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S02.E04: Restore Hope

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Poor Chris, I am sad that he didnt get away from the vampires. Looks like they're nest/clan is growing steadily, and doing some heavy murder recruitment!

Joy staying with Nadia and her brother is a good way to tie the stories together some more, I wonder if they will end up keeping Joy, or something else will happen to her, and that will be the thing that really pushes Annie over the edge. At this point, Annie is certainly dangerous, delusional, and has a lot of (probably literal and figurative) skeletons in her closet, but she isnt the murderous demented serial killer we meet in Misery quite yet. Losing Joy, either to some tragic event or just Joy leaving her for a more stable life with more people in it, is probably what pushes her over the edge. 

Yeah, Pops being the one who killed the mom isnt exactly the most shocking reveal in the history of shocking reveals.  

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On 11/6/2019 at 11:09 AM, tennisgurl said:

Yeah, Pops being the one who killed the mom isnt exactly the most shocking reveal in the history of shocking reveals. 

I found this episode painfully slow - I was intrigued by the first three eps, but I fear the same thing that happened in Season 1 is happening again - my interest is starting to falter and my attention is wandering. They've spent soooo much time building up to a reveal that seemed totally obvious from the very start of the series.

What's keeping me watching is I'm rooting for Joy to escape and live a happier life. Clearly her absence is what will send Annie off the deep end - she's already started eating uncontrollably.

I guess the rest of the series is  going to be about the vampire clan vs. the normies. Poor Chris, what a way to go - shanked in the neck by a holy sceptre wielding Ken Cosgrove.

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