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  1. Atlanta

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I'm about 75% of the way through. Not sure if I can finish it. She comes across as whiny and the "That's not who I am!! Wahhh!" gets old. She knew what she married into. Geez. Considering how much the real Meghan has spent on clothes, her social conscience persona seems fake. They made Lady Gabriella Windsor a jerk. I've never heard of her being a jerk.
  2. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    Christine has already moaned about how she was picked growing up because (forgive me if I'm not remembering correctly) she was blonde and tall. Blerg.
  3. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    I was wondering if the producers pulled Davina and Christine aside and said before taping, "Will you be willing to be the villains of the show?" It sounds like they really are that unpleasant. As far as Chrishell and poverty, from what I've read, she did grow up in dire circumstances. It's probably hard to get over especially when she's been an actress and now selling multi-million dollar homes.
  4. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    Maya had a little boy, Aiden! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv4j_IiHafF/
  5. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    I still have a few eps left, but it's crazy that these women would show up to meet a client as if they are going clubbing. Please tell me this is just for the show. Not all of their clientele are single dudes on the make (not counting creepy guy that Maya had to deal with). Can please someone tell them that you can be classy and sexy at the same time? Maya pulls it off and for the most part Chrishell does to. Christine is the worst offender. If she showed up to meet me at a house, I would turn and find another realtor. Since I'm jaded and don't believe anything on reality shows like this, is Maya really pregnant? I don't mean to be insensitive, but I don't put much past producers of these things. If she is pregnant, I wish her a healthy and smooth term!
  6. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    I like Maya and Chrishell (I remember her on "All My Children") the best and Heather & Mary seem sweet enough. I don't see how H and M handle those long distance relationships. I find myself wanting to fast forward during Mary and Frenchie's scenes. Sorry, forgot his name. Can't see them lasting. If I were to use this realty group, I'd ask for Maya or Chrishell. It seems weird that they don't have individual offices in the space. Sensitive info could be talked about and I can't imagine talking to a client with other people having phone or office convos in the background.
  7. Atlanta

    Selling Sunset

    I'm in the middle of ep 5. I don't really care for the twins. I'd never want to do business with Christine or Davina. Most of these houses are cold boxes. More like a doctor's office than home. I'd love to find the $40 mil house on Google maps though I think it's ugly. Why are these women (minus Chrishell) dressed like they're going clubbing when they're at the office? Mary's BF is drab.
  8. Atlanta

    Mötley Crüe: The Dirt (2019)

    At points, later in the movie, especially the Skylar/Vince scenes, he looks eerily like Kurt Cobain.
  9. Atlanta

    Mötley Crüe: The Dirt (2019)

    I'm in love with grumpy Mick. I wonder why they didn't mention his marriage to the backup singer or Nikki's to Brandi? There's a good interview with the real Sharise interviewing Leven Rambin and Nikki's ex wife Donna also interviews her. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/single-af/leven-rambin-V_UAbBL5vmk/ in another ep, they interview Athena Lee, Tommy's sister.
  10. Atlanta

    Leaving Neverland

    He is classically handsome. I hope Wade finds big success in the dance/choreography world again. Are the two men close? On one hand, they are one of the few people who understand what the other went through, but they may also not want to be triggered.
  11. Atlanta

    Leaving Neverland

    Agree with you about Woody and Polanski. Woody plays the same person (himself) in all of his films. Never understood why he was considered a film genius. I was into MJ's music back in elementary school during the Thriller says, but after that, I got more hair metal and didn't pay much attention to his life or music. I really hope Wade can continue to be successful in his career. I grew up taking dance and understand that love of the art. What is James' profession? I seem to remember him being an artist of some sort? I saw that he was in a band but don't remember hearing about that again, but I have an hour left of part two.
  12. Atlanta

    Wake Up, San Francisco! Full(er) House Media

    Makes me think of Patrick J Adams's character on Suits getting paid to take the LSAT.
  13. Atlanta

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    In the book, she does finish her degree. She heads through the stones when she's done with finals and Joe takes her to dinner to celebrate being done. Bummed they didn't show that. She was supposed to catch up with Roger early that summer, but he goes abroad for something work related and she has all her stuff sent to his place for safe keeping.
  14. Atlanta

    S01.E01: Pilot

    A friend recommended this show to me. Wowza! I'm glad they cast a girl next door type. On the surface, she seems wholesome, but she's got some cray underneath. Great anti-hero. Yes, he is a creep, but for some reason (yes, I'm a woman), Penn and his narration sell it. I dunno how else to explain it. A lesser actor wouldn't have made me semi like him. He's a cross between Ted Bundy, Jason Dean (Heathers), and from what I keep reading here, Dexter. His big bro relationship with Paco and compassion for his mom gives him layers. Who names their daughter Guinevere or Peach? I've binged the series on Netflix so eps may blur together, but is that Peach's family's place in NYC or just hers? I didn't know this was based on a book. Will have to head to the library.
  15. Atlanta

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I feel like Lord John gets too much time in later books, taking the focus off C and J or B and R, but David Berry is pretty. I understand why Bree did what she did. How can she gracefully turn down Pip's proposal? She, with her inner Machiavellian MacKenzie, turned to an old friend of her dad's. Can't remember when she finds out about Willie. They do meet later and Will thinks she's hot.