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S01.E01: Pilot (E01)/The Birds (E02)

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I just started watching this show on a lark. It's got it's shortcomings for sure, but I'm actually interested in why Lori took Carter in the first place, so I'll stick around for a few more to see if that gets resolved.


I didn't have an issue with Carter's rebellion and totally understood why she was being such a little shit, but I was surprised Carter didn't seem interested in learning about these people. I get why she's loyal to Lori, but if I was her, I'd still be curious about these people I was taken from. I also found it weird how Elizabeth was willing to let Carter out of the house at all--even if she did have a LoJack on the car and someone following her. If my child had been taken and returned to me 13 years later, I'm pretty sure I'd have a harder time letting her out of my sight again. Dad is really shady. Didn't trust him from the first moment I saw him. He was way to calm and detached when they first saw her in the police station and on the ride home. The brother and sister seemed way too "easy" about all of this. I liked them both, but found it weird how they were just so accepting of everything.


Anyway, I'm thinking the show might be a bit more teen soap opera than I can usually stomach, but I'll stick it out for a couple more episodes to see what develops.

ETA: Forgot to mention I found it odd that Carter had never been picked up by the cops previously. It looks like she knows her way around lock picks and other "things", it seems surprising she hasn't been in any trouble before.

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