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  1. The one true Boyle! is the Boyle who didn't have puberty at 25. Holt and Kevin's wedding. Yay. And you know how important the ceremony and relationship was to Holt when he purged a section of the tax code from his brain.
  2. "Oh no, you're a villain!" Classic Oh no, Holt and Kevin are separating? Wait a sec...Kevin's name is Kevin Costner. Kevin and Holt knock down fights are surreal... But hooray couple's counseling.
  3. This marathon looks brutal. It reminds me of a youtube video series Puppet History and the segment on the 1904 Olympic marathon and how it was just as insanely brutal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myM5SY1mHoA&t=1329s
  4. Burn Notice. Wow, Liz doesn't understand consequences until it's too late. That seems pretty much her character. I don't know if it's the acting or the writing but Liz acts more petulant like an immature child than righteous.
  5. Is Panabaker the only one who is doing her job and not "dazzled" by Liz? Well, Aram you're almost there and realized Liz is not really your friend and develop a backbone ... .... Well that didn't last long. Seriously, Aram? Helping her talk to Ressler? Are you in competition of who is the biggest chump? How stupid are they? Did they actual believed that she was safe in the box? A target that's in one place is easier to find.
  6. Aw crap. Really show? So Owen and Teddy are happy so you have to tank Amelia and Link? Whhhhhhyyyyyy?
  7. I don't really care who the father of Tara Locke's baby storyline anymore even if all signs are supposed to point to Kyle. Using a baby paternity to add more drama to Kyle and Summer's storyline is so much ugh. And I know this would be impossible but it would be hilarious if neither Ashton or Kyle were the father and it was Theo the whole time just to mess up Kyle's life. He was also there at the time and knew about their affair and the little detail of the kid and dropped this bombshell onto Kyle just to see the reaction on his face. I mean why would he keep track of what's been happenin
  8. Seriously? Now Liz is okay about Red's secrets? Double Standards? Liz should take a look at herself. And her grandfather was killed by her "mother" and her crew and sister were killed because they were willing to follow her (even though the "secret" had nothing to do with them). She has to own those deaths not blame others.
  9. Hit man (to Liz): Were they really friends? How is it that guy figured Liz out and how she "treated" her "crew." Because if they were friends/family she would never drag them into her war game with Red. And Red perfectly labelled Liz as a lost cause to what she was. Also she has herself to blame. Playing cat and mouse with people like Red/Townsend and not expect their lives will be at risk. I think the crew knew there was some danger but I don't really think (ex. Skip the lawyer) they really understood how dangerous a game Liz was playing...people would get killed.
  10. Keen has got a lot of people she supposedly cared about killed (ex. her crew, her sister) for what? She has only herself to blame. Did she actually believe the truth would be in her benefit? There was just as good chance it could backfire. At least the weasel lawyer that had helped Liz is dead. He looks like he was developing a crush on her (really? Her power of persuasion is that good?) Wow Glen's mom is a good con artist. She impressed Red.
  11. Me (at the last 30 seconds of the episode): Nooooooooooo. Auuuuuugggghhh. Nooooooo. Noticed Malcolm's hand stopped shaking now he's deep into the violence. Oh dear. I wonder Martin calling Malcolm a bad son was because Malcolm drew him back into violence/torture like an addict or the fact he called the cops to send him back to prison. Because I don't think that's fair to accuse Malcolm of making him the Surgeon again when last season even though it was self-defense against that assassin he was excessively vicious to poke out the guy's eyes and reveled in it. Jessica never stops
  12. Soooo....By aligning herself to Townsend she and the Taskforce is now on his hitlist. She opened Pandora's box and brought death to her friends and possibly her daughter. She's a terrible friend 🙄
  13. So despite all the ways Malcolm was trying to denounce his father, he couldn't bear the idea Martin leave or die. Oh yeah. Martin really loved that. No offense to Capshaw, but her stab wound is too shallow and not really fatal to be believable. Considering the Surgeon is an efficient killer, why would her injuries be anything less than fatal?
  14. Looking back at the way Liz just slid into the car and ate Aram's croissant and acted like nothing has happened since she tried to kill Red at the hospital, like she didn't manipulate/betray everyone or what she has done to her "friends" wasn't a big deal/owed at least an apology. Are we sure Liz is not a sociopath or a Narcissist? Because she doesn't seem to read the room that she burned a lot of bridges. She says she's regrets for hurting/betraying her friends at the taskforce but is she? At least Red doesn't delude himself to believe the taskforce are happy to see him or trust him.
  15. Jesus. The way Liz just slid into the car with Aram so casually ( and ate his breakfast!) is so galling and not really charming and trying to cute her way back into his good side. You'd think Aram would at least be upset or disappointed in her instead of letting her railroad him. Threatening violence/breaking rules is really second nature to her. Are we sure Liz is not a sociopath? And the FBI/Cooper seem quick to forgive her. And Aram stop being in awe of her and understanding or believe people won't get hurt/shot because of her. She made you take the fall for the bomb material when she
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