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  1. If the Saudis wanted to buy the software so badly, why didn't art insurance lady just sell it to them? You get all that extra money and nobody gets hurt because the software is never going to work anyways. Putting that aside, once the Saudis started threatening them and an employee was killed, why didn't she hire some security to protect her employees? She seems like a terrible boss and not very smart, but I don't think that was what the writer was going for at the end when she and Sam were making googly eyes at each other. Also, why couldn't she tell NCIS that the Saudis were threatening the company beforehand and probably killed the guy? You could easily do that without revealing anything about the software. They just should have had her fronting for an NSA or CIA clandestine operation and under orders from the lord high muckity-mucks in the government not to reveal anything. It's been done a million times before, but at least gives her a motive to be starting the company in the first place, and gets you around most of the gaping holes in the plot. If Eric is so traumatized by his previous undercover work that he can't do anything except work out in the gym, then he should have been relieved of duty on the spot and told not to come back until cleared by a shrink. Is Nate still around? The Saudis invade a company, rough up the employees and kidnap the boss, then make their escape in a vehicle that is easily traced back to their hideout. Then they start torturing the poor guy in the backyard swimming pool where anybody passing by can hear them. Why weren't they inside, dunking his head in a toilet like any self-respecting terrorist would do? Is this secret agent amateur hour? They need some lessons from the evil North Koreans pronto.
  2. Rambler


    Let me get this straight. The FBI learns where the target is an hour and half before the attack is to occur and West Point can only find two officers to guard that gate? Did the FBI forget to call ahead and warn them that they were about to be attacked? Are there no security cameras monitoring that gate? I would like to have a word with whoever is in charge of security at West Point.
  3. When having a secret meeting with somebody you don't want to be seen with, it's probably not a good idea to meet in a room with the curtains wide open. Unfortunately for Grover's niece, the academy apparently hadn't gotten to the class that covered proper surveillance techniques. On the other hand, luckily for her, the bad guys had really amazing cell phone service in the middle of the jungle.
  4. Yet another shining example of how this show is just a propaganda tool of the New York law enforcement agencies. The law that Erin was so opposed to is an attempt to reduce the problem of mass incarceration, which seems to have become more popular with the American public these days. Under the old law, New York prosecutors could withhold evidence until the morning of the trial. This forced many defendants to accept plea deals and go to prison because they had no idea what the state could or could not prove. Of course the New York district attorneys are up in arms about this because it makes it harder for them to steamroll defendants into guilty pleas. What was totally absent from this episode is that there is a provision in the new law where prosecutors can ask a judge to issue a protective order to withhold victim and witness's identifying information. I guess Erin forgot about that one, so actually she was the one responsible for getting her witness beaten. What would have been nice is if they could have had the defense attorney argue with Erin about the pros and cons of the new law and have the audience decide which side they agree with. But nope, our buddies in law enforcement might get mad at us if we presented the opposing viewpoint and we can't have that. Instead let us drag in your standard issue sleazebag defense attorney to represent the opposing side. What would motivate her to give her client the victim’s address? No reason was given because it is understood that is what those left wing commie lawyers do just for kicks. Sheesh, she was such a cliche of a sleazebag attorney that I was surprised they didn't glue a mustache on her face that she could twirl. The writers on this show have all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face.
  5. I appreciated the reminder to always keep your tea kettles nice and polished so you can see people sneaking up behind you.
  6. Well Piper sure got over her anger at Jo for trying to erase her memories in a hurry. I guess her AI isn't advanced enough yet to use that to guilt Jo into helping Benny instead of having to resort to begging.
  7. At times I felt like I was watching a backdoor pilot to the next series in the franchise: "Zev - Club Security".
  8. The widow was the true hero here. Almost a dozen cops commit suicide in the past year, and it takes her yelling in the commissioner's face to get him to get off his butt and do something about it. Why is he meeting with police chaplains about the problem? I would think he should be speaking to the police shrinks for better insights about the suicides. Of course the chaplains blame it on the public who all hate the cops now, rather conveniently letting Frank and the NYPD off the hook for any policies that might contribute to the problem. Danny telling Eddie at the dinner table to follow her gut instinct was hilarious. I could just imagine what he would have said if some random patrol officer showed up at one of his crime scenes and started showing the ADA around and spouting her theories about the case. I am also sure he would be perfectly fine with the patrol officer questioning his witnesses without him. Yeah right.
  9. Yeah Yennifer's desire to have a child makes zero sense in light of her soliloquy on the beach a few episodes back where she was telling the dead baby that it was lucky to have died and not grown up into a world of disappointment.
  10. If you ever find yourself under attack, it's probably not the best idea to call the person that is trying to protect you a "useless bitch". Although if Yennifer had the ability to make the spider thing chop its own head off, I don't see why she didn't do that at the beginning of the fight, so maybe she had a point...
