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  1. OK everybody stay calm, but if missing socks are a sign that the Apocalypse is coming, then going by my sock drawer it might be right around the corner 😬
  2. Sylvie suddenly being able to enchant an all-powerful giant smoke monster felt a little too deus ex machina for my tastes. If they had to do it that way, I wish they had a little scene of her enchanting it like they did with C-20. I could picture Sylvie sitting in a bistro sipping umbrella drinks with the smoke monster and it’s getting brain freezes where the smoke actually freezes.
  3. To me this was the most boring season of Top Chef yet. My major complaints: No sous chefs. I know that sous chefs have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, but I like to root for the underdogs. Besides there's usually an exec chef or two who looks down their nose at the sous chefs and it always funny when they get that angry look on their face when a sous chef does better than they did. No mise en place. They haven't had a decent mise en place challenge in years. I'm not talking about the mise en place where all the chefs are prepping at the same time, but the relay race one, where
  4. What I don't get is if she is a trained FBI agent, why is she running away in a blind panic from the son? The dude had all the menacing presence of a baby panda. This show was doomed from the start. Probably most of the audience who first tuned in were expecting a Criminal Minds type show where Clarice would match wits with a serial killer of the week. The first couple of episodes kind of gave the vibe of that was where the show was going. Unfortunately after that they did a complete 180 in tone and made a long drawn out story arc about an evil pharma company. Do that and a large chunk of
  5. I also loved the Filet o Fish when I was a kid with the one caveat being that they put waay too much tartar sauce on the thing. Had to use the wrapper to try and scrape off some of the sauce. I haven't eaten one in years, do they still put that giant glob of tartar sauce on it? Jaime was too nice for her own good. If she was behind on her own preparations, she should have just told Dawn that she was in the weeds and couldn't help her. Dawn probably would have crashed and burned and Jaime might still be in the competition. There is $250,000 dollars at stake and you are in the final four, j
  6. I feel that when you pair the chef who has won the most challenges with a past Tournament of Champions winner, it becomes rather obvious who is going to win the quickfire. I just wish they had done this quickfire when they had an even number of chefs left.
  7. I wonder what the purpose is for having to verify everything you ever said? I know if it was me, most of the time I would be saying "I don't remember saying that" as I looked through the papers. I wonder what happens if you say "Nope I never said that". Why do I get the funny feeling that I will never get an answer to these very important questions?
  8. So all the Angels were willing to obliterate Amenadiel and the Angel of Righteousness just to make the vote unanimous? And that wasn't even for sure going to make Michael the next God. I mean I can see where an Angel of Righteousness could rub some people the wrong way, but Amenadiel? Wow Angels suck. Although I did like the Angel that kept changing sides. Was she the Angel of Indecision? Maybe they can keep her around for comic relief next season. Is there a Jesus Christ in this universe? I would think he would be a better choice to be the next God then those two Bozos. Missed Oppor
  9. OMG whoever makes Dove bars now has to make a chocolate horse just so I can take my wife to a restaurant and say "Honey, I want a Dove Horse!"
  10. I was kinda confused as to why Adriana would confess to the murder in the first place. Also they didn't give a motive as to why the boyfriend would want to rob the house and then frame Adriana. Maybe stick in something like he was tired of hearing her complaining that he left the toilet seat up all the time? Yeah I could totally see something like that...
  11. Kudos to the random FBI guy who loaded the handcuffed congressman into the SUV. He seemed like the only FBI agent around who was taking the pandemic seriously by wearing a mask.
  12. Since they killed a Navy Captain to get the location of where the guardians lived, plus there probably wasn't going to be a state of the art medical facility to go to where they could extract the bone marrow cells, the bad guys probably figured out the answer was going to be a hard no on that one.
  13. Invincible my ass. He should have called himself the Incredible Human Punching Bag.
  14. Rambler


    The robber had already ditched the mask by the time OA spotted him running down the street. When OA called it in, he described the robber as wearing a green cap, not a mask. Although it kind of seemed like they were checking the camera footage right after the robber got away, actually some time had passed because the cab had already dropped the robber off at his destination. Jubal probably ordered them to check the surrounding cameras right after the robber got away and this was more like a report of what they had found out, although the editing made it seem like they were discovering things i
  15. Rambler


    I’m still struggling to figure out why they didn't simply show the photo of the restaurant owner to the guy who stole the car. Or have him sit with a sketch artist. I’m pretty sure if someone just paid me a thousand bucks to steal a car I would remember his face. Oh right, then we would miss out on all the O/A angst. Sorry Vega, but if you are undocumented you have to be especially careful to follow the law. Stealing $30 worth of food is not the same thing as sticking a candy bar in your pocket. Your deportation is on you.
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