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  1. vavera4ka

    The Spanish Princess

    I was surprised back in the episode when they chose Henry "to lay" with Joanna. I mean, I know I shouldn't be looking for logic in the show, or in history when it comes to despotic rulers finding excuses to do stuff... but the whole thing about I do wish to see the marriage next season, usually when we see a Henry VIII story it revolves around the Boleyn family, I'd like to see this marriage evolve and die in detail (ok... I just heard how it sounds lol) I'd like to give props to costuming department. When Harry and Catherine were in the woods his clothes and his stance were so reminiscent of his famous portrait (younger and leaner version). It was a great device to show him this way especially since he JUST became the king. Catherine's dress on the hoops really bothered me throughout the season though. Was that a Spanish fashion thing? It looked weird.
  2. vavera4ka

    Season 3 Discussion

    Might i suggest Borgias then come to think of it. that episode made me realize i missed Francois Arnaud on my screen and now i want to rewatch Borgias. for like 5th time lol on the topic of the finale (and the show in general i guess). I just love how matter of fact this show treats the so called "non traditional" preferences. More often than not these days the shows are trying to insert a token LGBT character(sorry i know there are more letters now i just can't think of them and the order right now lol) just to be current and not offend anyone. and usually it's done so sloppily and in your face. I love that David likes different wines, I also like that his character isn't defined by being a wine drinker and his story doesn't only include wineries and discussions about new blends. That story development with Patrick was so adorable and natural. And the chemistry even with almost no physical contact is off the charts. now. on to the 4th season.
  3. vavera4ka

    Season 3 Discussion

    That scene kind of bothered me. Ok you want to use an obscure country to make the deal less sweet, fine. Bosnia. ok... sure. but then the line about paying in Baltic currency. I hate the underesearched mocking of lesser known areas... Bosnia is a Balkan country, not Baltic. Also, filming movie in Bosnia, and releasing the movie in Croatia, Herzegovina... There is a country Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's not two separate countries... It's not a new development either. Yugoslavia fell apart in mid 90s. If you want to use obscure European geography as a punch line, at least do it right...
  4. vavera4ka

    Good Omens

  5. vavera4ka

    Good Omens

    I was surprised this didn't happen faster lol https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jun/20/petition-netflix-cancel-amazon-prime-good-omens-christian-neil-gaiman-terry-pratchett and against Netflix LMAO...
  6. vavera4ka

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    here's the thing about Eastern Europe and racism... it's not like your Western racism. There are no "races" to speak of. There's no history of oppressing based on race. Nationality, religious choice - yes, but not race. There were black people in larger cities in USSR. Mostly students from friendly socialist nations. Other students joked about their skin color, but kinda like people joke about a large nose or red hair... It was just a trait that made them (very) different. There was no malice. Unless those students found a local wife and married, they'd go back to their country using their education to make it better I guess... So most people of C-bros' parents generation would see a black person once or twice in their lives. if they are lucky. (interesting fact. In English, I found it's ok to say "black" when describing a person, nut not "n-word". In Russian it's the opposite. Saying someone is "black" is a no-no. That word is used for "real Caucasians" btw, people from Caucasus mountains. They are usually dark haired, mostly dark eyed and more tan. So in Russian people use the "dreaded n-word". )
  7. vavera4ka

    Aladdin (2019)

