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  1. I wonder if they lost a bunch when her boutique went belly up. Or during some of the financial downturns. Because I agree—they don’t live high on the hog and they’ve been pretty steady workers for a long time.
  2. Eboni must not realize there was a fairly decent free African American community in Salem. She could’ve put on the costume (or not) and contributed some AA history in an organic way rather than the way it played out at her Harlem dinner. (And that may have been different were it or for covid if they could’ve gone to the Apollo or something) There’s even a listing of AA sites in Salem. And the costume of the colonizer? Wouldn’t that really be more appropriate for Native Americans to say in this particular instance? (Here’s your chance luann! Lol) http://npshistory.com/brochures/sama/african-am
  3. I don’t even entirely hate petty fights. Better than some of the ugliness sometimes brought out. And the glorious first season basically had Camille going on about Kyle supposedly slighting her. (Is Kelsey going to be there? became’no one’s interested in you if Kelsey isn’t there). And we got the Dinner from Hell out of Camille flogging that horse.
  4. She was on one or two episodes of Agents of SHIELD and was stuck on earth. So she wasn’t around for Hela to kill or to die in Ragnarok. Jamie’s Blindspot work hopefully spared her for some future appearances. :)
  5. I wonder if part of the difference between Garcelle and Eboni‘s approaches is partly their career fields. Garcelle spoke so well (not articulately!) to Kyle about the damage of saying Garcelle hadn’t paid for the raffle and later when she and crystal were talking about their own experiences and how they don’t have the privilege to not think about race like their white castmates do. Garcelle is in a business where you aren’t necessarily blunt and lecturing (for want of a better word) because you can’t afford to alienate people who could give you a job. And while she’s not A list, she, like Eil
  6. I totally agree. Ramona has her faults but Sonja is no friend and eboni and Leah can shut up. Sonja has been ragging on Ramona at least back to the season Mario and Ramona split. Sonja had to interject HER feelings about her own marriage like there was any similarity. This episode was just more of the same. And she’s starting up with Lu again. She usually ping pongs between Ramona and Lu but since she’s got Leah and Eboni this season she can be nasty to/about both of them. Sonja has some good qualities but loyalty isn’t one of them.
  7. He took his knowledge with him to the past. I figure he either used Howard’s contacts (how Howard got the original vibranium) or used Tony’s since Tony mentioned he knew of black markets, etc. when discussing Klauwe and vibranium. Or Peggy got a hold of some through SHIELD. Vibranium was also tied to the Herb that gave black Panthers their powers and, since that’s gone, maybe Loki can introduce some extra ala the Infinity Stones.
  8. I’ve always gone with the writers and with what Bruce said when explaining time travel. Steve was always meant to travel back. He created a time loop not an alternate timeline. This is what their quantum physics technical advisor agreed with. I never got why the Russos are given more credence than the writers and advisers. I think Loki and the TVA are answering these things and closing their own loopholes to start fresh. Probably why it wasn’t touched on in WandaVision and danced around in Falcon and the winter soldier. I loved seeing the flashbacks to Endgame. I’m going to miss that era of wh
  9. I’m totally with you! Steve Rogers is my favorite. #alwaysCap (seriously, love Sam as CA but don’t call him Cap! Lol ) So I totally squealed when I saw the ‘Loki mocking him’ footage. That was either deleted/an alternate shot or new. Loved it either way. Maybe that’s where the rumors of Chris Evans returning came from. Lol And Loki mocking Steve is hilarious and one of Thor 2’s best moments. I laughed at it in Endgame and here too. He knows he’s Thor’s closest Avengers friend (until later Bruce) and is just the anti-Loki. Perfect for mockery and mischief. Plus that it was that mockery which go
  10. Really liked Owen Wilson here and I’d been wondering if he’d be a good fit. One day I’m just going to trust they never miscast even when it seems a ‘huh?’ love seeing Gugu M-R. Gorgeous and a good actress. Love, love seeing Wunmi M as, yes, she was divine in Lovecraft Co. and I wondered if it was a flerken too! they retconned Loki as being under Thanos’s mind control with scepter (whatever 🙄) so I wonder if they’ll touch that or ignore it. Because he doesn’t seem to be acting like he was. It was so moving though for him to see what his life had become only to realize he dies. I w
  11. Unfortunately I think any new cast members would’ve been brought in through Leah and allied with her. And while Ebony has a different personality, I dread the thought that another Leah adjacent member would be Leah 2.0. I can only co-sign with everyone else that I can’t stand her. And her tantrums aren’t even real imo. She just waits for something and you can almost see the light bulb go off over her head. The limo was the perfect example. Such a staged flouncing off.
  12. I kinda thought that Sutton thought that, given her awkwardness and her southernness, in topics of race she may be jumped on as being racially insensitive. That’s why she brought up stereotypes. I could see her worrying and knowing that her awkward behavior would make it look worse —which it did in just this little bit— and then it would spiral and she’d be this years target (especially if Erika and her gang needed one to divert attention) and it would be this year’s whole thing and with something as serious as race. So she fumbled and made a nothing comment into something uncomfortable.
  13. I liked Kathryn. She had her flaws but I thought she was a nice person and liked her not being cowed by LVP but not going after her either. I was annoyed she was just one season. Especially since she and Donnie apparently bought a French vacation home. Travel porn! But, yes, that dinner. It was an interesting look at the Girardi marriage. I’ll take submissive Erika over this brassy cow though. She used to show both sides but she’s all EJ all the time now. And her TH styling! She looks like an unsuccessful drag Queen. I'm here for crystal so far. Hopefully that doesn’t mean the kiss of de
  14. Eh, she’s still silly. The count’s title isn’t recognized by France. None have been since they became a republic in the 1870s. and I just can’t quit Ramona. She can be so awful but then be so entertaining. I just think about people who’ve left who say she keeps in touch or was such a good friend when the cameras were off like when bethenny was sick with the uterine bleeding. She’s probably one of the more ‘full characters’ in the franchises. and co-signing to everyone who can’t stand Leah. I liked her in her first episodes but that quickly evaporated. She’s especially awful
  15. I co-sign everyone saying that Taylor and Meloni have crazy chemistry. I think Elliott is just reeling and lonely. I think he and Kathy were high school sweethearts who married young? So he may have never even kissed another woman. He’s probably really feeling the loss of someone to be physically close to. Plus she’s gorgeous, intelligent, has a great apartment, great clothes and is age appropriate. If only there wasn’t that pesky hit ordering... as for that, I wonder if it has something to do with her late son. They bring him up a lot. I thought maybe it was just to bond them but maybe
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