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  1. kris4n6

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I thought there was going to be a scene with Randall excusing himself to go to the bathroom to find the phone and delete the message, but the second they walked outside I knew she'd already heard it. Hell, I'm not 100% sure she didn't hear it and then hop in the car and drive like a mad woman to get there and make him feel like shit through the whole dinner. I hope next week has a lot of flashbacks and isn't just an hour of fighting, like with the waiting room last week. As an aside, I understand singing "You Are My Sunshine", because the first verse is great. I sang it to my son (and my cat before that, lol). But the second verse, that I never heard until I listened to a nursery rhyme CD, is a killer. "The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreamed I held you in my arms. When i awoken I was mistaken, and I hung my head and cried" Maybe I always go to worst case scenario but yikes. Not something I'd want to sing to a medically fragile child. Also, no way that 1) Kate's insurance still had her in the hospital (my son was in NICU and after 4 nights I was discharged) and 2) she stood up way too quickly and easily for someone who had just had a c-section. I know I couldn't have, and I had a textbook easy recovery.
  2. kris4n6


    Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, wtf were you thinking???? The "I'll only stay 10 minutes" plan was obviously not going to work, but cheating on the test was even worse. Study in the weeks/days leading up to the exam. I know, it doesn't always work out - I had way more than one all-nighter in college, and I also went Christmas shopping the night before I bombed my Spanish final so I can't say I always studied like I should have. I didn't cheat on it, though (unlike the dickwads in front of me that I should have ratted out, but c'est la vie). I can't believe she did something so stupid. She's probably going to get expelled, or would if this were real life.
  3. kris4n6

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    Lady Emma Portman. I had to look it up but I do now remember Melbourne calling her Lady Emma in the first season.
  4. kris4n6

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    DG's arrogance is off the charts. I checked the "Victoria and Albert: A Royal Love Affair" out of the library and have read a few chapters. She has written in at least one spot about how the Lord Melbourne/Victoria love story from season one was actually accurate and in other places has thrown in what is clearly her made up opinion as "fact". It's enough to make me want to throw the book at someone (preferably her).
  5. kris4n6

    The Masked Singer

    I just started watching (as in binged them all in one night, lol) so I'm sure I'm making guesses everyone else has made. I've read most of this thread and while I know a lot of people are convinced Rabbit is Joey Fatone, I'm still sticking with JC Chasez because I'm contrary like that. I do agree that Peacock is Donny Osmond, but it blows my mind that I never realized how much Donny Osmond sounds like David Hasselhoff, because when he started singing I immediately thought it was the Hoff and I've actually seen DO in concert before. If it wasn't for the height given (and other clues in later episodes that made it pretty obvious it was DO) I would still be arguing for DH. No clue on the Lion. Bee - Gladys Knight Monster - I'm going with Ruben Stoddard. I think the costume is built like that to hide his body shape. Alien - Latoya Jackson (although I thought it was a Kardashian at first) I was inordinately pleased to have guessed Tommy Chong, Margaret Cho, and Tori Spelling right 😁
  6. kris4n6

    S01.E02: Reentry

    I disagree, I found Absentia handled it (especially the first few episodes) just as unrealistically. She comes back and the next episode she's living with her brother and when her husband's friends/coworkers refer to her, they call her "the ex-wife". She was legally still his wife and the new marriage was likely void. I thought they skipped way too much with that show, just like this one is doing. Yes, and I found that realistic that his prior job wouldn't have kept a position - I expect he was an adjunct professor and not tenured, though he also may have taken a leave of absence to take care of Cal. Something I noticed this episode is that they showed the date when the mom died - it was very soon after the flight disappeared, in May if IIRC. When the father talked about her getting sick and dying he seemed to imply it had been a long illness and not sick and dead in a month. I don't know if that's going to end up related to the flight or not (though probably not). That's another thing - why 5 and a half years? Why not just 5 years? I doubt they took it into consideration at all, but the timing is weird. Why that date?
  7. kris4n6

