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  1. As off putting as Dorit’s yelling at Garcelle was, I understood it in the context of her being Dorit and ‘wanting to be heard’ and not interrupted. Whatever. What REALLY turned me off was RINNA yelling at Garcelle not to tell her to do anything, she can do what she wants, etc. She looked insane. It was really gross. Whereas Dorit looked frustrated, Rinna looked angry and vicious and sounded like it too. I don’t think Garcelle has forgiven her one bit, nor should she, but she’s just going to humor her and move on. But no way she trusts her. She’s done.
  2. I think PK was amusing himself. Maybe seeing if he could get some laughs from her crazy stories. He was in the WWHL audience since Dorit was on and Andy flat out asked him a question about whether he was sorry for laughing and saying it was unbelievable. And it was like ‘no, because it was’. He didn’t even hesitate. So I think he didn’t have anything better to do with Dorit off and about than to try and entertain himself. I just wish we could’ve seen him asking her questions and her spinning more stories.
  3. I’m either confused about multiple accidents or she’s seriously gaslighting me through the screen. I’m rewatching past seasons and in 2 (8&10) she mentions the accident where Tom broke his ankle. It’s always downplayed and sh either wasn’t there (she heard about it) or was just back from Tokyo (s8 trip with Rinna). Either way there was NO talk of it being anything like what she’s saying or that she was in the ER making decisions. I mean, they were filming! And there was nothing? That would’ve been prime bravo viewing. They’d have loved to have had Devoted Wife Erika rushing to his aid.
  4. So Charlie sheen is now celebrating he doesn’t have to pay child support for Sami OR Lola. He’s trying to say Lola lives with him too even though she apparently only visits. This after he hadn’t paid in four years.
  5. In binge watching, there’s a scene when this happened and Erika was either just leaving Tokyo (where she was with Rinna) when it happened or just back. She says about getting the call. It doesn’t seem she could've been at the hospital making decisions about brain vs ankle surgery. She’s relating this to Mikey (?). It’s three days, by her statement, since it happened. She’s not at the hospital or at home (where it’s inferred Tom is) she’s at her little hideaway apartment. There’s no way that brain injury story is on the up and up. It’s been a bit surreal to see the discussion again in light of
  6. I kind of wish they’d bring Sara Rue’s character back for Bradford. She was the dispatcher (?) with a crush on him.
  7. I had a bad sprain in January and it still bugs me intermittently. My now-26 year old daughter had one a few years ago and still has foot issues. I’m with Sutton. I’d totally be in that chair. Crutches are awkward and uncomfortable and a boot isn’t always recommended. And she did tell Garcelle the doc said to not put weight on it for 6-8 weeks. To me that says ‘no boot’. agree with everyone saying their behavior towards Garcelle was gross. Kathy did say ‘yes’, she knows what it’s like to feel different when she walks in a room but when Garcelle said ‘every day?’ she at least said ‘no
  8. I think he probably was controlling based on previous seasons. I also think she’s totally complicit in many, if not most, of the financial shenanigans. She didn’t mind him being the boss as long as she got to live a certain lifestyle. And he obviously didn’t mind her EJ sideline. And just basically a horrible person based solely on what she’s shown us over the last several seasons.
  9. I agree. Sutton likes to take chances with her fashion. Sometimes she’s awesome (her white talking head outfit and get red one) and sometimes not. This is a not. And those earrings! ☠️ I’d like Garcelle’s more without the mesh up top but then it may not photograph well when seated. I think the material on the overskirt will prevent flashes while she’s seated. Some of these will definitely look better on camera. Rinna’s makeup is probably her best since the first except for those lips. But her hair and makeup have been awful. Crystal looks awesome. I like the color and length of Kathy’s. Dorit
  10. I was just thinking about Garcelle as I was reading the latest posts.. I think eboni put a lot of people off because she approached an already potentially explosive subject like a lawyer and it made people reflexively defensive. It’s like she wanted to grill people rather than actually enlighten. Garcelle approached it like a friend. She had great conversations with Kyle (about the accusations of non payment and how that can be especially damaging given stereotypes); crystal, who’s Asian about dealing with racism and how their cast mates are fortunate enough not to HAVE to see color but they d
  11. I think Sutton was pretty nice to Denise last season or at least not in on the gang up. She was just a Friend Of but I don’t think she’d have gone along anyway. She believes her over Brandi. https://www.realitytea.com/2020/08/17/sutton-stracke-believes-denise-richards/ Seems she had some of them pegged even last year. So I’d definitely watch a show with the three of them and someone like Ali Landry. Since Sutton was introduced as a friend of Lisa’s but we never see friendly interactions, I wonder if Sutton’s experience with what she witnessed and with her growing friendship with garcelle
  12. I think he probably also got negative editing after Pantygate because of how Andy thinks sunshine comes out of Erika’s butt. I think she helped scuttle Kathryn too who I actually found more interesting than Erika who really just had the Erika Jayne thing to make her ‘interesting’.
  13. And yet she’s accomplished the most (success as a working way longer than the Richards sisters as were Denise and Eileen. Rinna hasn’t had a decent role in forever.) is renowned for her beauty and was a name before she came on the show.
  14. I REALLY want someone to check the weather reports for the period she’s talking about. Easier than trying for police and/or accident reports. Though Tom was well known enough to have maybe drawn notice, or should have. Plus Erika was on the show when the original accident happened so you know when it was. edited to add that njbchlover did this.
  15. I’m with you on everything 100%. And even if something had happened, Brandi is trash for revealing it and the coven, especially Rinna (who was a friend before the show) was trash for their pile on.
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