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S06.E01: Judgement Call

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well that happened.  I was super distracted by beardy FBI guy.  Many years ago when I worked as a civilian at the FBI, agents weren't allowed to grow beards.  Maybe if they were undercover but this dude was not -- and of course he's a complete ass besides.  

So this year's B plot is that Dwayne is having night terrors.  Okay.  Maybe blonde harbinger of death can help him out with that.  

Is his brother going to be around this season and is Dwayne going to introduce him to his mother?

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Oh, I really hope Angel of Blonde Death doesn't re-appear again.  It's bad enough seeing Pride have these bad dreams/hallucinations. 

And I know they wrote this plot to get Pride back in the field and leading the team once again.  I get that part.  I mean, his character was extremely awkward in that administrative position that he previously worked.  But really, considering all that he's been through (and still suffers from), shouldn't he be working a desk job for awhile?  At least until he seeks out therapy and/or finally resolves his lack of sleeping and his nightmare issues.

I just hope that we don't have another mole issue.  Or someone in the FBI or higher government that has it in for Pride and/or someone else in his team once again. 

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I readily admit I've not watched every single episode, but it seems too many times the plot revolves around 1) Pride being investigated; 2) the team being investigated: or 3) someone on the team — in this case, Hanna — being investigated. What's up with that? Is this some closet nod to all the behind-the-scenes "shenanigans" that have touched this show?

Has there been a season in which Pride hasn't gotten his ass kicked, shot, fired, demoted, or bloodied? I don't need Superman, but damn, I'd like my hero to be a bit . . . sturdier.

And I'm not ready to deal with even MORE family issues!!!! (I do like Pride's wife though. Yes, I know they ARE married.) 

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This is the first episode where I felt that I could believe a relationship between Pride and Rita.  I hope those two have more chemistry in real life  than  we saw on screen last season. 

I am extremely tired of Pride  being the hero, the victim or both in every episode.   Hannah and her family bore me.  Please, can we see some more Chris?

when did Pride move his mother to DC? She had been in Paris.  Please move her back and stop using dementia as entertainment. 

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So the bad guy steals a nerve gas bomb and wants to release the gas on a base and kill hundreds of people because no one will tell him how his daughter died. Pride confronts him just before he is going to release the gas.

Pride: "Don't do it! We have your daughter's CO here who will tell you what happened."

CO: "Well… you see I got some bad intel and I sent your daughter and some other men to check it out. They got ambushed and they all died. The end."

Bad Guy: "Ah OK, I guess that explains everything. I surrender."

WTF??? THAT was the big secret that nobody could tell the father about? Well I guess there was no improvement to the writing team this offseason.

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