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  1. MyLisa

    Love It Or List It

    Caught a marathon over the weekend and have to say that the home-schooler with 7 kids really bothered me. The inequities of the bedroom distribution -- 4 kids in one, the other 3 each with his/her own? -- really bugged me. And she wouldn't give up the home school space? Very odd duck...
  2. MyLisa


    Sad to watch the last episode last night, but hoping it returns (like Gavin!) for another season. I'm gonna miss everyone's Nawlins drawl. I liked the bit about how they all have to wear helmets at midnight because of the yahoos who shoot guns in the air for New Year's. Baby Tanner TOT is adorable.
  3. MyLisa


    I've already expressed my love for Ingrid and Petra but after seeing Petra doing her best Elaine Bennis on the dance floor, I think I need to move her out of the 'normals' column... ;-)
  4. MyLisa

    S30: Vince Sly

    Just when it clicked for me who he reminded me of -- Phil Dunphey -- he's gone. That's a relief.
  5. I found it interesting that all 3 teams (eventually) chose chocolate -- gimme a coffee milkshake anyday. Also, the elapsed times of nearly 4 hours?! I would have quit at the 1 hour mark!
  6. MyLisa

    S03.E17: Jax Cracks

    Was I the only one to catch the First Look? Not much to it, really. Stassi continuing to be bitter about her irrelevance. Katie foolishly confiding in Kristina. James talking to Lisa about Kristen.
  7. MyLisa


    In re the rabbits: Carrie's pet rabbit. Professor Stoddard was watching 'Harvey'. And when Petra and the Sherriff went to Jason's house, his daughter was watching a cartoon that featured a rabbit. At this point, I think Petra and Ingrid are the only normals in town -- I think they're both adorable. So naturally, they'll be the ones who turn out to be vampires or something! ;-)
  8. MyLisa


    I'm now obsessed. The forums over at AV Club clued me in on lots of things I'd missed (all the rabbit references--are they clues to something bigger?) and I've now rewatched eps. 1-5. While there's still a whiff of Dharma initiative to the mysteries, I can't wait to see where this goes...
  9. MyLisa


    I loved Jessica Gunning in Pride -- here's hoping Shirley wises up about creepy teacher sooner rather than later.
  10. MyLisa


    I second the rec on using the CC -- I watch at work (shh! don't tell anyone!) and keep the volume low. The captioning definitely is helping. And ew... teacher was giving me the creeps. Now I know why (such a shame, as I love the actress playing Shirley (just saw Pride) and was hoping she really would turn out to be the one everyone in town liked).
  11. The Shot: A once happy family suddenly begins to fall apart when it's revealed that 1 of the grandkids hasn't gotten her measles vaccination... yet.
  12. MyLisa


    Beautiful nighttimes city scape, great camera work, dynamic first responders -- I'm hooked. Even the soundtrack resonates with me, and Holly rocks -- loving her. And when that little asthmatic baby fell asleep, my heart just puddled.
  13. MyLisa

    S03.E14: Judgment Day

    Seeing the glee on the faces of the dishwashers (cooks?) at the news made my day. If someone could put up a gif of that, it would make my week!
  14. MyLisa

    The Missing

    And how did it disappear? Presuming it was in the envelope "left by the English journalist" (bad cop certainly did), since Julien never saw it, that leaves Mark looking guilty, again, some more.
  15. MyLisa

    S29.E13: Let's Make A Move

    I'm pulling for Natalie--between her strategizing and winning of individual challenges along the way, she's really been impressive. Here's hoping she gets Keith out next, though -- as last man standing, he's definitely a threat at final TC to get all the 'bros before hos' votes.