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  1. Review in his London set this weekend: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/may/20/trevor-noah-review-o2-arena-london-royal-wedding I rewatched his “You Laugh But It’s True” and it was remarkable to see how many comics from SA referred to him as arrogant because he dared to reach so high, so early in his career.
  2. A) Sean Penn is just any other asshole violating legal workplace protections for crew, staff and members of the audience. He took probably one drag off it but forced everyone around him to suffer his narcissistic macho control issues for appearances. That’s also not what the tail end of Ambien looks like, but nice try. B) I am super impressed they did the deep cut puppy nursing joke with Dana Carvey. That must have been a hard sell to CBS.
  3. In the episode with the father of six, was anyone else dying a slow death inside watching the eldest daughter spend the whole segment in Target grappling with both her enthusiasm for the handsome gays and her white underwire bra? My second hand embarrassment was so bad I was flop-sweating. I wouldn’t go back to my teenaged years for anything.
  4. I am never not there for Colbert/Banana prop comedy shout outs. PS: When your “Charlie Rose is wonderful banter” comes across as incredibly callous because of pre-taping.
  5. Only $1300 CAD at Nordstrom. Start saving your nickels! The D&G collection also makes it in a girl’s dress if you need.
  6. Sam is not wearing a blazer tonight. I am shook.
  7. Ending that impression with “and now this...” was perfection. The predictive text gag made me laugh so hard I cried a little and then I kept crying a little because it was so accurate. Also, a Tom Hanks cameo is a pretty glorious end game for buying 5 wax presidents with your unlimited dragon money.
  8. I can’t be the only one who said “What, Rowsdower’s in this season?”
  9. I loved Mindy’s sarcastic delivery of “Oh no, it’s my only copy. Don’t...”
  10. Colbert in his Sunday School teacher cardigan completely unable to keep a straight face during that sketch with Nick Kroll sent me to bed with a smile on my face. "My penis has never been whiter. You gotta see it smile!" Stephen looks devasted by his own laughter. Ah-mazing. As always, love his rapport with Chance the Rapper.
  11. I loved/was terrified by moment of zen tonight -just Hannity and his cigarette, casually considering the banality of evil between takes.
  12. John Oliver derisively buffing his Emmy to the sound of wet flatulence is the perfect summary of why this show works so, so well.
  13. Setting previous subject Equifax's logo on fire with your sweet, sweet dragon money during the opening credits is pretty baller. ETA: Former TDS correspondent Oliver referencing Carell's The Office credits in Scranton was everything I never knew I needed in my life.
  14. I was re-watching this episode to get back in the game for tonight and just realized the lady newscaster who admitted she was going to look into the sun during the eclipse was from Calgary. Ermahgerd.
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