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  1. If Whitney were pregnant and needed a c-section, I wonder what would happen? They would have to cut through more than a foot of fat? Maybe they just could not do one. Something she needs to think about?
  2. Does Darcey have a job? I bet every cent TLC gives her is used for plastic surgery. Does Darcey have any friends who could tell her to stop mutilating herself I wonder? She used to be attractive.
  3. I thought Whitney used to say that she had no periods at all? Now she has six a year? Wonder how she manages that when she can't even wipe her own butt? And I really doubt any fertility doctor will help a morbidly obese patient get pregnant, so she will need to do it own her own. Their first advise is almost always for the patient to lose weight. Even if they just carry ten extra pounds. Just more lies they want us to believe.
  4. Why is that poor child so afraid to ride a bike? Her mother's phobias? Never saw a kid who didn't want to learn..to the point of having scraped knees and elbows from trying usually? Most learn well before they are five. My one grandson was just three..but that is early I guess?
  5. People having a panic attack don't usually sit there and announce it to the room like this girl did, and then describe each symptom as it shows up? It sounds more like some sort of a seizure to me? If she knew a panic attack was going to happen, then why didn't she remove herself to her room before it got full blown? I just do not believe her. After Kody dumped her into her bed, then both parents just left her alone it looked like? If that is the case, they could have more easily left her alone in the living room.
  6. Did Cody for sure adopt Robyn's children? Someone said at the time that it was just fake, but maybe they meant the show showing the adoption itself was fake and not the actual adoption?
  7. I think all of Robyn's fussing about only wanting to rent was so fake. When Cody buys her her million dollar home, then she can tell everyone that it wasn't her idea, just Cody's, and that she was against it from the start. Each child has to have their own room, and they all came from an unheated trailer? I would vacate the room when the girl has those attacks. It looked fake to me. Hard to perform like she did if the room is empty. Maybe she needs a good stint in a psych hospital and put on medication?
  8. I still want to know who shaves her legs and under arms now, and ties her shoes? Someone has to be living with her.
  9. I wish Jessa would wash Spurge's hair..it is always such an ugly, greasy looking mess. Plus it needs cutting badly..in the last video I watched he was constantly whipping his hair out of his eyes. That can't be good for him?
  10. If Buddy didn't have sex with her, then I doubt anyone else has either. Surely Lennie didn't?
  11. Was Robyn's million dollar rental just left over scraps? Also, when I saw Cody cuddling with his youngest child it made me mad, as I don't think I have ever seen them show him cuddling with any of the other girls when they were young.
  12. Robyn asked where her money was from the sale of her house? I thought the family made the house payments, so why would anything gained from the sale just belong to her?
  13. Her legs are really heavy too though. I wonder if dwarfs have more trouble with gaining weight than normal sized people? They have the same stomach as others, but the short limbs? Does that make them gain easier?
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