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  1. I'm trying to figure out how Jake got to be a policeman. I noticed that Charles went to Sarah Lawrence, and Terry to University of Syracuse, and Amy also said what university she attended. So I am guessing that a university degree (in law? criminology?) would be pretty much a prerequisite these days for becoming a police officer. But Jake can't do basic arithmetic and is pretty vague on history and literature. And he isn't from a police family. I'm streaming and am only in Season Three, but how did he make the force?
  2. Or he could show them what his life was like in America with him in the Dance Videos, pictures of his Girlfriend, and his Video Game System. Please realize that Nigeria is one of the wealthiest and in many ways most Westernized African nations. It has a strong movie industry, a very influential music industry, and all that oil money. And Nigerians are well-educated and their diaspora is huge. Interesting that Gina Yashere's parents immigrated to Britain, but her father returned to Nigeria without his wife and children and remarried.https://www.theguardian.com/stage/20
  3. The actress playing Ciri has a disconcerting quality, maybe because in some scenes she looks like she's in her twenties, then in others she looks fourteen. ... I agree on Ciri. I can't get a bead on whether she's supposed to be a child or a woman either. That's a lot of what being fourteen is like.
  4. Wellll.... actually..... Queen Elizabeth the First, the Virgin Queen, did almost exactly that. Among her serious suitors were her sister's widower, King PhilipII of Spain, and the kings of Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. I think she was also courted by Czar Ivan the Terrible, but I might be imagining that.
  5. Or you could just say she's a redhead instead of vaguebooking.
  6. Okay - there have been a lot of topless scenes for the women and I've been wondering-- are they CGIing the breasts? Because all the women have the same breasts, about a Bcup, quite round and with small nipples. I've been in enough change rooms in my long life to know that there are a lot more shapes and nipple sizes in reality, so .... CGI or a really intrusive casting process?
  7. Cavill is English. So he's doing the voice and the accent.
  8. Sheldon should wash his hair. Or at least comb it.
  9. He's had two longish relationships with women, a fellow soap star in their 20s which seems to have broken up over her drug use and another in his 30s who soon after their breakup married an Australian comedian and had a baby. Then three shorter term relationships all with actresses that he tweeted about a lot, all of them over before Castle ended. But as others have said, nobody's business but his own.
  10. And I hope, since Wesley the annoying defence lawyer got retconned into Angela's true love, that the DA becomes Nolan's nemesis. Nice to see Nathan still getting his friends jobs, and Michael Trucco is a solid actor. Not manboobs- pecs.
  11. While Dottie is crippled enough to need company, I doubt she is much over 75, given that her eldest is about 50. And she was, up to her stroke, active in the family company. So a retirement community would be hell on earth for her. If anyone else watches Grace and Frankie, you may remember their reaction to a short stay in one after the beach house was sold. A smaller house or town house or apartment, fine. But not "with people her own age".
  12. And of course, bear with me on this, he could leave his phone in his locker. Yes, I am old. How could you tell?
  13. Chen's lipstick !! Wow!!
  14. Yes. I am a Browncoat.
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