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  1. One of the courses open in prison Vocational Training is hairdressing, so it is not so unlikely that Rosalind would have access to semi-professional colouring. I wouldn't mind seeing an all "Day of the Stupid Criminal" show. The Sex Toy Thief in this episode was memorable, as was the porch pirate. And who can forget Castle's run ins with West Side Willie and Jessup the WouldBe Locksmith.
  2. I'm of the opinion that the entryway to "drugs" is tobacco. If you are under 18 you are buying tobacco illegally. It's very difficult to smoke marijuana, if you haven't 'trained" on cooler tobacco smoke. And if you are hanging around with the smoking crowd, you are also hanging with the drugs and party crowd. Twenty years later, it looks like the deaths and illnesses from vaping are mostly from illegally produced marijuana made with the same chemical that produces "popcorn lung". Again, start with tobacco, move to weed. Neither her parents nor her caretaker (we both worked) used tobacco, so she wasn't exposed at home. She was already an active feminist and participated in peer to peer programs with Planned Parenthood. So we were not worried about and unwanted pregnancy. She is now a sexual health educator.
  3. Was anyone else annoyed by Jackson's "Bollywood Kiss"? I like that there are a lot of fast moving stories in each episode.
  4. When DD was 16, her boyfriend (15) and his sister (17) lived in a very high end condo, owned by their parents. The parents had built their dream home near a ski hill, 40km outside of the city, but wanted the kids to stay in their school, which was two blocks from the condo. Totally selfish. And yes, the kids turned out badly. Fortunately, DD is very tight with money and we had told her that if she could honestly tell us she hadn't smoked tobacco by the time she was 16, we would give her $1000. BF decided a girlfriend who wouldn't do drugs with him was boring, so the relationship was over after a few months. DD put the money into her university savings account. I actually think one reason they got away with effectively abandoning the kids was that it was an expensive building and the neighbours didn't pay much attention to each other. Social workers don't often get involved with rich families.
  5. Is there a big crossover with sportsball? Don't families have more than one TV? I was at a stamp show today and not one of the (mostly male) collectors mentioned this was also Grey Cup Day (The Blue Bombers won. Not sure who they were playing.)
  6. Not every jurisdiction uses the front plate. Quebec doesn't for example, and many people use them for advocacy. Lots of Marriage Encounter for some reason. And family or personal names. Don't most people with huge trucks have an "everyday" vehicle?
  7. You left out Sean Maher (Firefly) and of course Little Nell was in A Series of Unfortunate Events, although that wasn't Whedon -- but if you push it Captain Hammer was and .... stop stanning. Stop it. STOP!
  8. Katie Segal should be in every sitcom. I wish they would lose the audience though. There are points where the writers are depending on the Applause sign, I think.
  9. There was a fad a decade or more ago for stews in a bread bowl. A small round "artisan" loaf, fairly dense, was hollowed out and filled with chili, or chicken stew. I suppose beef stew would also be a possibility. Then the removed bread was served on the side with butter. So there's your "signature". Add a few more kinds of stew (Mulligatawney, clam chowder, bouillabaise, meatball italiano) as a Daily Special. Two salads- cole slaw and caesar. Now add an all day bacon and egg breakfast - which is very cheap but does need some skill to turn out - I used to work next door to Georgie's Pizza which did all day breakfast in an industrial park. They went through 25 pounds of bacon on an average day. At three strips per breakfast. And a Pie of the Day. If you need dishes, buy them at thrift stores cheaper than Dollarama. Same with cutlery, although it's worth investing in good cutlery. It makes the meal feel like real homemade food. Utilities and taxes are the killers. And insurance. What was the location of The Lunch Box? Strip mall? Standalone? Industrial park? Who was the clientele?
