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  1. Ok on one side there's no Tom. on another Artem is back, and i'm actually interested in AJ and Johnny Weir (especially like I posted in general thread if we get an MM pairing) it's tough to decide... I might tune in on hulu the night after, definitely won't be rushing to my tv to watch it live or anything.
  2. Casting Johnny Weir might be interesting if the show has the balls to pair him with a male pro. But I doubt it.
  3. I don't buy that it was $$ decision. I believe that Tom was picking up a nice check, sure (and he earned every penny of that) Had they replaced him with... idk... Raven Simone, or Normani, or... you get the picture, yeah, I'd understand. Tyra though? please. her ego is too large to go for a "moderate" pay. idk if it happened before the current movement... but right now it kinda looks like filling the quota with underqualified candidates (to be fair though 99% of people white, black, Asian, whatever, would be underqualified next to Tom, so not REALLY a slight against Tyra. it'll be tough for her, for sure)
  4. You should check out Kingsman then. I believe that was his first role and right away he was thrown next to Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Samuel L Jackson and was right at home next to those "scene stealers"
  5. vavera4ka

    The Great

    i guess I should have elaborated on that. But the post was already too long lol I don’t mind the idea of saying fuck you, I mind the way it’s being said. There’s a way to do it and still have dignity. You know, a smart fuck you? Like this show could have been with just the writing, but well researched basics. Cause now they look like an idiot calling another person an idiot. And it just doesn’t ring as true... that’s what’s causing dissonance in me. It’s a smart show... until it just throws that uneducated blimp. There’s nothing better than an educated and smart put down... and this show was so close to it and ruined to the point of actually being on the verge of stupid itself.
  6. vavera4ka

    The Great

    Idk. I’m really trying. I keep telling myself that it’s a sarcastic comedic exaggerated view on a period in history. i will forego so many different races in the royal household. It seems as if they are using those actors for “imaginary” characters. So whatever. You do you, show I’m in the middle of the 3rd episode. And I’m just about done with under-researched subject. If you are using a culture as a butt of a joke, at least do some honor on the level of basic research. Madam Svenska’s husband is colonel Svenska? Svenska? Let me put it this way svenskA??? Never mind that it’s a Polish last name, but I guess there were Poles in the close proximity to the royal family. They would most likely be addressed using Russified version of their last name. So madam Svenskaya. But it’s still a femminitive version of the last name: Polish or Russian. Colonel would be Svenski or Svenskiy. And if western cultures insist on husband and wife having the same last name to the letter, it’s the masculine version that is used. I could I guess assume it was intentional, Like yay women! but this show is so kitschy, they would have made a more of a thing out of it if it were intentional. But no. Madam Svenska is introduced first, so her husband must be Svenska too... screw the culture, history and language. and the statue.... ПЕТРУ ВЕЛИКАЯ??? Well at least it’s not a gibberish like Hollywood likes to make. Just throw a stapler at a Russian keyboard and pretend it’s a word... I’m not gonna go into the deep thickets of grammar to explain how and what is wrong... but it’s again mixing feminitive and masculine forms of words... and using a dative case which has no place on the monument unless it’s preceded by a noun “monument” in front of it. Which it’s not. im not gonna comment on the history cause it’s clearly and explicitly states that this show has very little to do with history, but some level of respect is expected. Cause from where I’m sitting it’s a giant In your face F$#CK YOU to Russia. I’m not even Russian and it bothers me... (Russia adjacent lol)
  7. How is it that Bobby and Michael have more chemistry than Bobby and Athena? lol
  8. Oh I can't wait to see this. I was seriously impressed with the actor. I don't remember last time I saw someone THAT easily go from one emotion to another within few seconds. I actually had to rewind couple scenes cause I was mesmerized by face acting. So I want more darkness, more skeeviness, more sociopathic tendencies thrown at this character.
  9. exactly. all technically good qualities that don't really reflect on goodness of a person.
  10. Well, he's staring at his own portrait because behind it is the wall of Stillwell's office. He's not staring at it he's staring through it. obsessive peeping Tom with mommy issues. lol still crazy, just different type of crazy. though who knows why HIS portrait is hanging there, and not, say, Deep's. That would have been interesting LOL
  11. I don't watch this show for great plots. All i need from it is heart, camp and chemistry between characters and actors. This episode delivered it on all fronts in a completely new way for this show. I actually was half holding my breath through the episode. It also got REALLY dusty in my room when i saw the off duty operators just walk in and take over the shift letting the swat finish up and the hostages to recover. I blame "quarantine brain" and screwed up emotion s for that.
  12. I kinda called northern lights halfway through the episode, but I thought it would be part of "the sky is falling" hysteria calls to 911. btw. I remember seeing a tiny patch of northern lights in WI on my way from Madison to Chicago. And it was very faint and mostly white. There was a heightened solar activity happening at that time... but I have a question to people who live or have visited places where the lights are a common and major occurrence. I have heard that even the full sky Aurora borealis is mostly white since human eye can't really distinguish all the waives. Cameras pick up what we usually see in the movies and photos. oh really? I thought it was done, and now we have TX to replace it. So my hope for Buck and Eddie is still alive. TK and his cop bf don't have 1/10 of the chemistry those two have.
  13. it may as well be autism and not easy way out. she even might be interested romantically, but she realizes that relationship is work and she just isn't willing to put in ALL THAT work into it. she is great and patient with him as a friend, but romantic relationship requires more from the parties. It's ok to evaluate that aspect before jumping in. and it's more mature to admit that you are not equal to that challenge than try, fail and hurt yourself and the person you love.
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