    oh god... where do I start. (I guess with a disclaimer: Aladdin is my ABSOLUTE fav Disney movie. I've seen it gazillion of times and know it by heart.) Did I enjoy it... I guess kinda for the most part. because it was a FRAME BY FRAME repeat of the animated movie. 95% of it. What happened to a great villain? This Jafar has absolutely no charisma or menace. Iago was one of my fav characters. I loved how they expanded on him in tv series. Here Iago was neutered to basic parrot with no personality. Speechless song SUCKED. look I understand wanting to give Jasmine a solo, but make it good. "i'm not gonna be silent, i'm gonna speak, i'm not gonna be speechless, no you cant shut me up" ughhhhhhh Also this whole girl power thing (to me) looked so convoluted and artificial BECAUSE they chose to do a carbon copy of a cartoon visually and verbally, and then clumsily insert a zeitgeist tribute. Will Smith was great. This is the case of charisma just bursting through the screen. True, he's no Robin Williams, but who is? He did a great job with an iconic character done by another great actor. Yes I was smiling during the Never had a friend like me, and Prince Ali. I was singing along to A Whole new world. So I can't say it was a waste of my $5. But there is absolutely no reason to have made this movie. FRAME BY FRAME repeating the original. I would have had a lot more fun at the theater had they just screened that 90s movie. Aladdin and Jasmin were ok acting-wise. This movie didn't NEED to exist. It didn't bring anything new (that was good). It did an ok job recreating a classic. so why waste all that money and resources...
  8. vavera4ka

    In The Media: DWTS

    I can buy that. Idk how strict Mormon her family is. My mom is Orthodox Christian. not too strict, but pretty devout. Technically canon orthodoxy is against make up and hair color. Obv almost nobody follows that these days, including my mom. She draws a line at tattoos though. And here I am, in my mid 30s sometimes thinking about getting a tattoo, looking at pictures, even looking up artists, but always stopping at just research, cause I know my mom would be SUPER disappointed in me. If it were something more significant, i'd fight for it sure, but this is so minor that I just choose to do what she approves of (or not to do what she doesn't approve of lol) I know that some of my friends' moms were weird about their daughters' hair. "Girl is supposed to have long hair, otherwise she's a boy..." nevermind that hair is thin and flat and could use a nice layered cut... They went with what their moms wanted for a long time. Till one day just secretly cutting it off... hair is reversible though... and it tends to change how you look, how you feel about yourself. I'd fight for that, honestly. so I guess I CAN believe the "mommy" excuse, but I hesitate to. It reeks of "I wanna pretend to be sexy and bold but i'm chicken to change my pretty girl looks because i'm not as confident as I want people to think I am so... mommy made me do it"
  9. vavera4ka

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

    disclaimer: born and raised in Belarus. JW: I'm a child of Belarus Me. I fucking KNEW IT! ok so I was joking with my friend about some bad decisions film makers made. or more like passing things that don't really matter. Keanu's "Russian" was bad. but in pronunciation it was closer to Belarusian (since that language is a bit thicker and with more open vowels, that are easier for English speaker). Plus there were references to Catholicism here and there in the movies. Russia has VERY few Catholics. Based on different data anywhere between 15 and 25% of Belarusians consider themselves Catholic. So I yeah. I was joking with my friend, saying he's probably from Belarus. And then both of us saw JW3. and she was like... well... it's not a joke anymore lol
  10. vavera4ka

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    There will be season 5. But it’ll be the last season.
  11. vavera4ka

    The Spanish Princess

    Well, historically he's not supposed to ne mature... Yes they aged him a bit... for our times I guess. But here's the timeline. 1491 - Henry is born 1502 - Arthur dies 1509 - Henry marries Catherine. so "right now" he's about 11-12 years old.
  12. vavera4ka


    I'm not sure how I feel about Bing knowing Vic... or do I not remember that part of the book correctly...
  13. vavera4ka

    Good Omens

    Can we talk about how there's a Queen song for every point in your life? lol
  14. vavera4ka

    Good Omens

    the Russians on the submarine jumping to conclusion on who the war is against... first guess? Ukraine... cheeky LOL
  15. vavera4ka

    Good Omens

    interestingly i found Neverwhere really hard to get through. My fav book of Gaiman is Ocean at the end of the lane. Followed by American Gods. I just love the imagination and language of his writing. It's so obvious that Neverwhere is one of his first books. I could see what would later develop into a cheeky, sarcastic, out of this world style. Maybe if i started with neverwhere and went up the timeline... I'm finished with two episodes and I'm enjoying this a lot. The tongue in cheek dialogue is making me chuckle a lot. The "glorious tool" line made me LOL more than i care to admit. I do wish they took a page out of Lucifer on Fox (the only thing they did right in season 3) and had Gaiman narrate as God.