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  1. If I were Coltee, I would get tested for STD. Jess admitted to 7-8 boyfriends in the US, and God only knows how many exes she has in Brazil? She seems to sleep with anything that moves.
  2. I wonder if they all have dental work with no Novocaine too? Or are only the women to not have pain relief?
  3. I dislike Colt and Jess, but I do think they make a good couple. Both are obnoxious, and usually two people like that don't mesh, but they really seem to get along well? I also think Jess has Debbie's number, and will win that game.
  4. Someone should ask Andre's parents how they got him to actually have a job and work.
  5. Why are Colt and Larrissa on Happily Ever After? They are not together any more?
  6. What TV show is she on, that she gets discussed so often here?
  7. Why do none of these men seem to want to work? Did they work in their home countries?
  8. TLCs newest sextuplets just turned two. Look at them, and then look at Oliver...there is no comparison whatsoever. That woman needs to stop breast feeding and lap holding that poor child and set him free to do normal things.
  9. I have never seen Oliver with a toy in his hands of any kind? All he seems to do is scream and still nurse.
  10. Wouldn't his dad be proud of him now!!!!
  11. Doesn't the oldest baby seem sort of thin and sickly looking? And she breast feeds them both?
  12. This is way off topic, but does anyone remember back when they finished remodeling the farm house? Some things did not pass inspection, and Amy was super aggressive with the man doing the inspection. She ran to his truck and prevented him from leaving the farm. What I can't remember, is whether she sat in the driver's seat of his truck, or did she actually sit on his lap? I think she had to be threatened with him calling the police before she finally allowed him to leave?
  13. Doesn't Brittany seem to drink more than a normal amount? Who guzzles alcohol out of a bottle like that? Just seems worrisome to me.
  14. I find it strange, that the three fathers of the multiples shows are all so pussy whipped. Seems like at least one of them might have a stronger personality, but nope, all three...Jon, Adam, and Eric have handed their balls over to their wives. The three wives decided that they needed just one more child, and that their husbands can only work at what and when they decide is right.
  15. Mimi saved the day by taking the out of control kids inside until they rested and calmed down. Wouldn't you think the mother of six would have thought to do that? Danielle is too selfish to put the needs of her daughters first.
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