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  1. The annoying thing about TV dramas — there are never any consequences ... until there need to be. The whole Robin Masters thing was a complete joke. From now on, anytime there's a serious situation, we should reasonably expect Robin to show up to fix it. But we know that won't happen. So . . . the point of all this is . . . what?
  2. I suppose I'll be attacked for this, but I don't see why Tommy was hired in the first place. I know they probably don't want to make her a superwoman, but I don't see anything that would warrant going tot he mat for her What, exactly, is her claim to fame?
  3. A couple of stray thoughts: Maybe it was an acting choice, but I found it odd that Tommy got so flustered when the guy lied. First of all, she didn’t seem prepared for the hearing which she had to know it was damned important and, thus, not to be taken lightly. Was she so naive to think that she would waltz in and tell her story and because it was the truth she would be believed? Doesn’t she know people are gunning for her? Which leads to my next observation: Why in the world did she meet with the narcotics cop on her own? Why did she not have one of her many minions sitting in with them? Again, naive and dumb. One more quick observation: Why, oh why, is she still talking to her lover? Does she NOT want her job?
  4. This is just me, but I've liked most of the episodes this season. Look, the problem with all shows is that they get old. Plus, with a show like this, there really isn't all that much they can do to shake things up. So, having said that, I do like the fact that this show — unlike the momma-ship, NCIS — the people on it are at least admitting that they might be getting old, or tired of it, or would like to do something else. It's natural. Jethro Gibbs IS NOT natural. But yes, please do something with Hetty. I've been watching the reruns on whatever channel it's on, so I've gone through the seasons in relatively quick order. Based on what I've seen, I'm surprised the name of the show isn't "Where's Hetty?" because that's asked starting in Season 2 (TWO) and running through today. She comes and goes, but god forbid anyone should know where she is. Then with what she said to Callen about Anna last night, I honestly can't come up with a good reason he still likes/respects her. (I know, I know, spare me the reasons.) He asked a question. Answer him!!!! I did find it odd that Deeks was so hard on himself about the "kid" sitting in the car. How many times have they jumped into the front seat WITHOUT checking for a bomb? I can see this show transitioning into something where we might see Callen helming an episode with a team of newbies, then Sam, then maybe Deeks and Kensi. Then maybe we'll get one or two episode a year where they're all in it. To answer someone's question above, I think Hetty was burning her file and passports.
  5. Another case wrapped up way too quickly. There is so much missing from this show. I know they sort of had to take that case last night, but this season it seems there’s little of the battle of wills showing if they will or won’t take it. What to me was interesting early on was when Bull did as he pleased, ignoring his team, because he FELT something for the client. He took on some tough cases and there was a risk. Now, that risk seems to be missing. And why does each show have to show Bull with his kid? And where’s the wife? Is this supposed to be some kind of redemptive arc? I find it annoying.
  6. Personally, I think this show has lost its way. Magnum doesn’t act like Magnum, and I’m NOT just comparing him to Selleck. Is he tough? Funny? Ingenious? Or what? He certainly isn’t the tallest. He comes across as being ... ambivalent!?! And as much as I liked Higgins in the first season, she’s now getting on my nerves. Talk about an ill-defined relationship. another thing, and this was underscored in the opening scene— they have too many actors. They all take up lines. Couple the opening with the ending (yeah, I liked it but ...) and you have all this wasted time. It’s all time taken away from making the story a better one.
  7. I mean this as no criticism of the show or of Michael Emerson, but since the beginning of this show I was thinking if there was another “character” in the Leland role. I realize, of course, that was solely because of what happened on Lost. I also realize that I shouldn’t have let that color me. But ... here we are.
  8. It's already sort of been mentioned, but why did the pilot have to crash the plan? Couldn't she just take leave, or make a phone call?
  9. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule, but I liked this episode. Admittedly, I am not a diehard fan, so I may not know all the facts and nuances that others may know. I know that of the 3 NCISs this has always been the “fastest” show, the one with the most gun battles, explosions and quips than the other two. But honestly, I like slowing things done and getting into the characters’ heads occasionally. I think it affords a good balance to the mayhem that comes in most episodes. Also, being a widow, I appreciate that they have allowed Sam (Mr. Burly Seal) to continue to grieve Michelle. And to mention the kids. There was enough in last night’s episode to allow you to think these were real people with real issues. Also, I think it was important to address that this show may end when this season wraps. But now, they’ve created a way for it to go on, at least for one more season. It would surprise me if LL Cool J hasn’t already said he’d be willing to continue based on what I heard last night. Sure, I’m sure it’d be a reduced schedule, and the young bucks (whoever they are) would carry the bulk of the show. But I liked this episode. (Yes, too much naval-gazing gets old fast. Yes, I see the pun.)
  10. No comments about the new priest being Tom Hanks Bosom Buddies co-star, Peter Scolari? Man, talk about a change of pace. I wonder if he will be a regular. Also, how were Kristen and Ben “listening in” to the deposition? That seemed highly irregular, as depos are usually down in private. Were they merely listening through the glass wall? Or did they have one of Ben’s super-duper tech tools? And if he “planted it” that makes it even more irregular. Oh, one other thing: Has anyone else noticed that CBS is advertising this show along with the comedies that show on Thursday night? Admittedly, CBS shows some funny clips from the show, but I wonder how many people tune in expecting some variation of “Mom” only to get quite a surprise?
  11. This is the NCIS that is not afraid of firefights. But you’re right, having Callen not even bat an eye about putting a bullet into several peoples’ head — wow! I wonder if they had to get the network to pass off on that. I mean, it wasn’t one guy but several. I remember all the flak the (original) Magnum got for cold-bloodedly killing the super-bad Russian agent. (Also a CBS show.)
  12. This gets tiresome. Every season Pride seems to come off bad. Maybe once or twice, fine, but then they compound the problem by drawing out the storyline for several episodes. So it seems like the audience is following Inspector Closeau (minus the humor) instead of someone like Jethro Gibbs (who seems to never make a mistake). Oh, and hey, ever think of calling for back-up? Pride was the first on the scene and saw how many people there were. Sure they looked harmless, but did he not think: Hey, these people might have weapons?
  13. SamBeckett

    S17.E09: IRL

    There was NO ONE at NCIS with the skill level to compete at that game? We know they have a cyber unit. Plus they were probably breaking all kinds of laws using the kid. Conceivably, they were endangering him. Which leads me to another point: Gibbs always says he can protect people. Yet we have seen times when he wasn’t able to. The kid’s mother had one hell of a lawsuit. But, of, course, then there’d be no show.
  14. I absolutely loved this line. It needs to be written in tall legible letters and be affixed in EVERY writer’s room anywhere. The Carol-and-Daryl gang is traipsing through the woods. Carol spots the queen-bitch and gives chase. Daryl — lamely — calls out: “No. We need to stick together!” Then they ALL get caught. Dog has better recall then the humans on this show.
  15. It’s a sign of the times, I guess. A lot of people are already complaining about the potential “third wheel” aspect of this show. Which I get. But I wonder why the writers want to head in that direction. Yeah, I know the show is based on a comic book. But unless you have something new and different to say about relationships, why not just focus on the characters solving crimes. Remember The Rockford Files? Rockford was broke, and not well-respected by the cops. But he worked with them. There was no love interest between Rockford and the detectives, but the stories were always pretty good without that manufactured intrigue of will they-won’t they. Moonlighting failed BIG time because of that.
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