  10. Speaking of product placement, I have a thing about who sponsors programmes, because they are the ones keeping shows on the air. And as a Browncoat.... I started keeping a list at the halfway point: Jamieson Vitamins Capital Direct (loan company) x2 Enbridge (gas/energy) The Brick (low end furniture) x 2 Fibe (no idea what they were advertising) Toyota Chromebook Tide Fortis Gas Disney on Ice (Is Mal a Disney Princess?) Sleepeze Polysporin Best Buy KalTire (x3) KIA x2 Gaviscon Plus the Grey Cup next week (Canadian football), The Good Doctor, Local News, The Mandalorian (Disney +) Which is something like one a minute. These are on CTV here in Canada, but it is interesting that in Season Two there are fewer ads for other network shows than I think there were last season. Since the advertisers are buying our eyeballs, who does this list indicate they think we are? Tense (Gaviscon, Sleepeze), low budget (The Brick) home owners (Capital Direct, utilities), who might have small children (Tide, Polysporin, vitamins, Disney on Ice) ? Thoughts?
  11. Every time Alan Tudyk acts, he is an entirely different person. Wash, and the squire in A Knight's Tale, Alpha, the stoned boyfriend in Death at the Funeral, Hei Hei, Tucker, and now Elroy. He's good. Nice to see that Grace is now tying back her hair when treating patients.
  12. It's very likely that the closing restaurant has all the equipment they would need. That stuff is almost unsaleable, like the fittings in most businesses. There is a rule of thumb in the restaurant business, that the first guy always goes broke, and part of the reason is fitting out the business. Getting product at the co-op/wholesaler is cheaper than at the supermarket. Ugh, horrible flashback, being at the co-op to get soft drinks for our Canada Day stand, and spotting a four gallon tub of poutine gravy mix. Shudder.
  13. It was the "three days late" that bothered me. About half of all pregnancies miscarry naturally . That was why In My Day we were told not to mention a pregnancy until we were past the three month point, because the pregnancy didn't last that long. I personally suspect that a lot of the corcerns young women have about being "infertile" are based on that simple fact. She took a test when she was a few days late. The next day the (quite real) pregnancy miscarried. The Pill is about 91% effective. The IUD about 99% in part because it doesn't allow implantation. I think she was perhaps unconsciously wanting to get pregnant and got sloppy with the pills or replacing a patch. Nolan needs to get the snip asap. Generally, I like having a lot of stories rushing past. And how they are thematically tied. Wacky fun! - Hoban Washburne
  14. He was lucky. Jessica must have gone off The Pill for pregnancy to even be a question. And didn't tell him. Not nice. Or smart. I know a few women who take it every day, because they really really hate periods. They didn't have The Talk? Even the merry widows in the seniors residence have The Talk when they find a capable partner. In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom tucked it into the song "Sexy Stranger (Please Don't Be A Murderer)". Otherwise, Nathan got some physical comedy in with the car seat. So I guess he's happy. The show was at 10:42 before I realized. Things moved along. I'm getting to like Nyla. Such a bitch. Love it. The sportsball stuff was not too annoying. The kid is smooth. Hope the actor has a good career in the future. And all three of the "community service" leads worked out. Pregnant lady , squirrel hater, and They Live in the Shadows report. Mingus felt safe with only Angela providing security, knowing he will be carrying $2 million in diamonds? It was pretty apparent that he is an idiot. Born on third base and thought he hit a triple. Angela's friend is getting some non-Bradford screentime. Good. And their conversation was almost Bechtel-worthy. There were a LOT of commercials. And while I see different ones here in Canada, it's good for the show that most were pretty high end. Two different cars, a couple of banks, sanitary paper (Bounty and Purell), meal box delivery, vacation, local high end appliance dealer, Apple TV, Disney, a couple of upcoming movies. That means whatever the audience is, the advertisers are willing to buy some time with those eyeballs. If your favourite show is filling commercial breaks with ads for local lube job joints, the station's own programs, payday loans, or "as seen on TV " products, the end is nigh.
  15. Thank you for the clarification. Here in Canada the Presbyterians joined with the Methodists and Congregationalists in the 1920s to make the largest Protestant denomination and has always been an activist, leftist church. For example, Tommy Douglas who introduced universal healthcare to Canada in the 1960s was also a United Church minister. There is a Free Presbyterian Church as well, but it is very small. My mum attended it in her later years. At 95 she was not the oldest member of the congregation.
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