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  1. Have you seen Stoker? It was so weird and uncomfortable, but I THINK.... in a good way? lol
  2. i read the third book so i know who it is but i can play this game since i had few guesses before i read it. not gonna tell you if i was right or wrong. just the way my thoughts were back then :) i though it might be "displaced Matthew". The 21st century Matthew is in Elizabethan London, and the Matthew from those times got swapped in. he's all confused, disoriented and the blood rage took him over. I was pretty satisfied with that theory so i didn't think on many more. But i had few more just in case lol For a second i though it was Hubbard. some kind of vendetta, centuries ol
  3. unpopular opinion. i couldn't really get into it. idk if it was my mood, but i was SO. ANNOYED. at everything on the screen. except cinematography. GORGEOUS movie. i turned it off (HBO MAX) after song #9753782 that was about what the person was currently doing (literally, just doing it and singing about it). I'll need to give it another chance but i can't bring myself to going in again remembering the emotions i felt during the first try lol (the attempt happened the weekend it came out. and didn't repeat since...) and it's uncharacteristic. i usually like musicals and music mov
  4. i had that same thought, but then another one popped into my head lol maybe the writers didn't want to "diagnose" her through non-professional characters. you know, how people just throw around "omg i'm so OCD" or "look at that spazzy kid, he must be ADHD".
  5. Idk how much higher Iceland would have been, honestly. Their gimmick was awkwardness, and it worked well regardless of whether it was live or pre-record. And the pre-record was done on the same stage as everyone else, so i bet a lot of people didn't even notice those few weird shots with empty audience and a camera man lol Australia definitely was hurt by the recording. but it's also somewhat her fault to. there was no energy in her face or body at all. i get it. she wasn't even on stage with all the workers here and press in the next room to react to her and then give exposure to the sta
  6. i wasn't a fan of Arcade (though it was in my top 10), my pic was Soldi in 2019. Why Gjon? i couldn't explain it to you, honestly. In general i prefer low male voices (Dadi from Iceland has some of the best low notes, they "tickle" your spinal chord)... but even last year, Switzerland was my top, and i didn't understand why. Same with this one. I just vibed with it. France at least has been trying to send stuff that is more likely to be on the radio today. Madam and Monsieur, Bilal... Germany too... with Schulte. but that seems more of an outlier for Germany. This year Fran
  7. I was rooting for Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, and Iceland. im really glad all did well. It’s the best result for Eurovision in a long while. In terms of what it’ll do for the songs countries will bring in the next few years. top 3 are non English songs. 4 out of top 5 are non English songs. The number of different genres that are not generic Swedish pop in the top 10 is amazing. and Italy has been my fav country since they came back. In the 10 years only one of their entries wasn’t in my top 10. Il Volo, Mahmud, Meta & Moro, Gabbani, and Måneskin were all in
  8. Wow. That got me. After the “make sure to follow your heart, not his” I thought that was a set up to finally get Buck and Eddie together. Especially after that friendzone thing last episode. then they introduced this single mom with a sick kid of the same age as Christofer and I thought come on, can you be more obvious? then I was relieved that she was poisoning her kid (ok that sounded better in my head lol but you know what I mean haha) and then they shot him like that? My first thought was “near death experience together will throw them towards each other” and now I read tha
  9. in the past few years i've been quite active: watching a lot of national selections. but this year... this year i have no mood to get that involved... partially because of what's going on in my country (Belarus), partially because i feel like last year's song were better for the most countries... I've listened to selected songs few times, but nothing really gets me excited... i like a few, but not crazy about anything specific.... well maybe Russia, but mostly because how much hate Manizha has been getting from Russians. i just want her to stick it to them. I like the song too... but she
  10. in the book and in the script it was Vienna. later Taika removed all but two indicators that it's Vienna and it became just a random German speaking little town. (the things that point towards Vienna that were left in the movie: 1. Elsa talking about how Nathan proposed on the bank of Fluss (this is what Vienna people call Wien river. it's literally river in German) 2. When they name the Gestapo "chapter" it is from Vienna. yes i bought the script on Etzy lol)
  11. vavera4ka

    S04.E06: Jinx

    ok... jinx... string of weird calls. i mean weird is Tuesday for 118 LOL
  12. vavera4ka


    The birds are coming back to Port Talbot. and that large blue finch is the leader, it seems. I see you little feathery $#!t 🤣 loved that show. I already watched it 3 times. I’m more familiar with Sheen, than with Tennet. Though I saw Good Omens so I’m aware of crazy chemistry and comedic timing.
  13. I was more surprised at I’m probably one of the few readers who don’t care much about casting. I honestly don’t remember really imagining characters’ looks when I read. It’s hard to explain. Yes there’s a description. Yes sometimes it’s part of the story. But as soon as that part of the story is over i completely forget that someone is super young and beautiful and someone is a humongous human being. I do love characters. Would take a character driven book/movie/show over plot driven any day. So when they cut out that part I’m more upset. (Still can’t forgive what they did to camer
  14. Ok on one side there's no Tom. on another Artem is back, and i'm actually interested in AJ and Johnny Weir (especially like I posted in general thread if we get an MM pairing) it's tough to decide... I might tune in on hulu the night after, definitely won't be rushing to my tv to watch it live or anything.
  15. Casting Johnny Weir might be interesting if the show has the balls to pair him with a male pro. But I doubt it.
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