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  1. Jazz is such a pretty girl. Am sad to hear she has gained so much weight. That will be a lot to lose, if ever?
  2. I wish the children had a little more meat on their bones. Do they get enough to eat? I suppose so, as they are certainly all active enough.
  3. Natalie was all, baby, baby, right now! And now she doesn't want one at all?
  4. Jackson's speech may be delayed a bit, but the words he does use are used and pronounced correctly. Plus he does have other handicaps from his dwarfism, and who knows how much extra energy he must expend doing the things that are easy for other kids?
  5. There is no way Alana can use her phone or computer or even write with those long ridiculous nails. Surely she doesn't wear them full time? Kids that age usually live on their phone, texting and playing games.
  6. I think Adam is such an ugly little man. Those bulging eyes and that high voice don't add anything to him either. Worst thing about him, he thinks he is hot. So many of the poor girls have those eyes too.
  7. God, I sure hope Pumpkin doesn't let that loud filthy mouthed June live with her. Just what you want around your babies. Plus she is so over sexed, she would have a parade of men in that house before she is done. She would just take over like she always has, and that is bad for everyone.
  8. And yet, Chris has already learned that it is much easier to just give into Amy rather than fight her over anything. Like making shelves in the garage because he knows not a single box will ever leave that house. Matt probably got sick of arguing with Amy when he knew nothing would ever change her mind about anything.
  9. The more Matt spends, the better. Less to leave for those ungrateful boys.
  10. It took Matt 30 years to discover the only way to win with Amy, was to just get away from her. Now she has her man and can be happy at last. Except, after she sold her share of the farm and pocketed the money, now she is sad because she no longer owns a part of it as she kept telling us during pumpkin season.
  11. If Matt had been allowed to have any say in raising the boys, their room would have been clean, and by the time they were grown, they would have learned how the farm is run and works by hands on experience. Amy did them no favor at all in insisting they not work or learn to be half way neat. I think she said it would ruin their childhood, or something similar? Maybe her mother was a neat freak and actually made Amy and her brother work around their house?
  12. Matt knows that if he tells Zack what to do, Zack will walk. There really is no incentive for him to work at all. He thinks it will all come to him in the end, no matter how he acts now.
  13. Zack kept saying that he is the co-owner of the farm? So he bought half of it? All three boys were raised totally by Amy, and Matt was not allowed to interfere period. So we now have three "men", that are lazy beyond reason, and also the three are total idiots. They inherited Amy's brain it looks like. The only successful one is Molly, and she raised herself and has her father's intelligence. Matt might as well admit to himself that none of the three boys is capable of running anything. He needs to sell the farm when he tires of running it, and leave the money to the boys in a guardianship ty
  14. June supposedly has cataracts that can not be removed? I had cataracts. Before removal, squinting didn't help my vision any. After removal, I was very very sensitive to all light. For a blind person she sure made it inside that gas station at a fast pace..a place that was unknown to her? Hopefully squinting does help her vision.
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