  11. I was finally able to finish this one off while most of the network shows are on holiday reruns. This was an OK show, but hardly riveting must see TV. They had the makings of a decent story with the group of friends caught in the middle of a gang war, so I wish they had left the fantasy elements out as they just seemed silly and not well thought out. For me, the biggest problem was they never clearly explained how the Wu powers worked at all. Can you sneak up behind one and shoot him in the back of the head? Blow them up? I guess you can poison them because Kai tried that, but Six was on to him. If you could kill them by conventional means, it doesn't seem like it would be so hard to kill one, just come equipped with a high powered rifle and sniper scope. The woman who trained Kai was useless. "Here break these rocks and you will receive your Wu powers. You did it! Congrats now you know everything you need to be a Wu Assassin. Good luck! Bye!" You would think with all these former Wu assassins hanging around in the afterlife they could go over strategies of what they did that worked and what didn't, otherwise what is the point of sticking around there? So Kai has humongous fight with the Fire Wu and loses because he is unprepared. At least he is able to talk Six into giving up the Fire Wu. He then goes to face the Earth Wu. Except this time, he knows what the Earth Wu can do. How does he know? I dunno, it is never explained, but he is prepared this time and kills the Earth Wu in another good fight. OK great, now time to face the Metal Wu and Water Wu who are a couple, and the ultimate baddie the Wood Wu. On the other side we have the Wu Assassin teamed up with Jenny who has become the Fire Wu and Tommy who Kai just turned into the Earth Wu for the ultimate 3 on 3 Wu fight for the ages. On your mark, get set and… wait a second. Everyone is suddenly transported to Monk World and they all lose their Wu powers. WTF is up with that? Here I was expecting a CGI extravaganza for the climax of the entire series, and it just turned a regular brawl. I mean the red shirt henchmen put up a better fight than the Metal Wu, who just sort of flopped around. And then the demise of McCullough just seemed so easy and anticlimactic. I was wondering how they were going to kill someone who was immortal, but then it never happened in a way that was satisfying, so the entire ending was a letdown. Other observations: The fight scenes were amazing. Personally I prefer the fight scenes with swords and other such weapons as they seem more elegant to me. These were mostly the brutal face smashing hand to hand style, but still they were probably the best choreographed fight scenes I have seen on a television series. Iko Uwais wasn't very good acting wise as Kai. He just seemed so remote and monotone, and he mumbled his lines so that I had to have the closed captioning on to understand a word he was saying. I get that he doesn't speak English and he is probably much better acting in his native tongue, but it didn't make it any less painful to sit through. On the other hand, he is so good in his fight scenes that I can live with the bad acting. If there is a second season, I hope they don't bring Zan back as the big baddie. She was bland and just didn't seem to have the brain power to be a super villain. Katheryn Winnick played an ass kicking undercover cop. Her character kinda seemed to be thrown in to bring in the non-Asian demographic, but I am OK with that. Ever since I saw her in Vikings, I would probably watch a show with her knitting a sweater. I pray to the TV Gods to someday give us an action show starring Katheryn Winnick and Emily Beecham from Into the Badlands kicking ass and taking names. Or maybe even knitting sweaters. I'd still watch the shit out of that show. They advertised Summer Glau and she was mostly wasted here. She only appeared in a few scenes and didn't really do much. I was hoping they would give her a kick-ass fight scene like she had in Serenity, but it was not meant to be. I guess maybe she isn't as flexible as she used to be. Heh. The brief make out scene with Katheryn Winnick was a nice bonus however.
  12. I realize that this is a fantasy show and therefore is not supposed to be hyper-realistic, but an explanation of how Lyra was able to survive such a long fall from the airship to what looked like hard packed ice would have been nice. Like just have her wake up in a poofy snow drift, or have the witch prevent her from splattering all over the ground by using her magic.
  13. This series got off to a promising start. You had the mystery of what the ex-Imperials wanted with baby Yoda, the conflict with the bounty guild, flashbacks of what happened to him when he was a child, and snippets of Mandalorian culture sprinkled in. The last few episodes however, it just feels like the story has stalled out. All he is doing is taking jobs to make money. Rinse and repeat. If this were a 20 episode network show, I would expect there to be some filler episodes, but not in a limited 8 episode run. This is not a bad show and I would have no problems if it was a free network or cable show, but if this is your prestige show designed to entice me to spend $$$ to continue to subscribe to your new streaming service, it is not doing its job very well. YMMV
  14. Anybody else try to pause the screen on Jaime's list so they could see what was "illegal in some states, but not New York"? I tried, but it was too blurry for me to read. I need to get one of those fancy CSI computers that allow you to read a license plate from a shaky cellphone photo taken a mile away. I see them so often on these cop shows that I am sure they exist.
  15. Rambler


    Local police: "OMG! A woman reported that her husband didn't come home from work last night. This is way too big for us, we need all our officers to guard the local doughnut shops! Call in the FBI immediately! Only they have the resources to solve such a huge case."
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