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  1. I feel your pain. I hate how Russians are being portrayed in Hollywood, by people who don't even speak a lick of Russian... and i'm not even Russian lol they use my country when they need someone who speaks Russian but comes from a country few heard of just to appear worldly. BUT did you really expect a true-to-life portrayal of Texas from Ryan-king-of-camp-Murphy? Buck and Eddie had 10000x more chemistry than two gay kids here... Rob Lowe is that aging pretty that ages very weirdly. but I like that they are using it as a gag joke and running with it. self-irony looks good on anyone.
  2. Hulu suggested Musketeers and I then I went on IMDB to see where else I can see Tom Burke. So the yellow brick road took me to War and Peace. Never read it (even though it was a school program reading) but wrote a composition on it... somehow lol we were pretty resourceful LOL what I still can't find an answer to is was it Tom Burke singing or was it dubbed? it sounded perfect. I mean his Russian in the song. The duet later was adorable but the Russian was cringy. When Dolokhov was singing my first reaction was that Burke is "lypsincing". only info I found was Guardian ripping the show a new one for sudden Russian singing from characters. if Lily James wasn't "dubbed" why would Tom Burke be, right? But if it is him... damn that man is more talented than I thought.
  3. at least now it's available for pre-order https://www.bestbuy.com/site/jojo-rabbit-includes-digital-copy-blu-ray-2019/6395813.p?skuId=6395813&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1266837&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmZDxBRDIARIsABnkbYRDaE-SnXzyrvs-Ci8yXDp65I287gasbhqUGaE4yYpXhTdbN_LYBqwaAkAREALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. I think when it comes to oscars the likeliest category is script. And if everything is right with the world Taika SHOULD win it. This movie lives and dies by the masterful script and directorial work. 99 times out of a 100 a movie with such a premise is a disaster. Taika created a masterpiece. As good as other nominees are, and as large of a part a screenplay usually plays in a movie, here it’s the reason Jojo Rabbit is that good and getting all those nominations. ETA. also from what I’ve understood based on interviews, even though it’s based on a book it’s more accurate to say it’s inspired by a book. Taika took a situation described in a dark grim story and made something very different in tone and style.
  5. My top 3 is this, 1917, and Parasite. my heart belongs to this movie though. I keep checking the DVD release date and it keeps being pushed. It’s back in the theaters for the pre-Oscar run. Might need to get my fix for more captain K and go see it. For the 6th time. not sorry. Lol
  6. I've mentioned that in another thread. David Cook Darren Chris LOOOOOOONG shot, never gonna happen, but a girl can dream: Julie Andrews
  7. that was intense. Finally I got a long awaited good cry that was denied to me by the cinema for some time. The one shot approach and not knowing what's in the shadows or behind the corner... there was a lot of white knuckling in the two hours. The tension made all the emotions come out of my eyes. Cinematography was beyond beautiful. It was also funny how in some scenes (like when they were going along the edge of water in a hole. we just saw there were no rails there and the camera is seamlessly gliding over water) it was kinda like oh now Deakins is just showing off! For me now it's a 3 horse race. My heart still belongs to Taika. Then there's Parasite and this. Pulling for those in the Oscars. I was flinching with the rocks and whirlpools on his way. There was a lot of jumping and flinching due to the way this was filmed. Sometimes you don't need 3D to be fully immersed in the movie. I was also seating very close. when he was getting out of the river after running through the city and then fighting the current the following happened in the theater man next to me: achooo! me (jumping): SHIT! man: sorry ppl aroud us:😂🤣
  8. yeah, IRL I wouldn't root for that kind of relationship. but it's a TV show. I can suspend some disbelief if it's worth my while. Doesn't hurt that those two actors have insane chemistry. And both characters need a "win" in personal life too. Am I shallow to want this? yes. is it a trainwreck IRL? sure. but, damit show, give me Claire and Melendez romance! lol I'm ok with it being a slow burn.
  9. Too strong of a year in terms of movies and acting. IMO if Taron were going against Malek, Taron would have won... but last year was... last year... bummer, I really wanted at least a nom for him. not too surprised, unfortunately. Costumes is a more surprising snub though...
  10. Dracula was a hoot. I chuckled when he threw nun's head to pick his next victim. I liked that they tried to go modern times, didn't expect that, the show got me. Liked that they tried to summarize all the fears and myths into one theory. but BOY was that theory stupid and grasping at straws... so he is afraid of death... ok cross - fine i give you that. but wtf does sun have to do with it or being invited... what does that have to do with fear of death? such a major letdown
  11. My mind immediately went to Out by Natsuo Kirino
  12. vavera4ka

    S03.E05: Coup

    BJR for me was such a cartoony bad guy ( no fault of Tobias, it’s how he was written) with absolutely no redeeming qualities or reasons for being the absolute worst human being ever other than just to be the contrast of a “good boy Jamie” that he never really seemed real and that scary. I am forever #teamFrank though lol so had absolutely no reservations about the “new” Phillip. In terms of “quality as a human being” Phillip is a step down from Frank...
  13. vavera4ka

    S03.E05: Coup

    #teamFrank lol I saw that last scene as both "marking territory" and expression of affection. Phillip was jealous (the nuances in Tobias' facial expressions are just amazing. who needs a monologue!). It was actually fun to watch a ladies' man being threatened by a "nice boy" lol He went in for that kiss as a mature adult's version of a tantrum. Subdued anger and affection in one. Yes it was him kissing his wife to assert his position, but it was also to express and "remind her" that he does love and care for her. I'm still amazed at the casting of Menzies. When i saw photos of him in make up next to Phillip of those times, i though, i guess, it's close-ish... I was down for him as Phillip though cause I adore him. Bu that grin when he was leaving her office, with his face half obscured by shadow, i swear, for a split second i thought Prince William is gonna emerge into a fully lit part of the scene.
  14. she also looks like Tobias could have fathered her. Spot on casting indeed.
  15. this was the biggest most unpleasant surprise. that song is so cringe. i'm not gonna be speechless i'm not gonna not speak I won't be silent I will be non silent gaaaaah... it's one thing that this song exists, but to be nominated as one of the best songs...
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