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S02.E04: Welcome to Co-Habitation

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When Dave accidentally knocks out the Butlers' power during a heat wave, Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons' home, where Calvin makes a surprising discovery about Dave. Also, Malcolm has some fun at Marty's expense when he crashes at his little brother's refurbished apartment.

Airdate: 10.14.2019

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I'm with Marty.  Don't rearrange my stuff, man.  I love that he got Malcolm back, and had all his co-workers in on it.  Too bad Malcolm can't take it.

Dave shouldn't leave his journal lying around like that, and Calvin should have put it back down immediately when he realized what it was.

Calvin with the facial mask in the tag was hilarious.

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I think this was the funniest episode of the show, at least this season. I have been a little indifferent so far, but to be honest, I'm not always paying that much attention. I don't watch this show like I do sitcoms that I really enjoy, so maybe that isn't fair. But I laughed several times during this one, which doesn't happen often. Maybe they should have Calvin & Tina ( almost called her Trish ! See, attention.) move in Dave's house for a little longer, it might be fun.

Yeah, I never move people's stuff around in their house, even those who I know wouldn't care-- I just think that is a common courtesy and an easy thing to abide by. I hate when I misplace my own stuff myself, to have someone else move it would just be worse, I think. 

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I really liked this episode. 

I loved how Marty got his brother back at work and got the whole office in on it. And how Malcolm gave him a 5 second head start, heh. 

I liked Calvin and his wife (Trish? Tina? I'm still learning names) having to stay over at Dave's house. Calvin reading the journal was all kinds of wrong but also really amusing. The handshake cracked me up. I'm glad the guys were able to make up thanks to their wives at the end. 

Gemma and later Calvin in those moisturizing masks were everything. Those masks are just terrifying looking. 

I look forward to next week. 

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Sheet masks are so fun to do! I do think melanin helps my skin look young, but I also have a skin care regimen. It changes as the seasons do.

I would be livid if someone read my journal, and TBH I don't think I'd apologize for what they read in it.

Calvin saying Dave had flamingo knees and Dave looking at his knees and realizing it was true cracked me up.

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Not the strongest episode this season so far but still funny!!

I love Calvin, but he was so wrong for reading Dave's journal! Of course you're going to read something negative about yourself! Everyone has uncharitable thoughts about people in their lives, no matter how much they care about them! But it's typical sitcom plotline lol. 

Love Tina and Gemma forcing them to make up and Calvin rightfully knowing Tina can take him lol. 

I love Marty and Malcolm but they're both in the wrong. Both are pretty disparaging of each other. Though Malcolm, don't touch people's stuff! 😏

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Hilarious, best episode of the season so far. So many good scenes: Tina talking to the white people camera: "Damn Dave, that's cold." 😄 Marty reacting to Spock and Optimus Prime holding hands and Malcolm saying "Don't judge, love is love", lol! Grover loving the chocolate chip pancakes and saying "I totally agree" that Dave knocking out the Butlers' power was a good thing. And of course the sheet mask was used to great effect, especially when Calvin was trying to eat popcorn while wearing it. 

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