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  1. I kinda called northern lights halfway through the episode, but I thought it would be part of "the sky is falling" hysteria calls to 911. btw. I remember seeing a tiny patch of northern lights in WI on my way from Madison to Chicago. And it was very faint and mostly white. There was a heightened solar activity happening at that time... but I have a question to people who live or have visited places where the lights are a common and major occurrence. I have heard that even the full sky Aurora borealis is mostly white since human eye can't really distinguish all the waives. Cameras pick up what we usually see in the movies and photos. oh really? I thought it was done, and now we have TX to replace it. So my hope for Buck and Eddie is still alive. TK and his cop bf don't have 1/10 of the chemistry those two have.
  2. it may as well be autism and not easy way out. she even might be interested romantically, but she realizes that relationship is work and she just isn't willing to put in ALL THAT work into it. she is great and patient with him as a friend, but romantic relationship requires more from the parties. It's ok to evaluate that aspect before jumping in. and it's more mature to admit that you are not equal to that challenge than try, fail and hurt yourself and the person you love.
  3. if you look at televote winners of the past decade: 2010 Germany 2011 Azerbaijan 2012 Sweden 2013 Denmark 2014 Austria 2015 Italy 2016 Russia 2017 Portugal 2018 Israel 2019 Norway Yeah... Eastern European countries are passing the trophy around... Italy, Russia and Norway have been hurt by the juries, the rest of the time, the crowd fav won despite the jury. I'd be totally fine with those winners. The only winner here i'd change would be Azerbaijan lol but that one isn't part of the argument lol
  4. I think I blinked and missed the reveal that sister is alive and is in the homeless camp... I know it has been suggested here and i'm not surprised, but I just don't remember seeing it on screen lol
  5. but how do you burn something that badly when it was covered? It's not just an oven running hot. it's complete failure to follow the temperature and time directions of the recipe. like some said, it's not a fancy French culinary school recipe. It's "take what you have in the pantry, toss it into a dish and bake it at 350 for an hour"... rocket science this is not... I'm still hoping that Dash is just one more step towards Claire and Melendez romance. She kissed a few frogs, now she'll try with a good guy, but it'll still feel wrong. I WILL have my couple on the screen, dammit!!! lol
  6. I personally prefer when countries instead of trying to win are trying to show off their culture: be it smth folky and old, or current, or both... That desperation that stinks up a lot of entries every year makes me gag. Belarus has been guilty of that more often than not. Russia too. There is unhealthy deification of everything foreign. OMG OUR SONG WAS WRITTEN BY SWEDISH AUTHORS!!!! ugh. πŸ™„ the woman that once stood next to a waitress that served JLo has designed these costumes. If it were up to me I'd reinstate language rule. MAKE countries sing in their native languages for at least half the song. I doubt UK would benefit much from that lol they've been awful for years now.
  7. Russia has moved into the 1st position in the odds, but obv the song needs to be released. In any way. this is shaping up to be a super fun year. I'm kinda sad that Charkras aren't going... they would have added to wtf type of epicness of the year LOL
  8. So Russia didn't come to play lol. It basically told Europe "go f yourself. Here we'll help you" Little Big to represent Russia in Rotterdam. Song will be announced in a few days. But in case you are not familiar with troll kings of the world here are some gems.
  9. So... female Ray Donovan? lol
  10. If he didn't stop being Taika after Thor success, I doubt he ever will. Especially since he got his Oscar for HIS movie. It's quite an achievement that after directing a pop corn blockbuster he still has major indie cred and is getting rewarded for indie-ish work. In his "one for them, one for me" lineup, he got a major pat on the back for the "for me" movie. I'm expecting Taika to become even more Taika. I mean he goes ahead and does this right then and there https://www.ndtv.com/entertainment/oscars-2020-viral-taika-waititi-stashes-trophy-under-seat-caught-by-brie-larson-2178342 🀣
  11. So extremely happy for Taika’s win! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
  12. it was so much FUN! i adore Margot Robbie. she was amazing. the villain suit game was ON! lol as was he but that kid. omg. is she some daughter or sister who got the role based on connections? i don't believe for a second that this was the best kid they saw in auditions. but it was clear that everyone had a ball filming this and that energy came across the screen. the fighting from John Wick choreographer was crazy and funny! as expected.
  13. I feel your pain. I hate how Russians are being portrayed in Hollywood, by people who don't even speak a lick of Russian... and i'm not even Russian lol they use my country when they need someone who speaks Russian but comes from a country few heard of just to appear worldly. BUT did you really expect a true-to-life portrayal of Texas from Ryan-king-of-camp-Murphy? Buck and Eddie had 10000x more chemistry than two gay kids here... Rob Lowe is that aging pretty that ages very weirdly. but I like that they are using it as a gag joke and running with it. self-irony looks good on anyone.
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