    S05.E13: Principia

    That threw me at first - I didn't realize the extra agents were still there and when one walked by in the scene with Deke and Fitz I had to rewind to see what the hell walked by. Overall a good episode, though I had no idea who the hell Von Strucker was until probably the middle of the episode.
  8. I just finished watching a few minutes ago, so overall right now I'm more upset that Henry and Evan lost than I am that Jessica and Cody won. I didn't mind Jessica and Cody much, though I never fully rooted for them. They were fine, although the last episodes when they wanted Henry and Evan to go home I started rooting against them a little. I really really liked Henry and Evan though, from the first episode on, and I am SO BUMMED that he didn't ask for a check when he had it right. I wish they hadn't even showed that, it's making their loss hard to swallow. UGH. I did like Kristi and Jen fine, and if they had won I probably would feel the same way. All three teams ran a great race, but that decision not to get a check, dammit Henry! Hopefully this won't be the last season of TAR!
  9. kris4n6

    S04.E09: He's Dead

    I feel like I had a totally different takeaway from the final scene. I thought it was showing that Wes/Christophe had been working with Laurel's father and Dominic, from the very beginning. I'm theorizing that Mr. Castillo had him murdered because he found out W/C was sleeping with his daughter instead of anything to do with a public stock sale.
  10. kris4n6

    S30.E03: "It's Gonna Be a Fragrant Day"

    Very misleading promo. Jessica didn't steal Brittany's gnome or IMHO do anything underhanded. It was Brittany's job to watch over her own items. I think Cedric was the only one to keep his backpack with him while doing the roadblock, and I think that's partly why he was so exhausted. I thought for sure that Cedric and Shawn and the food competition guys were going to get penalties for calling out to their teammates when they were trying to find the start of the roadblock again. I was surprised Cedric chose the detour to go through the city again. I though the dance one was much easier - although I guess the descriptions may have made the teams think they'd be graded on their dancing (which is what I thought at first) and chose the other because of that. Glad it was a non elimination round.
  11. kris4n6

    S30.E01: "You're a Champion? Prove it!"

    Love that TAR is back!! I really missed it this past fall. I thought the episode was pretty solid all around - that ending was crazy! I really wish the ring girl in the back had run a little faster (or they'd been able to park and not be in a race at the end at all). I hope Goat Yoga goes next. Honestly, as soon as they were introduced I immediately rolled my eyes and hoped they'd go, but the blonde's bitchy personality really solidified it for me. They can go any time. My husband is rooting against the Big Brother team only because they're on BB and he hates that show. I'm reserving judgement for right now. Loved the skiers and violinists. I was not expecting them to say they were violinists.
  12. kris4n6

    S04.E09: Don't Run

    I agree he would still likely be arrested, but being found in a locked apartment, alone, with a dead body looks way worse than finding a body in an unoccupied home while you have a tentative alibi (though the fast travel from Joe's to the loft would of course complicate that).
  13. kris4n6

    S04.E09: Don't Run

    So in an episode where we find out Barry can vibrate so fast that he's invisible to the naked eye, he just stands there and lets the cops find him standing over a dead body? Why not zip over to the door, vibrate when the cops break in, and then zip out when they're checking the rest of the loft? He could then come walking up the steps with "I got an alarm alert on my phone." I hope this doesn't drag on too long, I really hate wrongfully accused storylines.
  14. kris4n6

    S02.E07: Family Ties

    Yup. I actually stopped watching after the first episode this season but caught that line when turning on the news. How can he say with a straight face that it could be the next 9/11 when he's only in office because of what essentially WAS the next 9/11???
  15. I don't think teammates are allowed to assist the one doing the roadblock. They can yell out encouragement, but that's it. I seriously thought that Tara and Joey realized they'd missed the third mannequin and just thought it would be easier to just go ahead and put everything together before running back for the third. I was shocked when they actually asked for a check from the judge! WTF I was really hoping Brooke would do the shrimp trap roadblock. I think she'd still be doing it. Poor Floyd :( I'm so sad he and Becca went out like that.