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  1. So does Vanya. I think Ellen Page could almost pull off being a pre teen if she wanted to. And NewBen has a (faint) mustache. So you know he's going to be a douche. I think he's 16, so they either have to really age up Five and replace him with an older actor, or incorporate a time jump so the character catches up with the actor's age. Five said he didn't expect to be 13 when he reappeared in 2019. I could accept a handwave that time travel, at least he way Five does it, has unpredictable effects. But the nannies were someone new each time and then they were replaced promptly. And she was not punished for killing them, although all the children were punished harshly from a very young age. She had no reason to think they were people any more than her dolls. If the children were allowed dolls and toys. Either they have the same father, or they were conceived parthenogenically, in which case we would expect more females. (Only more because there are more combinations than XX and XY). But if parthenogenesis is involved, with some added mutations, then they are not related genetically at all, but only have their mother's genes. I'm probably thinking of Orphan Black here. And it is interesting that Allison was able to bear a child.
  2. Not really. When he got on the bus, he had been living on the streets and begging to put together bus fare. And as I recall, he had been eating a huge meal of tacos just before the elevator scene. I think the Paradox Psychosis requires the sufferer to be aware that they are in the same place as themselves. So Old Five was not affected by the presence of Young Five until he became aware of his own presence, while Young Five was showing signs even before entering the bar.
  3. The 60s started a long time before the 60s. Walden II was a seminal work published in 1947, even though the "intentional community" didn't find land and set up until 1967. Klaus' cult had moved to Texas from San Francisco, but had started there soon after Klaus arrived and was taken in by an elderly and very rich woman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walden_Two
  4. Because Allison has the ability to form real loving relationships, while the others don't, I wonder if early in childhood she "rumoured" Luther. Early enough that she doesn't remember it. Which would give her at least one true friend in that hellhole. Although I've been concerned that she doesn't seem to remember Claire at all this season. If the mothers of all 43 children are normal humans, then the paternal genes become important. But while most people think all women are XX and all men are XY, there are a few people who are XXY or XYY, or other odd combinations. The XYY came to light in the 70s with the Richard Speck case, so if all the mothers were XXY it would be possible to have only one parent and still produce both boys and girls. I wonder how closely those very wierd pregnancies were looked at at the time. And of course where are the other three dozen babies. (https://www.chstm.org/content/his-chromosomes-made-him-do-it-—-again) Also. Why does Lila have an English accent? Sure she was born in Britain, but she was removed from there when she was four and raised by The Handler, whose accent is American. She should have an American accent. It's my experience that if someone is under 13 or 14 when they move where the dialect is different, they will quickly adapt that new accent. It's harder for older teenagers and for adults.
  5. Well, first he was "adopted" by a very rich old woman. Klaus can be charming. And while most people think the 60s was the flower children, most of the leaders were much older, going back to the beatniks of the post-WWII years -- Jack Kerouac was writing his novels in 1950-51 based on his experiences after leaving the Forces. Toss in the poetry of the lyrics and some drugs-- Klaus is on his way. And the mansion did belong to the old lady, who seems to have passed on by 1963.
  6. There were seven new credit cards in his name. They wouldn't have automatically tanked his credit score unless they were in default, Well, as I understand it, every credit card is considered by the scorekeepers as a potential debt. So if you have "too many" credit cards, even if you never use them, they are part of your debt burden, since you could use them tomorrow. Having debt greater than your income can handle is how you tank your credit score.
  7. I'm horrified each time DH uses his credit card in the grocers. That's the one place you don't want to go into debt. And credit cards are encouraging you to spend money you don't have. It's odd with the pandemic and most shops taking cards only for staff safety, but until this happened, I almost never used my debit card (which in Canada draws only on cash in the bank) and my credit card only for things like hotels or travel. There are few places that won't take cash, so spending from the freezer would be simple enough. It can even be cheaper, since in an owner operated business the owner may be happy to take cash which goes into his freezer, and is not reported to the tax man.
  8. I've never heard of Eli Stone, but I'm surprised than no one has mentioned Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which not only used musical numbers to move the plot but had two to four original numbers in every hour long program. And Skylar Astin replaced one third of the central love triangle in the last season. (And in my opinion did a better job than the original actor.)
  9. A child with a strong interest is science and in doing experiments, later gets straight As in school and a perfect SAT score. And this is idiotic how? Noting that her father, mother, brother and SIL are all successful professionals who encouraged her STEM interests. And that she is not the only worker who had a perfect SAT.
  10. I'm in British Columbia, where Hollywood makes a lot of TV and movies. We locked down pretty fast and things are fairly controlled, although the unemployment numbers are awful. Our government is slowly and cautiously allowing a few businesses to open - cafes which have only been allowed take out will be allowed some seating in mid-month- and animation studios have not been closed at all since a lot of that can be done at home. But TV and movie production will only be allowed for Canadian productions in the forseeable future. A program as place-specific as The Rookie is unlikely to qualify in any case.
  11. Covid will push it back-- especially since California has been working hard on isolating the virus. It's a little like the Writer's Strike, not knowing when it can end, but that still allowed enough gathering to give us Dr. Horrible.
  12. Which encouraged me to search YouTube for an old video called "Pool Party".
  13. Why? A straight employed healthy man in his late 40s could have every divorcee over 35 and under 60 chasing him. They could have "date of the week" and be realistic. Although Nolan has been written as a guy who wants a steady woman in his life. I did giggle a bit about having West constantly asked about Nolan's availability as a running joke. Also kids are smaller than adults, so food poisoning (which is what I think was happening?) would affect them faster and harder. Adults also drink coffee and tea which start with boiling water. And boiling kills germs.
  14. Paigow-- Looks like a pretty normal hockey game to me. When my BIL played pro hockey he described his position as "goon".
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