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  1. winsomeone

    Season Six Discussion

    Look who Jonah has for a role model.
  2. winsomeone

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Also, Jackson may do everything right on schedule, Tori, but he is still a dwarf and will always have to deal with the problems associated with that. Seems like she hasn't really accepted his condition entirely yet?
  3. winsomeone

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Get tired of Zack whining about being over extended. Wonder if he ever thought about getting a job then?
  4. winsomeone

    S02.E12: Tell All

    The Winder wives don't live in the same house? I was surprised to hear that. From watching the show had thought they all lived together. The husband even has them recruit his next wife..how nice of him.
  5. winsomeone

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    They had interest only loans on the four houses, so I doubt they will get anything from the sale of them other than to be free from the mortgages?
  6. winsomeone

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Maybe Zack can get a job, and then when Matt doesn't do as he wishes, leave the pile of excess gifts on the ground and go home. What kind of a man is he?
  7. winsomeone

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Jackson is just one..if Zack wants him to have fewer gifts, then gather up the excessive ones and donate them to some charity. Problem easily solved, and no one's feelings are hurt..
  8. winsomeone

    Season Six Discussion

    What mother would allow her child to be chased like Alex was? Not many that I know.
  9. winsomeone

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Zack's house seems to have a lot of stairs in it? Is that wise when two and possibly more dwarfs will be living there with mobility problems maybe facing them in the future? I would think a one story home might be a better fit. The same with Amy..I would think she would rather move into a smaller one story home, as she never was much into cleaning, and if she keeps on packing on the pounds, how much longer can she climb the stairs?
  10. winsomeone

    S07:E14: AnnJeannette's Story

    I don't like that therapist they use. She always wants the patient to blame her/his family for their failures, and that is usually not the case. AJ's family seemed to love her a lot and were very supportive of her period. Not easy to live with and take care of a 700 pounder, but I didn't hear any complaints from them? Some bad eating habits are generational in families..it is just how they were all raised.
  11. winsomeone

    S02.E10: One Wedding and a Funeral?

    Am I the only one? About 30-40 minutes into the show, TLC in north east Ohio showed a totally different show, and I never got to see the things everyone else saw? The listing showed Seeking Sister Wives, but another show was on instead?
  12. winsomeone

    S06.E13: Game Night

    Her hands looked so fat on Buddy's leg...she is just gross all over. I dislike her so much that I don't want to see her have any sort of relationship period, with anyone, even loser Buddy, and that makes me ashamed of myself.
  13. winsomeone

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story

    The one story said Kelly had lost 324 pounds I think. So she was still 400 when she died, and maybe the EMTs still would consider her too large to treat? Seems like those extra large ambulances need to be on call for cases like hers if they qualify for any type of funding from any government source? I thought for sure she would die in that taxi..would suffocate from her own weight. Poor poor soul.
  14. winsomeone

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story

    I still have dreams about this poor soul. She might as well have died alone, because even if someone were with her and called for help, it would have been refused because she is too heavy I suppose?
  15. winsomeone

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story

    They said that the EMTs wouldn't transport her to the hospital when she was stuck in the taxi because she weighed 700 pounds. And yet we have seen others that large get transported to the hospital and back just to get weighed? A good thing the firemen were willing to help her get out of that taxi or she might still be stuck in it. So sad.