't work for Nynaeve to have it since she's too much mother hen.
  15. It also puzzles me that they have desks out in the open like that and take phone calls with clients out in the open. They are dealing with sensitive data and finance issues. Can't imagine being a billionaire or celebrity and have that out in the open.
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