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  1. Aliasscape

    S03.E22: Infantino Street

    I kept waiting for Barry to ask one of the others to not tell him when or where but to kill him so that he wouldn't be around in the future to kill Iris. Maybe I missed why that wouldn't work. Also I 100% agree that why in the world was Barry telling them not to tell him stuff but then being the key member to the plan with the speed bakooka.
  2. You know when I found out next season wouldn't have my favorite cast member even though it was renewed I was disappointed by the renewal. I was like what kind of stupid revamp have they thought up, how annoying is it going to be? But you know, I gave up seasons ago on this show really meeting all my expectations, actually having a morality I agreed with, actually knowing how to plot and pace a story. Once I realized I had to let all of that go and give up on it ever truly improving its story telling abilities, watching the seasons became a bit easier. I definitely no longer was as invested or analyzed every little thing because I simply understood the story they were telling and gave up on them telling the one I knew would have been better. Watching this finale, I actually enjoyed it. Because for a brief moment, I actually had some of what I wanted from this show 4 seasons ago. I really had wanted season 2 to have a limited number of believers as they surreptitiously fought the evil queen with no obvious magic in an otherwise seemingly normal town. While giving up on that, THIS town, with many of these types of issues would have been way better to me as the arc for the end half of this season. Maybe not the Emma not believing part, but Black Fairy in charge with everyone else seeming to live in a normal town. I definitely would have preferred Snow and Charming running around the Enchanted Forest trying to get back to Emma rather than the only one can be awake at a time plotline. I would have liked them finding ways to see each other and communicate between realms. (And yes, even I thought Hook's bean would send him into unbelieving Storybrooke. Maybe Eddy and Adam realized that's what everyone would expect and thought changing it would be cool and non predictable. They like to think surprises are more important than logic) I had realized in the end what the new setup was going to be and I don't feel completely against it. I didn't find myself completely dreading the next season. All the characters I knew and loved won't be around to be used in ways I don't like. There will be entirely too much Regina as always I"m sure though. If they can manage to hold off on too much obvious magic for a little while in season 7, I may manage to sit through some of it. They basically made me want to give them a small chance (with realistic expectations considering who is behind it all of course.) This was likely all made a little easier by the fact that I never really shipped anyone, I always cared more for Emma and her family's relationships (even though they never got enough attention.)
  3. Aliasscape

    S06.E20: The Song in Your Heart

    I've always loved musicals, of course technically this was the episode with music because they were all aware they were singing, which breaks musical rules but ahem. Yeah, the cast did their own singing and it was so cute. I was surprised how much I loved Rebecca's voice. This ep was a strong reminder that Jennifer deepens her voice to be Emma and she didn't do that to be Emma's singing voice so my sister was instantly surprised how high her voice was. And I couldn't help but just watch Ginny and Josh singing to each other and think what a wonderful experience for them as married actors, 6 years into their relationship, a marriage and two kids later. I want the behind the scenes of their rehearsal Paul Becker seems to claim we're gonna get on his youtube. He already put up behind the scenes of Colin's performance so can't wait for the next one. It did have this end of the series thing going on but without a renewal announcement and upfronts at least a week away I'm already a little annoyed that the next episode might leave things too open ended if they think they're getting another season and then they don't. All the babies at the wedding. Least they remembered the Snowflake for once.
  4. Aliasscape

    S03.E18: Spiders in a Jar

    Did the entire cast want out of this show and they got rid of as many as they could? Goodness...
  5. Aliasscape

    Limitless in the Media

    This was basically the only show I really wanted renewed this season. Hmph.
  6. Aliasscape

    S05.E04: 6,741

    I kept thinking that this will be important for the future. Like if Shaw shows up and immediately starts trying to kill them all you know it took them nearly 7,000 tries to get her to that point, but I won't find it completely unbelievable the way I might've had I not seen this episode.
  7. Aliasscape

    S05.E19: Sisters

    So Emma has magical powers to save her father but not to save a BABY?
  8. Aliasscape

