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  1. I'm looking forward to Anthony's season. That book has not just the serious stuff, but a TON of laugh out loud moments.
  2. Not a comedy and as Chaifan said, not even really dark comedy. Congrats to her anyway.
  3. Barnes and Noble have the books (used B&N when I bought the last two Wheel of Time books--they're so long I'd rather read them non ebook--Amazon didn't have them). https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/duke-and-i-julia-quinn/1100248304?ean=9780063078901 Books A Million has The Duke and I cheaper but they seem to be sold out of the other books or limited quantity. https://www.booksamillion.com/p/Bridgerton-tv-Tie/Julia-Quinn/9780063078697?id=8111942597094
  4. When we had our kitchen remodeled, we had the old cabinets installed in our garage for storage. Yes, these houses seem tiny, but in LA they aren't cheap. I have a friend who a long time ago worked as a celeb personal assistant. She enjoyed her job and only left due to health reasons. If you're interested what it's like to work for celebs/LA rich, this book is great: https://www.amazon.com/Youll-Never-Nanny-This-Again-ebook/dp/B000FCKLX4/ After reading it, I wanted to work for Rhea and Danny. LOL But avoid the Ovitz family at all costs. Got sick of Zooey and Jonathan and the PDA. Seemed awkward.
  5. Yes, being treated by a world class dermatologist.
  6. Yes! https://juliaquinn.com/books/miss-butterworth-and-the-mad-baron/
  7. I'm confused by people who complain about the cost of seeing a nearby dermatologist, but are willing to buy a plane ticket to LA and hotel room. I hope Monica who had the birthmark finishes treatment. Still watching the ep. I had some skin issues on my arm and was thankfully able to take care of it with a televisit. Just needed some prescription cream.
  8. I haven't reread Gregory's book yet and that tree of his. LOL 🤣 His poor wife.
  9. The Mallet of Death is black and Anthony gets stuck with the pink one. 😁
  10. I'm surprised at how much the queen is interested in society gossip and meddling in it. Would that be normal for a queen?
  11. Reading book 5 now. Marina was a Bridgerton cousin and not a Featherington one like in the show.
  12. It may have been book three. I noticed it because I never took note of it before.
  13. I hate that they made LW so vicious. She wasn't so bloodthirsty in the book. The only people she really dug her claws in were folks like Cressida and other bullies.
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