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  1. idk Craig Bond movies alternate between awesome and meh. last one was meh... so I'm there for this one. also Rami Malek as a villain... I'm intrigued.
  2. Yeah Don Johnson ad Nash Bridges had a good comedic timing. So that didn’t surprise me. i could have done without “current events”. The setting and the tone were pretty timeless. Technology used here and there puts it into “our times” but doesn’t spoil it. The zeitgeist jokes do.
  3. that was just pure fun! was it perfect? no, it had it's problems, but i didn't care. Why didn't they let Craig use his British accent? too cliche? Daniel Craig in a suit is too much of an image with specific sound... maybe if he were wearing overalls and plaid shirt lol
  4. there are multiple theories floating there. from - "Captain K was in the resistance with Rosie and "Operation Screw Up" was deliberate screw up" to just -"he was disillusioned as a wounded gay officer and saw gestapo grab Rosie on the street and worried about the kid, didn't care about the cause that much any more and decided to help" and anything in between, about his involvement in the resistance and just how Nazi he was. Edit: he definitely knew that Rosie was either dead or about to be. When leaving Jojo's home he told him to stay home. He might have seen the hung people already, or knew that they will be hung very quickly. Stephen Merchant's character after seeing Jews hang like bats said smth like "that reminds me, we need to get back, we left that guy hanging there".
  5. who do we have to kill in order for Criterion to pick up Jojo rabbit for production?
  6. I might or might not be seeing it for the 4th time this week end lol last time i saw a movie at the theater more than once was the original Pirates of teh Caribbean. last time i was so completely in love with a movie was.... never. i almost pre-ordered the digital version of it since it's available. but remembering Stephen Merchant's interview about how his raison d'être was to make Sam Rockwell ruin a take so he was ad libbing to make him laugh, I decided i need a physical DVD with lots of extras lol
  7. it was evident to me from the trailer that he was a figment of her imagination, but i thought it was a good ol' "ghost of Christmas past/present/future" story. Which i guess it kinda was. the first half of the movie was a very weak 2/5 for me. It's obvious to me now, that they were stalling for the *gasp* reveal! parts leading up to an dafter reveal were good though. idk if it was worth it, but i got what i came for: good sad/happy cry.
  8. I guess I fell for bait'n'switch. I wanted more Fred Rogers. Rhys was good, but Hanks was amazing. I teared up every time I watched the trailer, so I wanted to be a blubbering mess after the movie. I wasn't. I cried twice: subway scene and 1-minute-scene. OMG did Hanks nail it! the breaking down the 4th wall with that stare... and that's my problem with a movie... every time Hanks as Rogers appeared on my screen my eyes became misty, but they didn't let him hold the scene for long enough for me to go full on emotional, like in that 1 minute scene. Every actor in this movie fell victim to Hanks...
  9. That's true. But I am a pretty bland person with no autism (or any other condition that i'm aware of), no extensive childhood trauma, heterosexual... basically your average white adult with some experiences that are unique to me due to where I grew up and who my friends were. But I'm empathic enough to extrapolate attitude towards a certain issue based on information I have about someone as "average" as me but with some differences in experience and cultural upbringing. Obviously I won't know what he or she is feeling, but I can at least begin to understand, adjusting maybe for my hypothetical reaction to those unique experiences in that person's life We gather our understanding of others based on our experience, and also based on what we learn about experiences of others. There are however some variables that no matter how empathetic you are won't help you understand that person. You'd know that it's different, but how different? And yes, Shaun's experience and attitude will be different from every other autistic adult. Especially since it's such a a wide spectrum. It won't open a window to that population, but it's a peephole (lol I just read it out loud.... awkward lol) that will shed some light, even if it's a thin ray from that said peephole. (I gotta stop saying peephole lol)
  10. Actually... (maybe it makes me a horrible person, but...) I'm kinda curious. As I always am when presented with a character that's SO different from me, that I can't put myself in his or her shoes. I don't really have friends that are on the spectrum, or have major OCD that would effect intimacy. But even if I had, I wouldn't come up to them and ask all the questions I have. It's invasion of privacy, it's uncomfortable for me and for them, it's just plain weird. But I am curious about physical and emotional/mental difference. Shaun did say that he wants to have sex, that he thought about it, I took it for an indication that he's fantasizing and is aroused by those fantasies. But his condition puts major roadblocks. Or back in the days (and I guess still, but to a lesser extent), when gay men were marrying women to conform to society and having children with them. Again, physically they were able to have sex with a woman, but I'm curious what was happening on an emotional level. Can any gay man be aroused enough with a woman, how much is it taking out of him... etc On an individual level, obviously, it's none of my business. But I am curious about it on a population level. Can I live without satisfying that curiosity - sure. I'm not gonna google for that information for multiple reasons. I'm not gonna go and ask people about it for reasons mentioned above. But if a fictional show, movie, book decides to shed some light on that issue I won't mind it in the least.
  11. Or there are stories about players who started as figure skaters. Most notably Niedermayer brothers. Both were great skaters, Scott had more natural talent and it showed but Rob was smooth and effortless in gaining speed or avoiding checks as well. All because both started as ice dancers, learning edges and skating technique before taking up hockey. What I probably missed was how did Hen know Evelyn. She was yelling her name, on and on. How did she know it was her name?
  12. just finished reading (well, listening to) the second book. loved it and now I'm super interested to see how they put it all to screen. The way Diana's magic works, the settings, the famous people...
  13. i may or may not have gone to see it for the second time in one week lol and i'm not promising i won't see it again, now that it has gone wide lol AMC A-List membership is well worth the $$ in Fall and Winter. lol
  14. It always baffled me... how come nobody questioned Hitler's looks... like for real. A Polynesian Jew was a pretty good fit to play a guy who was going all in for blonde blue eyed tall broad shouldered ubermensch with chiseled cheek bones. and everyone was like... sure... seems legit.
  15. If you are not opposed to foreign language shows with subtitles, Prime has some Russian period shows. Catherine (two seasons, I believe). It's not up there with the best shows unfortunately, but miles better than this... thing... lol There're also couple shows that deal with Rurik dynasty. Sophia Godunov
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