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  1. The only thin thing that I could ever see on Whit were her lips. And then she had them puffed out so they look fat too.
  2. Bini is supposedly so wild about his son? I keep remembering the scene where he told the nanny "Take the baby away." I don't think either he or Ari had/have much to d with that poor child.
  3. She is still over feeding her girls I see. Doesn't seem to ever learn anything?
  4. Chris didn't go with Amy to visit her father? Maybe he had to stay home and take care of the new fish?
  5. Seems like at one of her outside parties, the dog liked Ashley's daughter a lot?
  6. What kind of doctor would help Whit grow a baby that she is totally unable to care for? I suppose she can hire nannies? No wonder her parents are appalled about this. Once she gets bored with a baby she will drop it off for them to raise, old as they are. Some one other than her needs to take a good hard look at this situation.
  7. If the house sells, how soon before she hands all of the money to Kodi I wonder?
  8. She and Ed belong together..in looks and personality. Both think they are going to find some young hot thing and it isn't going to happen! What do they see when they look in the mirror I wonder?
  9. I watch. I think I am getting new and old? Some say new, but I have seen so few of them that I am not sure.
  10. It was based on every picture I have seen of the baby. Apparently the doctor agrees with me. Don't often hear of a normal sized 4 month old getting put on a diet? The baby just has rolls and rolls of fat. Poor little thing.
  11. To me, that baby is morbidly obese. With her parents, her odds of becoming a slim teen and adult are nil and none.
  12. Fat baby, fat adult. They make extra fat cells that they will battle their whole life. Plus they are being taught to over eat right from the start.
  13. I still can not believe the doctor will be able to harvest any eggs from Whit, through the mountain of fat in that area? I suppose the whole thing is yet another big lie though?
  14. The fans watch the show weekly, but are not good enough to be shown a special of the wedding? Instead, TLC allows Amy to sell the rights to it to People Magazine. Well screw that. When months from now TLC gets around to showing the wedding, they can stick that episode right up their butts!
  15. We need to hook up Whit and Michael from 90Days. They are both crazy to have a baby, and he doesn't seem to mind a fat woman with a loud obnoxious mouth.
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