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  1. No that's Trailer Park Boys, and possibly FUBAR, and definitely The Mackenzie Brothers. But not Letterkenney. If you are not familiar with Letterkenney this was the one with the least swearing. It's on HULU in the US and broadcast in Canada.
  2. Our business was required to have a name and address (from government issued ID) for anything we bought. We were in the philatelic business both retail and auction. Same with pawn shops, coin dealers, anyone buying and selling second hand goods. This was a municipal bylaw though. I believe our auction consignors would be getting income tax forms for their sales. Most of our over the counter purchases were fairly low value (under $1000) because we preferred to push those to auction, where the seller would do better, and more importantly our capital would not be tied up.
  3. I have a cute little antique mesh coin purse filled with toonies and loonies. Ready for the apocalypse! (Do zombies accept Canadian Tire money?) The good thing about cash is no one knows where you got it, and no one knows where you spent it. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not following you.
  4. Men. Lanford is a working class town. A bowl of stew with mashed potatoes on the side? Solid meal for a solid man. Not so much the ladies who lunch. And 'stew ' covers a lot of dishes. Chicken and dumplings, Chicken and biscuits, chili, chili con carne, fish or clam chowder. Chow mein. Chop suey. Spaghetti bolognaise. My mum made "mince and tatties" - hamburger stew served over mashed potatoes. Every Wednesday. And today at lunch in a Thai restaurant I had something that turned out to be a huge plate of spicy ground pork served with fried basil leaves and sticky rice. Not to mention single men who would enjoy a hot comfort meal each day, while making sandwiches and microwave pizza at home for themselves.
  5. I have a lot of friends who I "talk" with online, meet at conventions and clubs, and before I retired ,worked with closely. But never knew their addresses or where they lived. Since Ed was a solitary hoarder, and estranged from Dan, it is not unreasonable that Dan would not recognize the address as his late father's house.
  6. On the bright side, that does mean that the show is popular with the most important viewers-- the advertisers. And the quality of the advertisers remains high. Lots of cars, not too many local carpet shops, advertisers who pay big money to the networks for your eyeballs. I like imagining who those advertisers think are watching the shows I'm viewing. Like on MSNBC there are a lot of ads for pharmaceuticals, mostly to cure chronic problems. And insurance companies. So MSNBC is watched by hypochondriacs? And The Rookie by people who go to movies and buy expensive cars? FWIW- At $7.99 (cdn) a month, Netflix costs me $100 a year and so does Amazon Prime.
  7. I'm waiting for her to torch Nolan's truck. Unless the sponsor wouldn't like that. Perfect.
  8. What? No evil twin? I know Nathan started his career in the soaps, but geez... And The Conners already did it. (And very well too).
  9. Although I understand a body shot is easier. Perhaps in the groinal area would capture his attention.
  10. I was told at a Friends of the Library Book Sale a couple of years back, that prisons cannot accept donations of hardcover books. Only paperbacks. And that crime fiction was the most popular genre with prisoners.
  11. My high school, opened in 1955 just before the Baby Boom hit, and closed by 1983 when the suburb ran out of kids, did not have a pool. But DD's school, built in 1925 in a middle income neighbourhood (houses now sell in the million dollar plus range) does have one. This is in Canada.
  12. One of the courses open in prison Vocational Training is hairdressing, so it is not so unlikely that Rosalind would have access to semi-professional colouring. I wouldn't mind seeing an all "Day of the Stupid Criminal" show. The Sex Toy Thief in this episode was memorable, as was the porch pirate. And who can forget Castle's run ins with West Side Willie and Jessup the WouldBe Locksmith.
  13. I'm of the opinion that the entryway to "drugs" is tobacco. If you are under 18 you are buying tobacco illegally. It's very difficult to smoke marijuana, if you haven't 'trained" on cooler tobacco smoke. And if you are hanging around with the smoking crowd, you are also hanging with the drugs and party crowd. Twenty years later, it looks like the deaths and illnesses from vaping are mostly from illegally produced marijuana made with the same chemical that produces "popcorn lung". Again, start with tobacco, move to weed. Neither her parents nor her caretaker (we both worked) used tobacco, so she wasn't exposed at home. She was already an active feminist and participated in peer to peer programs with Planned Parenthood. So we were not worried about and unwanted pregnancy. She is now a sexual health educator.
  14. Was anyone else annoyed by Jackson's "Bollywood Kiss"? I like that there are a lot of fast moving stories in each episode.
  15. When DD was 16, her boyfriend (15) and his sister (17) lived in a very high end condo, owned by their parents. The parents had built their dream home near a ski hill, 40km outside of the city, but wanted the kids to stay in their school, which was two blocks from the condo. Totally selfish. And yes, the kids turned out badly. Fortunately, DD is very tight with money and we had told her that if she could honestly tell us she hadn't smoked tobacco by the time she was 16, we would give her $1000. BF decided a girlfriend who wouldn't do drugs with him was boring, so the relationship was over after a few months. DD put the money into her university savings account. I actually think one reason they got away with effectively abandoning the kids was that it was an expensive building and the neighbours didn't pay much attention to each other. Social workers don't often get involved with rich families.
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