    S01.E08: Sweet Jane

    As horrible monsters as people who hold children for decades or more are, they will keep people they took as children/teens into their 20s and 30s. Are there any known cases where a single kidnapper held someone 10 years then just up and killed them because they were too old? I'm sure that'd be much harder to document of course because you find a dead body of someone gone for years you don't really know for sure what happened to them, if you can even identify them. I imagine in general it is because Stockholm Syndrome is a survival technique. The victim becomes all about their captor needs and thereby their captor forms an actual mental/emotional attachment to them, stops seeing them as a major threat, and stops seeing them as completely disposable. They can't 'let them go' as the person of course could cause them legal trouble then but they're also attached enough not to kill them so it just goes on. After 10 years, I would believe he could take Ben or Adam public places separately by that point without them attempting escape or asking for help as long as he was nearby. The BBC show Thirteen was a lot more realistic on that front.
  9. Aliasscape

    S05.E18: Ruby Slippers

    Haha, no it's not odd in the slightest. Let's not forget Merida KIDNAPPED Belle during the first half of the season and no one ever noticed or wondered where she went. Belle is never treated like a real live person by Regina, Hook or the Charming family. Not that I blame them since she never behaves in a way a real person should.
  10. Aliasscape

    S05.E17: Her Handsome Hero

    Ha I think it was season 2 or so I decided that I was not going to be invested in Belle. I decided that Belle only made sense if you imagined that she's actually a product of Rumpel's imagination. That she's simply a part of his inner self. Almost no one else besides Rump ever interacts with her anyway. Now that she's slightly more autonomous it still works best to imagine that the real Belle was wiped completely and all that remains of her personality inside the former Belle body is something that Rumpel came up with in his own head. A person with just enough personality to challenge him now and then but not enough to in any way care if he ever actually does anything good or not. Seriously, it works much better. Belle is just facets of Rumpel in another body. So I remain uninvested in her in any way. I kinda forgot this ep was even about Belle because seriously EVERY SINGLE SECOND that mattered to me was Snow and Emma. Mother and daughter caring about each other, spending time with each other, interacting with each other. Snow actually doing more things and being involved in a major plot point. Them remembering Snow and Red were friends. Emma realizing she can have a mother AND a boyfriend at the same time. Imagine that. I was loving all of that. Belle who?
  11. What is Josh tweeting about?
  12. Aliasscape

    Zootopia (2016)

    It's 100 times funnier for adults than kids, and not because of any mature humor just because it references so much stuff kids have never seen or experienced. Ha, the kids seemed fidgety. Meanwhile the DMV scene had a guy in his 30s in the near front row of our theatre laughing harder than ANYONE else in the whole thing. He was LOVING it. Absolutely was a wonderful movie.
  13. Aliasscape

    S01.E04: Blind Spot

    Okay FINALLY this show hooked me. That was sudden and memorable and important. And maybe people knew about her from spoilers (I don't read those) but I thought it it interesting to see the faces of the Green Zone and spot Ally Walker. I'm glad to see she's still on TV. I guess maybe her character will be Phyllis's replacement now since she's also a green zone person. That tutor girl gets on my last nerve, always. The post it said something like 35 min, maybe how long to cook it? I also don't think the tapes were really destroyed. I'm glad the show did actually follow up on a moment like Katie taking her mask off that seemed like it'd definitely come back to haunt her. It's not like Phyllis took that photo personally though so who else might've seen it?
  14. Aliasscape

    S01.E01: Pilot Part 1

    I watch Arrow and Flash but found this really boring. I hate Hawkman, he can't act at all. The Star Wars and Star Trek references were fun but that was about it. Rip did a good job and I liked him but didn't really like anyone else. But when Rip said they can't just go kill Savage because he's hidden himself through time uh what about during the Arrow/Flash crossover fight? They can't go kill him then?
  15. Did they forget they already had one or is he just not available?