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  1. I did NOT see the fakeout coming (about Jeff & Target). I was so surprised! haha! I thought Beverage Boy was a great match for Amy, except he said on her older gentleman date, 'If you're not going for him, I will', so I assumed he was gay. Also, how was Dina's date's OLDER sister, the old man's babysitter??? a sister 40 years his senior?
  2. Jonah's complete flusteration (i know it's not a word) when he found out about Amy's crush was so adorable. I do want those 2 together.
  3. worshipping idols and swearing falsely are 2 differnet commandments. Worshipping idols is the 2nd commandment and I think swearing falsely is the 8th or 9th. Funnily, for someone who's supposed to be 'literally' living biblically, 'worshipping' his smartphone is not a literal interpretation but a broader interpretation. But he's kind of right.... there's all kinds of idols, people worship money, worship celebrities, worship the internet... :D
  4. I haven't started watching the show yet and i want to, but am hesitant. I'm an orthodox Jew and while I live biblically, there's a reason why we have the Talmud and other books that expound on and explain what is written in the Torah (Old Testament), bc it's impossible to live LITERALLY biblically without understanding and dissecting what the verses possibly mean and how to apply it in a practical way. In addition, most of the literal 'word of the verse' does not apply in 2018 because of the way times have changed. We don't kill/punish people for transgressing the law, there are no animal sacrifices, and a lot of other things - that's why there are endless multitudes of tomes expounding on the literal words of the Bible. So it might be funny to watch how it's interpreted literally, but it might also be aggravating. I can't decide. But I do miss seeing Mr. O'Neill from what was that show with the gay son, I forget. I might give this a try...
  5. i'm really happy that Mateo finally told the truth to jeff. But I wanted to see closure to that storyline. I guess it's a setup for a bigger arc. I wonder what's gonna happen now! I think Dina put that tape in on purpose....
  6. I had to cover my screen for a large part of it bc I was so squicked out - I do not like violent and gross things on my 'comedy' shows. So, questions: 1) the person Karl painted who called the cops - how did he escape? 2) how did he survive the virus? 3) Why did he bury the guard, if he couldve eaten him? 4) how did the Last People on Earth manage to enter the prison compound without a key? The jail was locked from inside but not outside?
  7. He was actually in his early fifties at this point :D but yes, they probably gave up too fast.
  8. ahhh, that makes sense. He did simply pop through the door to go back to the room where he and Janet were monitoring the tickers. I wonder how they got angels to play the parts of her friends, so perfectly. :D
  9. I'm a rabid fan of this show and have dutifully suspended disbelief every episode, since this after all a 'fantasy' show. But this episode made me very skeptical. It's relying way too much on coincidence. WHY would Eleanor want to change, if all they did was rewind the time? Unless they put her back on earth, or in a simulation, with no memories of her time in heaven, but with the changes to her soul bc of all the ethics she had learned. WHY would someone as thoroughly used to being self centered as Eleanor suddenly decide to change, just bc she had a near death experience? It's not realistic. Also: Is no one coming after Michael and Janet in the judge's void? The bad place people know what happened by now. Is the portal sealed and that's why they are protected? Last but not least, HOW did Michael insert himself into Eleanor's 'simulation'? I guess he went from demon to guardian angel?
  10. There have been 3 devastating fatal fires in my community in the past year or so. In one, a mother and 3 of her children died, and the father and 2 surviving siblings, who all jumped from the roof - the father had to PUSH them down bc they were so afraid to jump - are still, as far as I know, intubated and unaware that the rest of the family perished. In another one, 7 children from the same family died. Both houses had the same setup. In both cases the fire rushed up from the ground floor to the open staircase, effectively trapping everyone who slept in the front bedroom; they couldn't jump through the window bc the fire was raging from below, and the stairs were blocked off. In both cases there was only one working smoke detector; in one case in the basement - which no one on the 2nd floor or attic heard - and in the other case, on the ground flour, therefore a sibling and cousin were able to yell up to the parents that there's a fire, and run out the side door. In the 3rd case, an older couple was killed when they failed to completely extinguish a charcoal grill burning on their patio, and the flames basically burned for hours until a neighbor noticed. A teenage daughter managed to jump; the father went back to get the mother, who I believe was in a wheelchair or had some other difficulty walking, and they both died. I think there were no working smoke detectors in that house at all. Our community is still in shock and mourning, especially in the cases of the 7 siblings and the mother + 3 siblings. Having working batteries in smoke detectors is of EXTREME importance. I am always afraid to go to bed if I dont have 2 working smoke detectors. I even failed a housing inspection recently because the smoke detector outside my kitchen was 10 feet too far from my son's bedroom! May God watch over all of us. Yes, Jack was a fictional character, but I hope this episode raises awareness of fire safety. Running back into a burning house for ANY reason, is never a good idea. (I can't even watch this episode bc of my phobia of house fires.) There are parts of NJ that are literally bordering PA. Like Cherry Hill. But then again, that would make it very far from NYC, where Randall works.
  11. The Threesome are all still somewhere in the five stages of grief. None of them have reached acceptance yet. Randall and Kevin are somewhere between denial and bargaining, and Kate is somewhere between anger and depression. Come to think of it, she's probably between bargaining and depression. Bargaining is 'if only' - her guilt is her wish for it to be different.. How she hasn't been in therapy all this time, i don't understand. this is a huge thing for a teen to go through.
  12. I didnt watch the episode bc I have fallen very behind on This Is Us and have been satisfying myself through these forums :D. I did watch the aftershow though and was struck with something bizarre: How on EARTH was Jack not covered with a sheet? Or being transferred to the morgue? A deceased patient is not left like that out in the 'open' so that anyone can just walk into the room like Rebecca did. Unless I'm missing more context since I didn't watch the episode. Secondly, I always say this during any TV show that involves bereavement and mourning, and even in real life to people who lost a loved one. The Jewish practices of mourning, especially the week of shiva, is the kindest, most comforting thing ever. Spending a week doing nothing but remembering the loved one, and having NO obligations - no need to go to work, show up at social events, not even change their clothes - really helps a mourner try to achieve a measure of comfort and closure. I don't know how this show will go forward helping the the foursome process their grief, but it's clear that many of them, especially kate, have never achieved closure. Simply giving mourners time off from real life and sitting with them and helping them process their feelings is an incredible thing. (May we never know of it....!)
  13. Yes. Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism are not the same thing at all! In orthodoxy every little thing we do is governed by halacha (jewish law), with the understanding that the more good deeds we attain in this world, the bigger our portion will be in the World to Come. Anyway, I think I'll rest the conversation at this point :D. If you google "Do Jews believe in afterlife" it's interesting to see the results; the first result is from Chabad, and the second is from Reform, and the replies are very different !
  14. So they ARE going through with a Dina pregnancy...
  15. I have no idea what you're talking about here :D. I'm Orthodox and that is *ALL* we literally learn about - how every single action we do affects our afterlife, and that we're *ONLY* here on this earth to accumulate good deeds for after our 120 years are up. This world is only an anteroom for our real life, which is after death... This world is actually called the "World of Lies" and the afterlife is called "The World of Truth."
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