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S01.E03: Watch Man

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Following a run-in at school, Nicole has a difficult but necessary conversation with her son. A mysterious figure from Mark's past resurfaces.

Release date:  October 4, 2019

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I hope that people will eventually get into this show because it's really great, it started out strong and hasn't let up.

I will say though that I'm disappointed that the show keeps insisting that Nicole can't mentor Dion because that was the entire premise of the original comics based trailer:

In the trailer, Pat is Nicole's sidekick, helping her to teach Dion to control his powers - not usurping her role but supplementing it. I don't know why the show shifted from this...

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15 hours ago, JanetSnakehole said:

I don't understand why they recast everyone. It looked more genuine before, although the actor playing Dion doesn't look THAT much different, they went a whole different direction for the mom. Too bad. 

They were just actors for the comic book trailer. Of course, that doesn't mean anyone offered them the job and they said no. 

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I can't imagine the fear Nicole must go through - risking her kid being out in the open.  And then that whole thing with that clearly racist principal - you're gonna punish Dion but not the kid who STOLE THE WATCH?

Whew - this was triggering me.

SO glad Charlotte has powers - she can help.  Whoops - she's running.  So - does the storm absorb all the people with powers?  Was it in the northern lights event in iceland?  So - it gave people powers and then ... hunted them all down to absorb them?

The "talk" hurt.  That poor kid.  I hate that we have to give this talk to our kids about why they are treated differently by adults.  That actor playing Dion was BRILLIANT in this scene and it's also the first time I felt like the Nicole actress meshed in her role.  Often I find her reactions just ... off compared to everyone else... but she nailed this.  She does well with the emotional scenes when they aren't overwrought. 

Um - that thing in the storm was terrifying.  Damn that scared me.

But it's really nice to have a comic that centers black people.  I love that.

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On 10/14/2019 at 3:20 AM, ursula said:

They were just actors for the comic book trailer. Of course, that doesn't mean anyone offered them the job and they said no. 

Now you know with MBJ on as Exec Producer, they did NOT offer them the role, lol.

Who would turn down a role like this?  I guarantee those actors aren't on some other show, front and center.  Let's not downplay the colorist casting please.

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